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First a BlackRose now a dad
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How long had it been now that he had taken the kids back. How long had he gone without sleep or feeding to make sure that they were safe and healthy. Surely it ha been day? Weeks? He didn't know. Everything was feeling like it was just running together. But he had to stay strong for them. Stay on watch to make sure that nothing happened to them. Already they were growing bigger. Was it from the mix of what they were. It had to be, because right now they looked as if they were already a year old. Both with his jade eyes. But only his son had his hair, his daughter had silver hair. How odd it was. Did that come with being part fae? He would have to find books to make sure he could properly care for their fae side. Slowly he walks back and forth acrossed the room thinking how he was going to keep them from getting to everyone at the manor and driving them nuts. This thought worried him more so hoping his son wasn't like he was when he was younger. Raven would eat him alive, but he would have to learn his place when he grew up. And just how was he going to raise a daughter. He knew nothing of how to raise a woman. Maybe Raven wouldn't mind helping. He then laughs at his last thought and shakes his head "If I asked her that they're be orphans" he says to himself with a slight smile. How the hell was he going to do this. He then turns his gaze over the two sleeping forms of the babies and smiles. "I'm a BlackRose I can do anything" he says then softly sits on the bed
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Bella Still even she misses her frist love, she had move on but not a day gone by to where he is and why he left she feel, he needed help, help of something wonderful and smiles smells the night air and all standing over the manor after coming back from the woods and full of course.

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Aiden sits on the bed looking at his son and daughter "well you two. It's a shame you can't just suddenly grow up, but I will do what I can for you" he says then kisses the forehead of both and them. He then stands up and walks for the door opening it softly and walks out. He shuts the door and slowly makes his way down to the library and starts looking up things on faes.
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Bella hears and feels someone is here she go to the Library as she make her way there she froze some, and press her lips, She speak with a whispers " Aiden? When did you return?" She walks to him she no longer look the same last time he saw her, the red hair was gone into a black hair beauty. Her eyes are now cool blue and now green...she smiles so sweetly to him. " Its good finally see you again, it been too long" She wanna to hug him or to even touched his face, but she didn't

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Aiden was caught up in one of the books he had grabbed a nd faintly hears someone else talking. He looks up from the book and sees who it is. He didn't recognize he at first, then it hits him "well well well. If miss Isabella hasn't become all grown up and even more beautiful" he then marks the page and closes the book and tucks it under his arm and the crosses his arms "I've been back for some time now. Just been busy"
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She stand there and smiles as she rise her brow " Where have you been? Why do I feel there 2 new visitor here ?" She sit in front of him " I still wonder what it would be like if we was together, but we never know...Be the way Welcome him where you do belong" She looks down " I am with someone now, he love me, I love him, But part of me still love you" Then look back at him and press her lips " I have something yours " She took the necklance off and hand it to him <e>

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He smiles slightly as he watches her "those feeling are from the fact that I'm your sire Isa. Don't think to much into it. Enjoy your time with your new man and be happy" he then sees her handing him a necklace "a gift is a gift, keep it" he tells her and then walks up to her and puts a hand on her shoulder "and you feel two more because there are two more BlackRose's in the house. But it will be some time before they are able to interact with the populace"
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She look up at Aiden and listen to his words as she nods and smiles, she place the necklace back on her neck and understand now that cause of the feel by her sire, but she really love Draithe and smiles again " You you are a father? but how can that be? Do you need help? they do need a mother love Aiden a mother touch, I be happy to help" kook up at him <e>

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"How is a very long story. Help....maybe but I think I can handle it, I'm a BlackRose after all. They will be fine for a while...till they can rome about freely and get into all kinds of trouble" he says and sits acrossed from her at the table and sets the book down "Now tell me of this new man"

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~She looking at Aiden and listen to him about the children he is right he is a BlackRose after all.. " His name is Draithe sweet and loving me with such passion as the fire never seem to go out....He was born half vampire re that cam e from his father and half demon was after his mother.He was a prince of a great kingdom. One day, during a great battle against rebelling lycans of the kingdom, the love of his life was struck down. His demonic side took over, due to his pure rage at that moment, and wiped the field clean of the lycans. The next day, after the remaining lycans surrendered, he and his closest companions left the kingdom so he could get her off his mind. His father understood and knew he had to do it. So now he wanders the world, working as a mercenary for anyone who would hire him, hoping to mend what was broken that time.. So he came here when he met things was like we met long Now he is living in BlackRose Manor.." She lick her lips and looking in his eyes <e>

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Aiden sat listening intently "hmm exterminating Lycans........seems he's come to the worst place possible if he has a problem with the kind. After all our home is protected by them, and our master and I are both hybrid. Keep a watchful eye Isa" he says and sits back in the chair and folds his arms over his chest. His jade orbs looking at his creation so full of joy as she talks about her new love. Then this causes him to think on his pun cause of joy and a slight smile come to his lips.
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She walk to him and on her knees  facing him " I don't he would hurt anyone, he not to me the kind to do so.." Sigh and turn her head some and then look in his eyes " I change so much since you was always I try so hard to get you out of my mind, then he show it was like you and me all over again. " Smiles some and then lick her lips " When I heard you had children by a other I was jealous " She laughed " But what can I say I am a woman od passion and love of romance " bit her lips " What will happen if he do hurt anyone?" looking in his eye more

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Aiden watches her walk up to him and get on her knees. He smiles at her some and places a hand on her cheek "if he hurts someone, necessary things will be done" he says then moves his hand off and stands and grabs the book "go to your man Isa. I have to get back to my kids" he says and starts out of the library and back upstairs to his room. Seeing that the kids were still asleep he smiles and sits in the bed then starts to read the book again
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She felt his hand touched her cheeks and sigh, as she hears the word from Aiden and nods as she get up and walking outside and sit to think since she hasn't heard from her lover for so long.... She look in the stars as she started feeling the same old pain when she felt before and frowns, she get up and smiles that Aiden is a father and he will make the best of it, after all We all are BlackRose..

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He makes his way to his love's side, moving up behind her and softly slipping his arms around her waist. "Hello my love. What are you thinking about?" He says to Bella, kissing her cheek softly.

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She smiles and hears his voice and turn to face him " You wondering if you leave me again, and What Aiden and I was talking of, Um you won't turn on them will you? If it happen you will maybe never be see again, I can not bare that, as you so far stood by me and not break my heart like the 2    I come to known" She wrapped around him like a teddy bear of a lost little girl

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Aiden sets the books down finding them no help at all he sighs some "seems this is to be my hardest test of all" he says to himself as he looks to the two laying there. A slight smiles comes over his face thinking of what it will be like once they grow up. What will they be like. How strong will they be. To many answers that will have to wait for a long time to be answered. He stands and makes sure they are tucked in and warm before he again leaves the room and heads down the the kitchen and opens the fridge and grabs one of the many bottles of blood and a glass from the cabinet and sits pouring a glass and drinks. This being the first blood he's had in days.
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He tilts his head some "Turn on who my love?" He says reaching up and trailing his fingers through her hair gently "And no, I'm not gonna leave your side ever again darling" He says with a warm smile, leaning in and kissing her softly.

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Anyone dont matter who and I am so happy to hear that, I dont want to have the lost feeling again" She kissing him deeply with her arms around him and so in love she hope last, then she smell the blood and looking at him and lick her lips and she take him by the hand and go to the kitchen and see Aiden and smiles and  nods to him as they meet at last

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Aiden sets his glass down and looks up at the two of then. Leaning back a bit in the chair he reaches forward taking the glass in hand and brings it to his lips before setting it down yet again "so this is the man that has stolen the heart of the dear Isabella" he refills the glass and leans forward on his elbows
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" Yes this is the man who took the heart of mine, so far not break it like some did to me..." She sigh and try hold back my feeling and looking at the both of the men and walking out and went to the rose garden and sit and press her lips some and look at the roses.