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Destiny of a wolf above the stary rose
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Kayla is riding behind a horse galloping through in the deepest heart of a the Valley view gather over the mountains among, there were many varies kinds of trees in the areas. Below the hill, there was a trailing that leading toward the Crystal deep blue waterfalls around the waterfalls another trail rocky and stony place it rarely travels across the main road for a varies of reasons. Below the hill, you can see in plain view there a large old castle and stable's north side of the village, still continue to gallop on her way towards the castle.

Inside there were coupled of rooms each room had wooden chairs and table along with the couch. Far to the left is a room for den with coffee table and chairs around it. Across is to the Kitchen with lots of shelves with doors for plates, and bowls many a number of different kinds of kitchen equipment for cooking stuff. In the far-right side, it was built a stone fireplace against the wall. In the center, a Living room has a coffee table with several chairs around it. Far to the right room is a study room filled with library books. Upstairs several other room has the bedroom with nightstands on each side of bed and closet with dresser in place.

Outside next building, stables for animals it was large a made by log and stones, inside their three each stalls was milking cows, horses and pigs. The stacked hauled of hay sets on the right side against the wall. Furthermore, on the far left side hooks to put the few equipment, metal stand for the saddles and blanket, of course the halter. There is much wood's equipment for making wood stuffs.

A lady is tending the fire as it roasted from fresh deer meat. A lady wearing a simple dress with full apron to protect her front tied around her waist and her medium length brown hair pulls up into a ponytail out of her way. Cleared the table of used dishes to put into the sink. She washed the dishes then putting the dishes away.

Kayla is on the horse's name Bayou and galloping on her way to the castle. As she arrived trotting toward the stables to put the horses saddle, blanket, and halter hanging on a metal stand to put away until the next ride. She is walking her horses to the pen with fence for running for exercises out of the field.Yeah you are free to run around here it is your place.” She is walking small trail toward the castle. “thinking to her self-wondering when is the moon coming looking up the sky notice is near moon time for her shift to wolf to explore and to run free as wild in the forest.” She arrives at the castle there a porch in front to sit to look at the horizon a plain view of a the Valley. She is looking forward to any company to stop by her place for a visit.

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As the sunset such a beauty of a varies of color display in a view from the sky, it is breathtaking making feel at ease. A lady name Bessie is a maid for the house hold to care for, came to inform Kayla's supper is ready. "Thank you Bessie, I will be there in a minute. " Watching the sky display vary color changed thinking of her life. She got up walking to the castle pushed the door then steps in and the door close behind her. Walking toward the kitchen begins to eat her supper. After her filled decided to go upstairs reading a Romance book to keep herself at bay.


 After while reading book drifts to sleep. Next morning, she woke up looking at the sunrise realize it is morning feeling fresh her body feeling fires ready for the shift to do a wolf run in the forest later in the afternoon. She is putting on a light-brown gown to fit length to her form, looking at the mirror sees her hair she combs holding her hair it needed to pull up to ponytail. She decided to take one last look overview her appearance feeling satisfied. She is walking downstairs to kitchen eating her breakfast simple toast and eggs.

After she ate she turns to look at Bessie " I am going to go out for a run for a while so don't wait up for me Bessie." She goes to the door push the door open step outside pulling the door close behind her. She is walking downstairs and head toward the forest.


She arrived at the forest knows a spot where she can leave as she stripped her clothes off standing naked. Her bones snap sound of the change shift her to the rear change to wolf backward as her face becomes snout as a wolf face, and her legs become the wolf leg as it snaps pop sound of her shifting to a wolf now standing all fours leg. Her eyes change difference view take few minutes to adjustment then can see the forest. She shakes her body take off running wild and free to roam the forest and feeling wind against her wolf face feeling exciting to explore around a the valley. As she arrived at a river, she is thirsty drinking the river her ear's perks to listen for hunter as she is aware of it avoid the hunters or humans. Her head turns around decided to go west to explore more.

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Skywalker is in the western side of the valley and is traveling on his horse Midnight northward to the steep mountain range and surrounded by trees that beginning to bring forth leaves as the weather begins to warm up, as he is a raven black cloak and feels the chill of the northern wind hitting his face and making Midnight uneasy as he climbs from the mountain range and sees in the distance a small lake on the east and a forest full of trees on the west. He decides to travel eastward toward the lake and decides to go in the lake and bathe himself.   As he removes his cloak, to bathe in the lake, he hears the singing of the birds all around him.


After his bathing, he places on his cloak and lets Midnight drink some water for the journey ahead. Skywalker eats his lunch and travels westward to the forest full of trees, and the sunlight is warming his skin on the spring afternoon, he knows that he needs to make time before the evening arises. He pushes Midnight harder and he arrives deep in the wilderness and the sky begins to darken and the sun setting and sees the full moon and stars appear on the clear evening sky and decides to make a campfire to warm himself in the forest and feels the cold northern wind making it difficult to keep the fire going so he goes hunting.

As he is hunting, he sees a rabbit and kills it. As he skins it, he feels his human form changing into his lycan werewolf form he feels his bones growing in the moonlight and returns to the fire with the skinned rabbit and sees himself as a eight foot lycan werewolf and cooks his rabbit and eats it and falls asleep with Midnight beside his side nearby the campfire,

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The moon was full but the night was young. He had not been out for a while and with the full moon here and even with the new blood and those that warnt part of his clan. There were lycan's out there that were changing and he needed to be out there toile sure they didn't get to close to the villages or homesteads to hurt any people. He started out in simple dress, black pants black shirt. He starts walking through the forest, slowly his form grows in size as the sound of bones breaking and muscles ripping could be heard. His cloths rip apart and fur starts to sprout from him. He doubled over placing his hands in the ground and his form took on that of a wolf. Not just a normal wolf but one the size of a small horse. His fur was so black it was almost blue. He shakes his body loose and stretches before letting out a mighty howl. He then takes off at a high speed deep into the forest.
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She is heading to West to explore more... She is walking further up to the mountain sees nothing much going on and decides to turn around to go backward home. The trail along the road as she is heading to the rear home. The sounds of tree and birds makes some noise while she is trotting along sudden she heard howling sound. She turned her head-down the valley try to see any other wolves coming or heading this way! She wonders to herself is there any event going on at the town of black rose? Still searching for something that leads trail about her friend was killed. Sniff another smell it seems familiar cannot place that sense of odor. She turns her head looking over a pass the tress sees a small river running decided to go there for a drink. A wolf runs heading toward the river stops there to learn her snout lapping the water to quench her thirst from the running.



After drinking the water she lay there to rest for a minute same time her ears twitch to listen for sound of any thing such as hunters, humans, or other wolves. I decided to get up heading down the trail that leads back to her lair. A wolf feeling her face with a wind blow making her ease and relax at the atmosphere area in the forest. She wonders will have company soon. She is walking upward the dirt up to the hill; she sees something. Notice a torn clothes part of it was torn. Her eyes perk up hoping that part of a clue to her missing friend mm looking up decided to climb up toward the hill sees what out there. She is climbing up the hill saw another valley and mountain near by. Looking around her realized almost dark. She thought about continue trail decided against need to head back home to eat refresh herself. She is looking for something to mark her place to know where she left off found a wood decided to dig a bit then put wood in the small ditch leaves it there.



She turns her head looking at her lair. She runs wild as free while she is running she heard sudden sound of another howling sound. She stopped to look around her realize there are wolves on her land. She continues to run faster toward her home as she arrived there. Near to her home stop by the tree where her clothes left off she shifted from a wolf stand still feel the heat burn her body to telling her bones , snap after the usual bones change into a wolf rear bone and her legs to be , after that her snout changed to the past of a regular face, then putting her gown clothes on.She is running softly toward her house as she arrived there walking upstairs telling, "Bessie. Please cook me a supper, I am very hungry I am going to take a bath then have supper ready for me."

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After her bath, she walks downstairs. She goes through the kitchen eating her supper to be filled up to be full of a stomach. " Bessie I will take my bag to traveling for a few days up north where I found something up there. I will be in the forest for a little while. If anyone looking for me tell them up to North to West area within the forest, alright Bessie." She goes upstairs packing her bag with clothes. "Alright that should do it for while okay that it." She is walking downstairs leading to the door sees Bessie's standing outside with food to be packed too. " Oh that is nice of you to think of me Bessie hands her the food wrapped up putting in her bag. It hugs to Bessie " I will see you in few days alright ."


She is walking along to trail up to the forest as she arrived there walked up to few trees stopped there. Looking around making sure no one sees her stripped her clothes off putting in her bag. She is standing nude pull her bag on her back. She willed herself to shift her back arch as her bones snapped in place of wolf legs. Her face changed to snout. Her body becomes of a wolf. She stands all fours on the ground.


She turns to head into the forest to North as she is running along the same trail last time. As she arrived at the river steps slowly listen for sound heard nearby the river her ears twitch for sounds, then lapping up the water to fill her thirst. Sniff someone around begin to be aware of her surrounding to sniff head in that direction could be another wolf on her land. As she is running lightly watching around her sniff getting closer to a wolf in the area. She sees a Campfire in area goes to look after the place. Scent of rabbit ate its filled. Sniff to smell the direction traveling. She sends a loud howling sound to be heard for any wolf nearby. She hoped the howling called will lead to meet elsewhere.


She continues to walk to North area where she found the cloth few days ago. She hoped to hear their howling calling filled the air. She continued to walk up North area.


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He had stayed in dire wolf form this whole time. Running the woods and around the town and a few of the homesteads in the area. Nothing fishy going on really he slows his pace and his level of worry about these lycan's that were running about that weren't under his command. He stuck his nose up and took in a few deep breaths. One of these lycan's was Kayla. He's meet her briefly when he helped Jakx a little while ago. She was no harm to the people but the other smell out there he didn't know. He'd have to still be careful while looking for this one. He walks north towards the smell taking his time so that he could rest jus a bit and come up with a plan just in case
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The next morning Skywalker gets on his horse Midnight with a bright and sunny eastern sky faces him and smells two wolves are in the area and one of them is his friend Kayla and the other is Akira as he begins to go up the mountain range. He has not seen his friend in a little while and as the warmth of the sun and sees someone in the distance and pulls up on his reins on Midnight and meets a lady that is at the village that is unfamiliar and asks her "Do you know where my friend Kayla is?" and tells her "I am a friend of hers named Skywalker, and come to see her after a short time apart."

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Bella walking in the deep woods thinking of where her life was going she never knew she would come across anyone, or anything on to her path. She smell something of odd of a unknown she looks around and was ready for whoever and whatever comes across her way . In her long princess like dress smiles at the moonlight loving the air and her mind begins to clear in the wood as she walks.

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As she continues to walk toward up North area. In her wolf form ears twitching to listen for sounds to be heard. She looks around continue to trot for half mile. Suddenly, she stopped herself, and frozen her track at the sound of branch snaps into two quickly. She turned her head watching for signs of anyone shows up, slowly she moved her first paws softly set her fore paw on ground. Sniffed in the air wondering who it was she frowns upon her browns that scent is familiar. She sees a very large wolf sniff walking by. She Barks at the wolf forward up to the wolf sniff then walk around the wolf. She bows her head to the Alpha and changes the shift to a human. She snapped her finger putting on her gown. Her head bows to Akira in a human form " Ah Greetings Akira glad you arrived at  this is my land around here. I want to show you something Akira's walk through the area where the cloth was buried this place you see this? This is a friend been missing for a month been searching for her try to figure out what happen to her. Alpha I do need your help to find the answer to this missing friend of mine." She respects to the Alpha in command of his Lycan clans. She thought to herself looking through the cloth piece makes me wonder was the Lycan did kill or human did ?? She is looking to Akira with his answer and respect him.



Bessie arrived near toward the village. She notices a man with horse riding directly across to a stopped front of Bessie. "Yes I know where Kayla, she is heading up North close to the mountain search for something, and you should find her up there just head honestly north will run into that area. Skywalk and your welcome" She thought to herself " I pray she finds something she is looking for soon and her safety too." She turns to the store for food to eat this week smiles. After gather her food preparation she leaves heading back to her home up to north to old castle. She arrives cooked her food and rest after while in the evening decided to go to bed early.



As Akira and Kayla discussing suddenly her ears twitch heard the sound of minor scuffle rubbing against the ground. Sniff in the air a slight scent smells familiar not sure who it was. She turns her head looking at distance to see who it was. " I think I know this person it had to be Isabella. We meet briefly at the Manor." She frowns on her eye browns wondering. She whispers to herself " What is she doing all the way out here up to North of this area?" She turned her head to look over the ground to see any other clues of the missing piece of a cloth look up asked, " Akira why not you search this area while I go to check to see what is going on with my friend be right back okay " Her head bows before him then goes to check on her friend in Southwest area. She runs through the woods arrive to see her friend. She slightly bows her head " Greetings Your Highness, Isabella. How did the day treat thee" Walks with her in the woods? "Did you come to the wood's thinking or enjoy the secondary among the forest? " Kayla walks with her as she listens to Isabella, she turned her head to her and smiles to her as she continues to listen.

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Draithe slowly make his way into view infront of Bella. He bites his lower lip nervously as he had been gone for quite some time and was worried she did not want to see him again. He'd rub the back of his neck some and look to her. "Hello Bella" He'd say softly as he folds his hands infront of him. "I've come back. I hope that my absence has not made you hate me" He says clearly nervous about returning after having left without a word. "I'm sorry I did not tell you I was leaving, but I got an ugent message from my home about my father and had to rush back quickly."

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Kayla thank you for thinking I am a princess but I am and why are you here? ~She heard her lover voice and was shocked her heart was over rated not sure what to said ~ D....... ~She couldn't speak She stares at him for the longest time and tear she was happy but yet hurt and not sure what to do she wants to hugged him badly.~

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He slowly goes over to her and quickly pulls her into a hug, running his fingers through her hair gently "I've missed you so much" He says softly, holding her close to him as he looks into her eyes "Please forgive me for being gone so long" He setting a hand on her cheek gently.

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After travelling a little while, the wind directs the scent back to her.  Her upset was beginning to wan as the scent proved to be stronger the more she followed.  The wind blew through her long silvery hair and the moonlight accented her ashen skin.  She heard in the distance others like her and hoped that soon she would meet her aquaintances once again.  Her ankles jingled as she quickened her pace and a song once more ran through  her mind. "Do you hear the sailor's call, far along the wind? Do you hear the maiden's song, quickening with the day? Once again I search for you, do you know my name?  Sweet dreams with come to you with the dawning of the day."

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Kayla smiles- walking- she is speaking- " I am in the area Milady. I happen to sniff as your scents were familiar and seen you from the distance that you were walking. I live up North where Old Castle and Stables are that is place I am living." -continue to listen to Princess Isabella then Kayla's body felt a strong vibes sense someone else here land from the ground turned around sees someone standing and heard Princess Isbella gasp. Watching Isabella and her lover embraced themselves. -Looking to him -" Oh Greetings My Lord "-her head bows to him with respected - " I am Kayla. I respected to both of you need time alone." -Kayla turned her head to Isabella- " Your highness; I need to head up to the mountain to search for a clue about my friend missing I will be seeing you" - her head bows- " later. Your Highness " -turned her head to him and 'nods' -step backward turning around walking up ward to the mountain as she shifted to wolf quickly heading back as she arrives sees Akira looking like he is searching for clues. She is looking down below hill Notice Skywalker is heading up to meet each other just in time to introduce both.



She is walking up to the top edge of the mountain " I am back Akira did you find any more clues about the cloth on the ground? " -Listen to Akira same time looking downward upon the hill- " Oh, great just perfect timing Skywalker " - turns her head to Akira- " This is the Alpha of the Lycan Clan."  So Skywalker Glad you found me my Old Castle Southeast below about the one-day walk from here it is where I live at the moment of course am including the stables too " She is walking up the mountain top looking down below on the other side wondering where it leads must be another clan unknown destination looking to Akira " Akira does you know of that area? " Looking to Skywalker "Are you planing to stick around help us find the clues of my missing friend? "


She thought to herself. It is getting dark need to find a place to camp during the night. -looking to both - " Guys, we need to camp it; I will set my tent for fits for three have a zipper slot for each area. Will my friend Akira's supper hunt food for us to eat supper tonight and Skywalker will you look for woods for fire do we agreed great we work as the team alright? Let's get going before dark. Sky's Walker made the woods for the fire. He brought us food during the night. Kayla sits on a log rest before the evening, after she ate her supper. She headed for the tent early evening then fall asleep fast as she was tired traveling through this area.



As Kayla was in deep sleep in sleeps few hours later. As the dream appeared in her vision. Kayla sees a lady. She met briefly with Skywalker traveled to his home. As IIIyana voice spoken to my mind in vision " I am coming. Where are you? Showing her the location where my old Castle with stables that is my home past from there go up to this area up. North West close to the mountain top you will meet me up there. Hey, I am looking forward to seeing you soon. - Smiles big of her with joy- As the vision disappeared. She is ready to meet her friend IIIyana. She thought to herself will she arrived to meet IIIyana here in the morning.

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Replies to the question Kayla asked me. "Yes, Kayla I am willing to assist in the search for your old friend." Sees Akira, Bella, Draithe, and Illyana are there to assist Kayla in the search as well and greets them with a "Hello, I am Skywalker." and comes to Kayla and hugs his friend Kayla and meets her friend and says "Kayla, I am hungry from the long journey, is there any food available, as his tummy growls due to hunger."  Then he relaxes under a shady tree and stretches out and get to know the others.

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He had only been walking when he heard something bark at him. He was in no way anything like a normal wolf. He was the size of a small horse so he was very noticeable as to who he was. But when he looked at who it was he say Kayla now standing infront of him. A look of confusion on his wolfish face. Did she just say that he was on her land? His clan ruled all of the valley and Raven ruled them. He would have to see to this later. Then he heard someone else moving closer and sees Bella. Why was Bella out here and without a guard at that. She was BlackRose and therefore under his protection. So if anything happened to her it was his neck that was on the line. Thats when he eyed the stranger walk up. He didnt know this one and that made him a bit uneasy even though they were now embracing he couldnt trust what he didnt know. Just as he was about to step up a new scent caught his nose. Turning quickly he sees a new man. He to was lycan, he could smell it. Just when he was about to stop everyone he was suddenly given orders. This did not fly well with him and as alpha he was going to have to put his foot down and set the rules of this.... arrangement.

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She stand with her love and looks around she can smell the strange the new and the old not sure what had been going on at the she thought it is time she go back to check on the manor as she leave... Also to be prepare whatever will come across her path

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He walks along side his love, taking her hand into his. He'd look around some as he walks with her, happy to be back by her side once again."It's very nice to be back here. Been away for far too long"

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The closer she got to the others, the stronger the scent. A small smile spreads across her face as her heart does a small dance and she hops just a bit.  Slowing down, she stops and looks about.  Her eyes whirl white as her hair changes to black.  She shrinks in size as she moves to 4 feet, her hands turning to paws and her tail and lycan ears emerge.  Her nose extends to a snout of ebony, shining in the moonlight. Slowly through the shadows, she picks up speed before finding her way in the midst of the others. She wrinkles her nose in a sort of puppyish manner and sits back on her haunches, silently watching.

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Adjusting the broad rim of her black leather hat, Daemera steps out onto the pathway.  She sees that fresh tracks have been made as the grass is still visible and only slightly bent. She looks in the direction of the path, drawing her black leather gloves up tighter on her hands.  A small smile crosses the ruby lips of hers as her emerald green eyes seem to sparkle in the darkness of night. She reaches up and pulls back her raven black hair, tying it lightly with a leather string that she kept in a satchel at her waist, along with various coins and items for trade.  Her steps are silent as she makes her way down the path, every so often stopping to see what is around her. She looks up momentarily at the moon, hidden by clouds steadily passing by.  She tightens her trench coat about her with a clasp of her hand. She smiled as she could sense a sweet aroma in the air and could easily tell that it was of importance for the fragrance was sweet as natural berries that grew wild. Only those with the money could afford such items.  This was mixed with the scent of lycan, which gave her another chuckle for reasons unknown.  She knew she was very well in the land of the lycans and expected to see them sometime soon.  She resumes her steady gait, her trench  coat hem brushing above the grass as she passes by.

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 As she meets Skywalker glad, you came by visit smiles. We will discuss the plans morning about the clue of my missing friend.


Kayla turned her head looking at Akira and realized what she is saying. " I did stop by the Manor asking for a place to stay and mention to the Old castle and stables. After while I will settle around here after things settle a down little bit " - gulps Kayla walking across to the tree turn around a lean back against the tree. It sighed- " My Father is on his way traveling back here to the new home for now. We plan to build our own home next to the castle but need to visit the villager get to know people and discovered  a place without a permit, so we stay there for now. If I am on someone else land I do apology for that and would like to you help us discover to find my friend first, then we can discuss after ward about a place. "


Upon realize she had given Akira orders about the hunt us a food. " Oh Alpha I do apologize for that order, Alpha. I let you decided what best for all of us. Wondering would it be better for everyone to meet us near by the river over little ways to the east area. We could set up like a Bon fire for them to see and lead them to the direction near by the river what you think Alpha. "- her head bows - In respect to Alpha, Kayla looking to Akira waits for his replies.


Notice Akira in deep thought. She leans forward to one side, from the tree turn around watching Bella. It seems to be her lover Draithe from distance it came like a vision as black shadow, he walks to her some how given her a rose into the star sky as he learns to her face suddenly it faded... .... few moments then look aside shakes her head wondering will she find love again? She had her doubts but some day, which knows.



Kayla smells the ordinary scent sniffs turns to look around to find the close scent... Was it a Jasmine scent ... I remember the Jasmine scent from a person um thinking ... "What was her name, I met her briefly Ill Ana no mm " Oh yes, IIIyana yeah I remember her smiles... She should be here anytime soon. I cannot wait to see her again my friend.


Kayla Frowns felt familiar vibes is telling her someone turned is coming... She turned to look at Akira " Do you sense someone is coming ?? It May be mistaken for another person or thing. "

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A male figure carefully studies each member of this pack of undead creatures while remaining at a safe distance. Timing everything from his breathing to his very movements to match the natural flow of the leaves and trees around him while continuing to look upon each one of the group that seemed to walk down their path. Kyle was not known for walking up and greeting with warm smiles and handshakes for a well know target is easier to track than one that takes comfort in the cold dark blanket of the shadows.  To leave the shadows and bath in the warm glow of the light was to leave oneself for the enemies to see you and if they see you they no where to strike. Where these strange creatures his enemy, friend or just a brief showing of ones passing through time? He knew not the answers to these questions nor was he in a rush to seek the answers. He preferred to watch these event unfold on there own.

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Skywalker arises the next morning and comes to Kayla's meeting and asks her "Can you share with me some information about your lost friend?" I am willing to do anything in my power to help you find the missing person and he hugs Kayla as an act of kindness and missed her a lot since they departed from each other at the Blackwulf Valley weeks before. Skywalker asks the others, "Who is going to join me to helping Kayla in the quest?"

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Bella went to the manor and stay there and close her eyes and smiles as she was with Draithe ~Exit~

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 Skywalker arises the next morning and comes to Kayla's meeting and asks her "Can you share with me some information about your lost friend?" I am willing to do anything in my power to help you find the missing person and he hugs Kayla as an act of kindness and missed her a lot since they departed from each other at the Blackwulf Valley weeks before.  He bows to Akira with respected "Nice meet you sir Akira" stands  listen to Kayla for plans

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Draithe holds Bella in his arms in their room now, trailing his fingers through her hair as he was happy to be home. ~exit~

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Akira just looks on oddly in his wolfen state. He moves away from the others for a moment and his form starts to shrink some as the sounds of bones breaking and reforming and the sounds of muscle tearing and reattaching and his snout shrinks and his paws start to turn to hands. Before to long he was back to his human form. He then looks over at the others and raises a brow "it's fine Kayla if you ask I'm not evil or anything like that. But just remember the valley is a big yet small place. If you look to hard your going to miss much" he then walks over to the tree line and runs off into it -exit-
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The night had been a long one, for she had stopped a few times to know her surroundings.  The scent was stronger as she came closer, gaining a mixture of others.  She did not feel evil, yet she was a bit apprehensive in her travel.  She noticed Akira, not knowing who he was, and bowed her lycan head as she passed by.  She stopped on just the edge and changed her form once again.  The cool morning welcomed her ashen skin and the small breeze fashioned her hair this way and that as her blue eyes whirled with happiness, seeing her friend just in the distance.  She moved closer, the song that was in her mind came to her lips, her ankles jingled with each step.  "Do you hear the sailor's call, far along the wind? Do you hear the maiden's song, quickening with the day? Once again I search for you, do you know my name?  Sweet dreams will come to you with the dawning of the day." She reaches Kayla and smiles seeing Skywalker with her.  "It is good to see you both and in good health."

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She had set up camp for a few hours rest the night before, for the land was big.  Now, the sun was shining, not even the broad rim of her hat could keep the sun's rays from reminding her it was day.  Though early morning, the rays had warmed her through her trench.  She got up, gathered her things and surveyed the land about her. It was beautiful country to be sure.   The strong scent of berry fragrance was enhanced by the morning dew and mixed with the scent of wet canine hair.  Her nose wrinkled at this one, for she knew one had passed by her during the night.  She found fresh tracks again, though this time one set was canine, the other was human.  Someone had just transformed with the morning light.  She remembered hearing a jingle of bells, yet thought it was in a dream.

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Kayla sense Draithe and Bella left back to the Manor smiles happily they are together again Kayla smiles more. She turned to Akira and listens "nods agreement " as he left run behind the tree.

She walked a little about the area where her friend cloth was found. "Skywalker this is where I found part of cloth that my friend wore it that day she was missing since four days until I follow the scent and found this in my wolf form and been searching for clues how she is missing since " suddenly. Kayla's ears twitch turned her head to hear the sound faded of jingle of bells. She turned to around see who it was in distance as she walked closer. Kayla delighted to see IIIyana. " It is good to see you again I am here to search for my missing friend. I explain to him that is part of cloth that my friend wore it that day she has been missing for four days until I follow the scent came across discovered it in the front in my wolf form since at the moment been searching for clues how she has been missing since. I am glad for you both are here it would be a great help me to find the clues, so I can inform the family the news for at this moment in time, there are no clues to start I think we can scatter and spread here to find other foot print and or scent to find the next clue my friends.

Kayla sniff looking around and sense someone else coming like a vision telling her one wearing some kind of hat it was like a shadow but could not tell who it was. She frowns upon sense she has been looking for Lycan group smiles.




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Skywalker sees the cloth that Kayla shows and sniffs it and tells Kayla "you know from my past I am half lycan, but however your friend is a female possibly due to cloth and greets Illyana his other friend and is honored to help her in the cause with Illyana's assistance and tells Kayla "hope to find her before it is too late".

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Seeing her two friends, her speed picks up and she almost runs to them, her face lit up with joy.  She stops short when Kayla holds the cloth out.  She takes the cloth into her hands, examines it, sniffs slightly and then hands it back.  "It is still strong in scent, we must have time.  I am here to help in anyway that you need. " She bows her head, then without a word she hugs both kayla and skywalker tightly, showing how much she missed them, backing away blushing.

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His eyes never seemed to blink while watching the show in which time itself was unfolding right before his eyes. His breathing grew more calm as the warming light of the morning rays touch him. Normal he would be long gone as hiding in the day time was more challenging for a creature the shadows yet these new faces that appeared before his eyes peek his interests even more. Continuing to adapt his body movements to match that of the natural flow of the trees he followed them while remaining hidden and at a safe distance. For it was his fate to bare only witness to these events while understanding that in time he too will be called in to act, but not today.

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Continuing down the road, Daemera follows the tracks.  Stopping short of the clearing, she heard voices nearby.  She hides behind a tree, mixing in with the shadows of the forest.  Not one, but three lycans she saw as they examined what looked like a piece of cloth. The white haired girl was one on the constant move.  It's a wonder Daemera could track her at all. She sits quietly, glancing about, feeling the presence of others, her hand moving towards her sword, ready for the attack.

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She raises her eye brown to Skywalker looking to him " Yes. My friend is female, and I certainly do hope to find her before it too late.She looked to her and hugs back to IIIyana leans backward and nods. "Yeah it is a strong scent. I agree with you. Why not we follow the trail of that scent and see where it leads us from there.She sniff moving toward the North and sniff nothing lead there, turn to be jogged toward the east side her nose smell the scent ah walking downhill the west side sniff "yeahmm west to south side mm " alright we shall be walking further a down the valley to west side that we have not explored ourselves yet right?" Turn her head to both Skywalker and IIIanaHey, guys what you think? "

The Mysterious shooter he was watching three glycans spring into action to search for her lost friend. He decided to send them a message upon an arrow. As he loads his bow and with the swoosh sound from the string, the arrow fly toward the target and with a thud hits by tree near to Kayla. As He is watching their reaction to the message.

Kayla's head turns around walking down the hill that leads to West - South side. She mumbles to herself and shakes her head same time. Suddenly, her ears sharp enough to hear a whoosh sound. She yells " duck" drop down and listens for a thud sound against the tree. She sees an arrow along with a message wrap around it. She pulled the arrow to unwrapped the message then she read the message " I am holding your friend as a hostage heh, yeah she is mine so give up searching for her.She is alive. He is telling me to give up search for my friend. I am not giving up. I will continue to search for her if it is last thing I can do. She picked up the arrow sniffed of a person's scent seems a new person unknown this scent. As she got up walking down little ways.

She sniffs in air and sense someone is here but cannot tell whom it is. She suddenly felt alert to her friends and immediately. Something in her sense danger in the air also felt like something is up, but could not put her finger on it. Kayla's motion to both let go on a trail to follow the scent before it is too late.

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Replies to Kayla "I am here to assist you to find your lady friend and follow to where the scent leads", despite dunking for a moment. The shooter is a male for sure and wanted to hurt or kill Kayla, so he proceeds with Illyana and Kayla cautiously as we have a kidnapper on the loose that has Kayla's friend and needs to find her.

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While thinking, she felt herself being pulled down and heard Kayla yell for them to duck. Her ear was grazed lightly by the arrow as it had come close, the burn still on her skin.  Looking down at the arrow, she saw something attached.  She watched as Kayla picked it up, unfolded the letter and read its contents to the others.  Upon hearing the words, the indignation of being shot at with a warning and the fact that a friend of a friend has been kidnapped was too much to let slide by.  Her eyes whirled from blue to white as her anger was rising, "We will find your friend and their captor . . .will . . pay." A low growl escaped from her throat as her hair changed from white to black, her lycan ears slowly emerging as she only half changed, in an attempt to control herself.  She gritted her teeth as she spoke, staring into the eyes of both her companions.  "Kayla, it's your friend. In which direction do we travel?"

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Watching the trio in the confusion of things, she sees the arrow almost strike the two females and looks for the direction of origin.  Coming from the trees and brush, she could perceive a pair of eyes staring down at the group.  She looked to see if there was a way to sneak behind and slowly creeps among the shadows.  Her gait is quick and light, her hand still on the hilt of the sword, the ruby eyes glowing slight red, yet are covered by the black leather gloved hand.  She finds the rocks and sees the shooter there. Drawing her sword, she holds it tightly and takes her stance.  "That was mighty brave of you sir . . ." Her voice low and harsh as she tightened the grip on the sword.  What reason to shoot? Why kidnap one like them? What was so special that they were to be hunted?

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After reading the message she growls looking around up to the trees where the shooter is searching for the man up, there must be hidden well. Looking below direction to West mm sniff to follow the scent leading toward West South " Let us go that way it is looking like it heading toward close to the village.Kayla is walking down brief ways said, "Wondering why someone tries to hurt us?turn around looking at Skywalker and IIIyanaI agree with you. It could be they or one person... yes... will pay ... " turn to encircling keeps going to West fleeting ways she decided to look up the trees to see if she can catch the captor. She is trotting sideways few minutes later turn to walk straight along the ground the leaves were covered not see anything until she tripped over something she as she tried to catch herself her arm bends and braces the impact against the ground. " Oh that crap what was that" as turned to around gasp herself saw a hand sticking out of the ground. " It cannot be my friend anyway.She crawled over try to dig " Hey help me digs it " few minutes uncover the face see who it was " A Human diedhum to herself thinking wondering how a person died looks like few weeks earlier not too long before. " Let us dig the body to see what cause it alright everyone helped each other to dig it out.Finally uncover the person's body then notice a cut across a person's neck realize she is thinking to herself. It could be strangulation or other looking another area sees another scar on her leg " Hey Skywalker, wait a minute that is a lady cloth notice the same piece of cloth we found up North sound like this is a murder cover up ' she gasped ' oh no. How we do to help my friend?" She growls " If anything happened with my friend like IIIyana say they will pay ... "

The Mysterious Shooter listened the voice of a lady. He turned around the look at her grim on his face as if he not trusted her. " I am merely shot to send them a message madam.watching her expression " Yes, I did kidnap one of them as a werewolf. I expect her friend to change me to werewolf, so I can have power to use it."   smiles to her as he walked little steps front of her "Your sword it is nice one, Have you killed with your sword before? You asked me if I am hunted them chuckles. No madam, I am simply getting her friend to come to me to give me what I want it is her friend to be bitten me to become the werewolf it is her blood that I wanted." smirks to her " I also heard that her powerful gift can be wisely used, and she has not used it yet " chuckles turn to look at her " So what are you doing here you were ready to attack them too. Are you hunted them also, what are your plan madam?He turned around to watch them heading toward close to the village. "I am going to follow them to make sure lead them to right direction.He turned his head to look at her seeing if she is coming shrugs, then take off.

Kayla looks to around sniff still smell that familiar scent. It must be the new people around here cannot tell where it coming from as she shakes her head and walking toward the horizon sees something " Hey look over there see something looking like individual shed or something over there wait possibly it is personal cabin or camping possibly over there ?? "  Looking at both try to figure how to get over there close to that mountain landscape seems impossible to cross over there anyhow. Maybe, there is another way sitting on a log thinking about this trip.

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Skywalker duinks from the arrow and turns around as he looks beyond a tree and can't see from his view,  but looks down and suggests to go downhill and sees Kayla looking upward at a nearby tree ans asks "who is the shooter?" and thinks he is gone for now, and as he looks more, sees Kayla trip on something and asks "are you alright?"

Skywalker goes in a southwesterly direction and agrees with then that it could be one or a group of peiple involved in this incident and they will pay the consequences. and hears the sound as she collapses to the ground. Then he helps in the digging with Kayla and sees a person there and aAgrees with Kayla it is a murder the cloth was used to strangle the lady.


Skywalker tells Kayla i see a cabin in the distance and we will have go down to the mountain to reach the destination and agrees new people are close by and looks like multiple murders and thinking  we need to go the opposite direction from the stranger and  feels that we are starting a long journey, but the stranger you met is extremely dangerous and can't be trusted, so we will go more west and i think it will lead to where the mysterious man lives and discover more clues.


Skywalker sees his friend Illyana and says to her ":I agree that the murderer will pay for his devious crimes and we need to stop the rampage before it gets worse.  I have a ganeplan how to get the murderer if you are up to it. "I need you to sniff out the western part of the area and see if you smell something suspicious in the area and we get there and will see if we can sniff the shooter out before it is too late.


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Illyana walked over to where Kayla tripped and sees the human hand.  Her eyes widen as they dig and uncover the body.  Who was this person and how did they tie into her friend's friend? Were they even related in circumstance?  Listening to what the others are deciding on the situation, Illyana nods as her orders are remembered.  There was a faint scent coming from the west, but until she was in form, she couldn't tell what.  Who would lower themselves to strangle a woman? What secret had to be hidden?  She turns and begins her transformation, shrinking in size, her hands and feet growing into paws, her knuckles and joints popping as they elongated and situated themselves into their lycan places.  Slowly, Illyana makes her way to the west ward area, keeping behind the bushes.  The scent was strong, and very uninviting.  The beast had not a proper washing in weeks.  How could she have missed this.  She thought long and hard about her next steps, reminding herself to stay behind the bushes in hiding.  There was another girl up there, raven black hair, her hand ready for attack.  Illyana waited to see what the two were discussing.  She slowly learned the plans of the man to take the powers of her friend and realized that her lycan form was dangerous and stayed low.

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Drawing her sword, Dae smiled as the smooth sound of the metal brought music to her ears as it leaves the sheath.  "Your flattery will get you no where, nor do your antics.  Do you think they would co,me for her, once they know of your plans? My business is not any of yours, but if you harm an innocent for any reason, including greed, I make you my business.  Stand down and release the girl. " Daemera looked at the man, waiting for his answer and retreat.

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Kayla sitting on a log try to figure a way to get there. She is thinking to herself decided to head for the mountain simply way short cut seems to be other than around going through the village seems impossible so figure it the out purely straight way though the mountain it was a best way to go. " Alright everyone let us go this way to mountain." Kayla turns her head looking to Sky's Walker " I agree with him to try to go that way and of course. This man can be dangerous who knows. So we should try this way to the mountain.Kayla did notice IIIyana already shifted to her wolf form.

Kayla is walking downward the hill facing mountain top shift to her werewolf form. I shifted as her face makes out into a prolonged snout of a wolf face, as her back turned to backbone, her bone's crack changed from the front legs to wolf legs and her back legs to wolf legs as she is complete transformed to fully the wolf 's body, she shakes her body sees her surrounding to sniff in air looked around can tell someone else is out there but not know whom it is yet. Kayla is leading everyone. Shifter goes to the mountain valley. Sunset begins to dim decided to camp there in the middle of the night setting the fire to keep them warm as everyone gathered around. Everyone helped each other one search for food as they found food cook by the fire as the food was ready everyone ate. Kayla looking to IIIyana "What you think is there a reason my friend was kidnapped wonder what does a mysterious shooter want with my friend? She turned her head to SkywalkerSomehow I agreed that he may be dangerous to deal with this man! Kayla's yawns decided to head to bed with a sleeping bag. She was fast asleep then the next morning they walk toward the destination to the cabin. As straightway goes there to the cabin not a mile away from here as the walking, she keeps her eyes to the shooter making sure not shoot in plain sight she keeps walking surround around the tree prevent hit the wolf's body as they finally arrive at the cabin destination short on where they were looking around see anyone there. Kayla growls ... looking at the cabin thinking which way is best to get in.

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Kayla sitting on a log try to figure a way to get there. She is thinking to herself decided to head for the mountain simply way short cut seems to be other than around going through the village seems impossible so figure it the out purely straight way though the mountain it was a best way to go. " Alright everyone let us go this way to mountain." Kayla turns her head looking to Sky's Walker " I agree with him to try to go that way and of course. This man can be dangerous who knows. So we should try this way to the mountain.Kayla did notice IIIyana already shifted to her wolf form.

Kayla is walking downward the hill facing mountain top shift to her werewolf form. I Long Sentence shifted as her face makes out into a prolonged snout of a wolf face, as her back turned to backbone, her bone's crack changed from the front legs to wolf legs and her back legs to wolf legs as she is complete transformed to fully the wolf 's body, she shakes her body sees her surrounding to sniff in air looked around can tell someone else is out there but not know whom it is yet. Kayla is leading everyone. Shifter goes to the mountain valley. Sunset begins to dim decided to camp there in the middle the night setting the fire to keep them warm as everyone gathered around. Everyone helped each other one search for food as they found food cook by the fire as the food was ready everyone ate. Kayla looking to IIIyana "What you think is there a reason my friend was kidnapped wonder what does a mysterious shooter want with my friend? She turned her head to SkywalkerSomehow I agreed that he may be dangerous to deal with this man! Kayla's yawns decided to head to bed with a sleeping bag. She was fast asleep then the next morning they walk toward the destination to the cabin. As straightway goes there to the cabin not a mile away from here as the walking, she keeps her eyes to the shooter making sure not shoot in plain sight she keeps walking surround around the tree prevent hit the wolf's body as they finally arrive at the cabin destination short on where they were looking around see anyone there. Kayla growls ... looking at the cabin thinking which way is best to get in.

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The Mysterious Shooter is walking down to follow them. Until they came to stop few feet away notice they are thinking how to get there. He chuckles to turn to look at her " I will not harm this girl of hers besides. She is not here and at my place not far from here ..." chuckles looking to her " That means you do have plans of your own " shakes his head ... " I do know that you want something out of Lucian, for some reason" looking her study her can tell she stiffens he grins to her " Do you have something against it ?? " Thinking watching her grins ... " If you do mm you could be my second kidnapper " Shooter felt someone stare at the view to them turn his head-down at the lady seems she is wolf form now mysterious shooter chuckles and sees they cannot figure out how to get into his cabin ... "That is good no one knows" smirks to himself. He sniffs notice someone else is around but could not put a finger on it someone here is like a tracker not sure who it is ... wondering what the person looking for?

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Skywalker shifts into his wolf form as well and follows Kayla and Illyana down the mountain range and camps with them at the campfire to warm himself and get some food to eat for the journey ahead.  As the sunrise breaks, he hears something happening at the cabins and it awakes Kayla and Illyana and notice that a visitor is following Kayla, and uncertain what he is up to, is he going to help Kayla on the quest, or he is an enemy that is leading us into a trap?  Then he inquires with Illyana to see what she thinks as the man and Kayla are talking at the cabins.

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His breathing remained calm while he continued to watch everyone from a safe distance. Sighing ever so carefully to the lack of self control this strange shooter had. "Is this strange guy serious in believing he is better than all?" Though I am just to watch and see how this story before me unfolds. I now find myself hearing fate's calling me to join in." He replies within his mind while watching what took place. Turning his head to the right in response to another male near the cabin. Judging by the clothing the male wore and body language the male had revealed to him that he was with this shooter. Kyle's eyes grew narrow and cold as they lock onto the male. "If Fate wants me to play a part may it be so." He replies in his head as his feet and body move slowly to match the natural movement of the tree his was on. The finger on his right hand carefully grip one of his throwing daggers as he calculated the distance, wind, and angel of each tree between himself and the target. The strange shooter with the women he didn't bother for he wanted to see how that would end yet this other guy near the cabin was another story. "Time to lend a helping hand or in this case an helping dagger." As he spoke within his mind to himself he threw the dagger with his right hand from his location high up in the tree towards the target. The male barely had time to breath before making a death sound as he landed face first on the ground near the cabin shortly after the dagger sliced into his back.


Kyle quickly adjusted himself to blend in with the trees as he relocated quickly to another area. Using all is training as an assassin along the way till he finaly reach a safe distance away. Stopping in another tree. He returned to his normal postion Bledning in as he watched with great intrest to  see how the main characters in this story would react to the the body they would surely find on their travels.

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Illyana looked at Skywalker and shook her head. "it is surely a trap. but we must get your friend kayla." The night at the camp was a restless one. Illyana sensed the presence of another male and constantly kept watch, not sleeping for a second.  Howls sound in the distance as she waits for the dawn to come.  With the dawn's light, she heads towards the hill, seeing the assassin and another figure up there. The scent feminine. she watches the two dance their fight out, curiously looking from one to the other, her ears arching back as she lets out a low growl. she waited for the others to hurry and join her, wondering where the girl had gone. something else tipped her ears in yet another direction, yet she didnt dare look.

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Growling and gritting her teeth, she stiffens her fighting stance.  Her eyes narrowing, her raven black hair falling over her eyes.  "I will not be your accomplice. The girl is not harmed?" A chill runs up her spine, yet she does not shake it off and let it runs its course. She felt eyes, felt others moving in on her. The rising stench of the beasts, one in particular, was moving in. She must not let him think her weak or in compliance.  Her grip tightened around the sword, as she moved her way around the man. The wind drew up a strength within her and she held steadfast.

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Kayla and Skywalker arrived to meet IIIyana then she looked around and study the cabin surrounding and figuring it out to which way should she go, decided best way to go around the back. She turn to look at Skywalker " You can come with me to get my friend in the cabin." She turned her head to IIIyana facing to her " IIIyana why not you can stand and watch to alert us if you see someone approached toward the cabin. " As both of them walking toward back of the cabin. Kayla sees something shinning on ground it caught her eye.She turned her head look at Skywalker she shrug her shoulder as if not know what happened to the guy. As she walk closer realized a male assassin did killed the shooter partner by the knife on his back. Kayla thought to herself .. same time she pull the knife out and sniff it the handle to search for the hidden one among the trees " Wonder is this guy with the shooter it is possible looks like he was guarding the cabin." Quickly she turn around search the surrounded area. She use her lycan training of her eye notice very well hidden for similar to assassin. She thought to herself " This guy is very skilled in this talent area. He is very qualify in training in advance level. I can not wait to meet him. I wonder will he tag along with us I surely hope so we do need him. " She shakes her head got up walking around the side of the cabin keeping her eye out for shooter. She felt Skywalker moving gracefully across the cabin finally look at the corner sees no one around walking toward the back of the cabin. Kayla sees the door goes for the door opens it and no one around., suddenly she heard a noise downstairs decided to head toward the basement then sees the wall looking like secret passage but notice the lock pad on the bolt door then she looks around for any clues mm nothing happening here mm goes back upstairs then sees something on table walk over the table sees a map along with note ..
" Greetings my friend I am sorry you did not get us in time. Chuckles we moved to another place I still have your friend , we are out heading toward the west to the fort cabin there search for us. Here the map trail to lead you there. The fort cabin place. See you there enjoy your journey travel toward the destination your friend "

After reading the note of a message. She growls looking at Skywalker did not realize his face closed to her face. She heard a whoosh sound, Kayla jumped step back turned her head to the wall looking at a black arrow . She frown it is same assassin arrow and wondering if it is a warning to him. "What are you doing ? " Kayla's hair back of her head stood up like a goose bump feeling. She can tell some one did not want her to get close to him, gulps hard She shakes her head turned to look at the table " I think we need to look at the map to find out where they are at ? " Kayla see the map sees the mark of an X the destination where we should meet her friend there.

Kayla ears twitched back heard a fainted sound in the room she slowly follow the sound open the door of the closet sees another woman. Skywalker immediately took care of the woman. " Do you know where they are taking my friend ? " The woman look at her " Are you Kayla look to the woman "nods" helping her getting on her feet letting her walk around the room. " Yes I am Kayla and it is my friend name Silva? " the woman turn around " yes it is Silva that right " she extend her arm to Kayla " I am Rosie nice to meet you madam and she turn her head to the man "nice to meet you too sir."

Kayla goes to grab the map heading outside the door as she walks outside suddenly the Shooter man came within an inch to the knife to her throat she gasped, looking at the shooter so that was you shooting an arrow to my group of friend , Why you want kidnapped my friend for ? turn to look at new woman notice she put her sword to the shooter man. " Who are you, I see you are new around here. I am Kayla madam " she extend her hand to her. Suddenly Kayla looking to IIIyana behind you she screamed.


Shyanna  the lycan watch carefully not making any sound silent they can not hear. she walking up to IIIyana behind her with her short sword at her neck. She grins "hush" she growls to IIIyana suddenly felt her neck was grabs by her hand flips over bouffe upon the ground she blinks looking at her. she growls " You want to fight alright we fight " growls at her throat clench her leg pull up ward as she landed on ground .. Shyanna grins at her strength I like this power as lycan she chuckles to IIIyana mm want your friend Kayla to bite the shooter you called it She growls at Kayla looking at new person Daemera sniff she shakes her head growls.. she turn around as she heard footsteps running toward the area sees the assassin looking down at her heart " You got me at last stranger assassin " she collapse on ground.

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The Mysterious shooter

The shooter step back looking at Daemera step aside sees Kayla approached front of the shooter same time his knife to her throat. The shooter smiles to her " Yeah my treat finally. Kayla you will bite me to turn me to one of yours like lycan or you will be slain by my small knife. He grins "oh yeah I kidnapped your friend is with my other friend he chuckles, traveled to destination to west fort cabin there we will go there chuckles now bite me, watch her getting ready now extend your fangs now...

Kayla hair of her back stood up feeling shivers runs down her back spine realized someone is watching and felt its anger to the shooter not liking what he is doing as she extend her fangs to him she felt something but did not notice yet until she turn her head to the tree sees same arrow In the cabin Kayla knew someone is guarding her for some reason she can not fathom.

suddenly the shooter felt a sword at his throat turn to look at Damera same time felt something at his back behind him was Skywalker he growls. Kayla watches both attack at the shooter was not expected. Kayla frowns to Damera thought to herself " wonder what her agenda about us lycans ? " suddenly Damera slain to the shooter she gasped turn to look at Daemera " You're the tracker are you ? "

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Skywalker helps Kayla's friend in the cabin and helps her to escape from the shooter, but the quietness of himself acts as a cover so the shooter did not realize he is rescuing the woman to get to Kayla and Illyana. He is growling because he realizes the shooter has an accomplice to assist him in the crime and then gets the woman safely to Kayla. The shooter does not know Skywalker is, but Daemara and Kayla are close beside him, and Daemara reveals herself as the accomplice and knows that Illyana, Kayla, Skywalker, and the woman with them is in a trap and is where the shooter wants them.

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Before she realized what was happening, she heard Kayla scream. With knife to the throat, a low growl rumbles from deep inside her. "Do you realize you cannot threaten me" The girl with the knife was thrown off her. Illyana, slowly changing to her form, keeps her eyes on the girl. "Where is she? Where . . " But it was too late, an arrow had hit the girl and Illyana watched her collapse to the ground.  She turned and looked the stranger, her blue eyes now white and her hair black as night. Growling, she lunges at the stranger, not knowing if he was to kill her as well or not.  She hesitated a bit, trying to control herself, yet animalistic instincts were slowly taking over. She curled her claws in, making sure he saw her intentions of protection at all costs.  Her ears perked at the sound of something scuffling though, however, she kept her eyes on his.

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As Illyana has the shooter on the ground, Daemera watched Skywalker perform his blow to the shooter as she stood up straight, her sword raised, "He's mine." in a low whisper as she lowers her sword onto his neck, severing. An awful stench, worse than what was already there, rose from the body that was already decomposing. Like acid, the body disintegrated, leaving a white powder on the ebony blade in her hand. Turning to Kayla and the others, "Yes . . .I have been tracking . . . but not you." Turning towards Illyana in her lycan form, Daemera points her blade towards her. "You . . . you are the one I seek. You broke the bounds by which you were sentenced, and now you must return.  Change back, and  replace you collar."  She moves closer to Illyana, her eyes locked on, brows furrowed.  "You will come, you cannot and will not resist me."

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A dark growl escapes his lips as he continued to watch the events happen before his blue eyes. Taking in a deep breath inwardly while a new unknown feeling came over him. Turning his head towards the assassin that kill the innocent girl followed by the other men wearing the same clothing as the one he killed moving towards the group he was watching. "Very well fate I will join this story for am now apart of it as I have crossed the line from watcher to being in with these others." As he spoke the words in his mind he quickly moved as fast as he could while timing every throw perfectly as his body moved in perfect harmony from one action to another while the daggers sink into the flesh of their targets causing the men to fall to the ground as he continued to move. Finally stopping his moving as his feet touch the ground just behind the assassin. His knees bend forward slightly then straighten out as the assassin falls down face first as a handle of a blade stick out of the top of his head.


Breathing calmly he turns around to see what the others would do while adjusting his dark leather armor. His aura was light green as the energy remain gentle showing his non-hostile intent along with his gentle but ready body language he began to show. "Are you happy fate? I have cross the point of no return yet I feel nothing, no remorse, nor fear." He spoke within his mind while raising his right arm out, his fist closed but one finger pointing at the two ladies named Daemera and IIyana to signal to anyone that would be watching that those two needed some attention in solving this problem.

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Kayla is watching as event unfolds heard Skywalker was growling says to herself, “Lucky we have the map to find that destination to seek her friend still at West Fort Cabin there. “ She looks to Skywalker “hey calmed down everything is fine for the moment” as she is walking around watching everyone.

Kayla looking to IIIyana and frowns” what did you do my friend? “She turned her head to Daemera watches her and listen same time. Kayla was not sure who Daemera is but asked her “Are you a true tracker but on what bounds like bounty hunter are you? “

She noticed an assassin looking like wear all dark leather armor clothes. She turned her head looking to him and frowns. “What is your name sir and are you the one been following us to protect us my friend?” She is watching his aura turning green can tell he can’t talk but notice his body as gesture to everyone as he points to Daemera and IIIyana. She shakes her head “no wonder we can’t hear you talking, but silence as lamb”. She makes gesture to him “you telling me both are troublemaker in the whole trip, but they need to solve the problem right sir? “

Kayla heard a shuffle sound her ears leans back at the sound of it she tries to figure it out which it is. Can hear the armor shuffle around loud sound... like a knight in armor she chuckles it can’t be out of a stranger wondering who is he? Could be she who knows... thought to herself shakes her head... frowns... watching as someone shows up.

Kayla turn around as she was looking up listen for sounds she look beyond the hill she squint her eyes seeing something lay on the ground for their were too many she slowly walk little closer and realized those are bodies everywhere she frowns whisper to herself “wow wondering what make them get killed so fast mm this is strange decided to keep a look out for herself."

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Skywalker listens to Kayla and quietly calms down back to normal and sees the dead bodies as we inch closer to the cabin and says "It seems like you and I are all alone on the journey forward Kayla and do not know if we can trust Illyana and Daemara any more." We need to be cautious as I see that some people tried to free your friend and failed with their bodies on the ground. I will help you no matter what and will not betray you as I see the cabin is getting closer to the two of us, but what is causing the people to die is uncertain, but it is getting more risky as we move forward.

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Skywalker growls to the shooter raise his fisted hand send strong blow to his jaws as the shooter bends over to the ground seeing her sword rise and heard Daemera says “ He’s mine .“ Skywalker step back watches her severing to the shooter’s neck and dies.
Skywalker watches IIIyana slowly shift to wolf but notice her ears twitch back. Skywalker watching as IIIyana lunges to the stranger, as she growls. She keep her claw at hand showing her intend to protect us. He frowns decided to listen to sound unheard but faint noise comes from nowhere making him feeling alert surrounding him among the woods.
The sound of men screaming were heard in his ears he search for it with his sight could not see the unknown assassin until he appeared before us in shocked and notice his hand raise point one finger to two ladies. He frown thinking to him turned his head to the stranger looking at him. “Hey, stranger who are you? Why are you following us in this journey? Thinking to himself “what did those ladies do he wonders? “ Skywalker begins to growling at two ladies… watching the ladies and says, “You ladies are causing problems during the journey” He pounder his mind “what are both ladies up to?”
Skywalker listens to Kayla and quietly calms down back to normal. As he looking beyond the hills and sees the dead bodies everywhere as they are our enemies’ “hey how did they get killed that fast impossible uncertain whom did this we need to be alert around us my friend “. We inch closer to the cabin and say, "It seems like we will travel forward to the journey. Kayla, I want to be honest with you I do not know if we can trust IIIyana and Daemera anymore." We need to be cautious as I see that some people tried to free your friend. I will help you no matter what and will not betray you as I see the cabin is getting closer, but it is getting more risky as we move forward.
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Illyana, breathing heavily, looking at the group, her eyes wide stepped back from the body.  She felt chills going down her back as she slowly returned to her form and stood up, her dress torn at the hems and where her arms and back were, hanging loosely about her.  Her eyes turned from white to blue and her hair returned to its silvery white color.  "I am a slave, sentenced to servitude for killing a young lad when I was younger. . . . ." She didn't want to say who he was, nor did she want to return.  She took the collar from the satchel at her waist and replaced it. Looking sadly at the group, then walked to Daemera, holding her wrists out in surrender. (exit)

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Daemera's eyes narrowed at Illyana as she only told part of the truth.  "This  . .  .wolf is wanted for the murder of the young Duke of Irmiane. He was only 13 years old and his family actually holds quite the pull. She cannot help herself and therefore must be chained like the animal she is. Her collar prevents her from changing as well as protects you all in her human form. She handcuffs the girl and glares at the rest of the group.  For being lycan, you certainly cannot tell when you are in danger.  Do not let her looks fool you, she is not as innocent as you believe her to be." With that, she sheaths her sword and makes sure the collar is secure. "I have what I came for and now you best be on your way." She turns and takes Illyana away from the group. (e)