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Caring for the caretaker
05.16.2014 16:540 people like thisLike
The wolves howled as yet another full moon climbed to the peak of the sky. Starts flickered around it like fireflies. The night was cold, the air dead and the ground covered in a light layer of snow. The waterfall still ran and the pool was free flowing still. A small light was shining through the curtain of vines that sealed the home away. Akira stood by the fire wearing a slightly thicker jacket to keep him warm. He throws more wood on the fire and pokes at it some with the iron poker making it liven some. He turned to the small table that seated only 4 and sighs slightly as it sat unused for some time now. Akira stands and grabs a few logs then heads deeper into the home to the largest room there. On the bed she laid. Covered in many furs and thick wool blankets. Akira walks over to the small fire place and puts the logs on poking at it as well. He walks over to the bed placing his hand on her forehead then pulls the blankets up a bit higher. He stands then leans down kissing her lips softly before he heads out of the room and back into the main area going to the door and stepping out. He pushes the vale of vines to the side and steps out into the night air. He looks over next to the pond where the still alive but equally as out cold lycan form of Bayne still sat covered in vines. He had become somewhat of a ornament now. Akira walks over and makes a small fire near him just as he did every night hoping that all the care he was putting in would pay off. He had lost count of how much time had passed since that day but none the less he was looking after them both. After he made the fire he walked around a bit in the clearing that had now and for a while been his home. The wolves slowly emerge from the treeline coming to him and he pets each one. They were concerned as well and visited every night wondering when the lady would once again awaken. Akira pets them all one last time before he turns back and heads back into the hidden home and makes a small meal eating quickly then cleans up. He sighs some liking the quiet but hating that she would not wake to break that quiet. He puts everything away then heads back to the room and and pokes at the fire again making it perk up a bit before he climbed into the bed with her holing her close to his form letting his energy flow into her hoping that maybe just maybe she would wake. This had become his nightly rutain and he would keep doing so till she woke up.