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Time goes on

created by Aiden 05.16.2014 16:19 • last reply by Aiden 05.16.2014 16:19Much time had passed in the valley and Aiden did what he could in his sires absence. He had stayed this time and felt better for...
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First a BlackRose now a dad

created by Aiden 04.11.2013 00:44 • last reply by Bella 12.26.2013 23:15How long had it been now that he had taken the kids back. How long had he gone without sleep or feeding to make sure that they w...
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Destiny of a wolf above the stary rose

created by Kayla 03.24.2013 16:27 • last reply by Daemera 10.20.2013 07:03 ...
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Far From The Valley, Dark Forces Gather..

created by Jeffry 02.04.2013 20:04 • last reply by Jeffry 08.09.2013 21:00Several leagues from the entrance to the hidden valley, one of the multi...
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In search of Blackwulf Valley

created by Skywalker 02.01.2013 11:34 • last reply by Skywalker 06.12.2013 13:17Skywalker is a hybrid of a lycan black wolf and human. As he enters the Blackrose Manor, he is all alone and looking for some...
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An Unsuspected Return

created by amithia 06.02.2013 15:07 • last reply by amithia 06.02.2013 15:07 Amia glanced behind her, slowly fading from view was the one place she felt at home since before she was...
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Call To The Powerful

created by Drai 02.22.2013 21:34 • last reply by Bayne 05.25.2013 21:22He had enough of hiding, another week or two he had spent within this god forsaken forest. Navigating through the tree's of w...
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The Forgetful Lizard Is Lost Again

created by Wyvren 01.22.2013 03:00 • last reply by Wyvren 05.23.2013 02:26Sitting on a stump, deep in the woods away from anything that could be r...
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The Hunt for Templer Gold.

created by West 01.13.2013 13:05 • last reply by Jakx 03.10.2013 20:14
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Heart of a BlackRose

created by Bella 02.19.2013 22:42 • last reply by Kayla 03.03.2013 19:54She knows Aiden going to return with something new something just right, But on the other hand she was thought of Dra...
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