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Much time had passed in the valley and Aiden did what he could in his sires absence. He had stayed this time and felt better for
1378 Days Ago
The wolves howled as yet another full moon climbed to the peak of the sky. Starts flickered around it like fireflies. The night
1378 Days Ago
" Yes this is the man who took the heart of mine, so far not break it like some did to me..." She sigh and try hold back my f
1519 Days Ago
Aiden sets his glass down and looks up at the two of then. Leaning back a bit in the chair he reaches forward taking the glass i
1549 Days Ago
Daemera's eyes narrowed at Illyana as she only told part of the truth.  "This  . .  .wolf is wanted for the murder of the you
1587 Days Ago
Illyana, breathing heavily, looking at the group, her eyes wide stepped back from the body.  She felt chills going down her b
1587 Days Ago
Anyone dont matter who and I am so happy to hear that, I dont want to have the lost feeling again" She kissing him deeply wit
1588 Days Ago
Skywalker growls to the shoo
1593 Days Ago
He tilts his head some "Turn on who my love?" He says reaching up and trailing his fingers through her hair gently "And no, I
1601 Days Ago
Hello everyone, it is me again. For many of you wondering why my Greg character is up there and for what purpose or reason. I
1602 Days Ago