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Akira was the only son of the head of a knight family that protected vampire nobility. On his 16th birthday the family was attacked and apon doing his job he was given a wound that almost killed him. Two years later after he healed he was sent on a mission from which he returned he found his while family and piles of ash from where the vampire family was killed. He then set out on a trip to find whoever did it. After some years he ended up staying on the roam after meeting some very interesting people and learning many things on his adventures he ended up meeting a woman in the forest one day. They ended up fighting and he taught the woman how to control her inner beast and to accept who she was. They hit it off and became an item....for a short time. Only a few months after he found a lead on his past and without so much as a goodbye he left. Months later he stumbled into the valley bloody beatin and near death. She took care of him and made sure he got better. After a few fights and a few moments of making up she finally told him to leave. But he never truly left the valley and ended up going wild and losing him memory to his inner beast. While he was out in the forest he was being taken care of without his knowing. One night he was snapped out of his beast and came back to him mind. Now as his future unfolds he holds power over the lycan clans in the valley and watches and protects the guests and the valley as he attempts to have a normal life with the one that took care if him.
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