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Isabella was finally no longer human as she was turn into a vampire by her love Aiden she going to feel what it like to be like her Mother Elizabeth Crain a vampire.. As time went by she learn so much of been who she is, she hunt to take care of her self and the guest of the Manor..Now Life in the Blackrose is a big deal to her, she speaks her mind and learn how to make her minds speaks and hear, also learn to be fast and her world was torn apart by to men as days go by she found new love in her live see if thiers love stay.. A mind of thought go through her head as she a foolish say I keep triping and falling on my heart,

and it seems youve played your part,
in the misery i see
when i look at me,
I cant stand my smile,

I keep triping and falling on my heart,
ran from a false start,
each hill i take
another draining mistake,
no ones ever there,
to break my fall,

I keep triping and falling on my heart,
its like a shopping cart,
everyone uses it,
to store their crap ,
with no one there to clean it up,

Guess Ive had enough...  have she???

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