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He lays back hands resting under his head with laced fingers. One leg propped up. It occurred to him that he was naked but it
2160 Days Ago
She saw him sitting there beneath Luna's glow in the silence of the night. Some thing was not right. She approached slowly, c
2160 Days Ago
How long had be been sitting there in that clearing looking up at Luna? Last he remembered he'd been out on a run as a wolf,
2169 Days Ago
She had decided to take a stroll beneath Luna's full glow. At first she did not notice the dead quiet of the forest so lost i
2169 Days Ago
How full the moon was, the silver glow reflecting off of the dew that had collected on the leaves in the cool night air. The
2170 Days Ago
Much time had passed in the valley and Aiden did what he could in his sires absence. He had stayed this time and felt better for
3570 Days Ago
The wolves howled as yet another full moon climbed to the peak of the sky. Starts flickered around it like fireflies. The night
3570 Days Ago
" Yes this is the man who took the heart of mine, so far not break it like some did to me..." She sigh and try hold back my f
3710 Days Ago
Aiden sets his glass down and looks up at the two of then. Leaning back a bit in the chair he reaches forward taking the glass i
3740 Days Ago
Daemera's eyes narrowed at Illyana as she only told part of the truth.  "This  . .  .wolf is wanted for the murder of the you
3778 Days Ago