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Role Playing AreaThis is where all forum based roleplays will take place. • last update: 03.26.2018 15:24
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Chronicles and Records of The BlackRose ManorThis is the area where messenger based roleplaying will be recorded for everyones viewing pleasure. • last update: 02.10.2013 04:00
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Training and Sparring ArenaThis is a area of the forums specializing in the basic fighting styles. This area also serves as a place where you may conduct sparring sessions between characters in an safe place.
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Legends, Lore and RumorsThis a section meant to provide storyline to adventures within the forums. These take the form of specialized locations, stories, and snipets of information that can lead to adventures that may be taken up by one or more members.
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The Valley of Blackwulf
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Blackwulf Village
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The Library
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Behind the Scenes
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Practice Lounge
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