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How full the moon was, the silver glow reflecting off of the dew that had collected on the leaves in the cool night air. The forest was dead quiet, not even the crickets sang their evening ballads to one another. What had bewitched the forest to be so void of life?

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She had decided to take a stroll beneath Luna's full glow. At first she did not notice the dead quiet of the forest so lost in her own thoughts but then she stopped and listened. She began to look around her and not a sound met her ears. She breathed deep but nothing seemed amiss. She walked with more caution now, knowing that something was not right with the valley.

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How long had be been sitting there in that clearing looking up at Luna? Last he remembered he'd been out on a run as a wolf, now here he sat, colbolt eyes afixed upon the sky as if it was the only thing that existed. He had not heard nor smelled her as she entered the area

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She saw him sitting there beneath Luna's glow in the silence of the night. Some thing was not right. She approached slowly, cautiously. Everything in her now suddenly on alert. He should have heard her, smelled her, sensed she was there but something in her told her he had not. She almost called out to him but she hesitated.

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He lays back hands resting under his head with laced fingers. One leg propped up. It occurred to him that he was naked but it was an after thought as his eyes once again fixed upon the moon. It was then that the smell of jasmine wafted through the air and he closed his eyes taking a deep breath. Without opening them he spoke "Duth the Raven take flight once more or is she just out for a bite"