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She knows Aiden going to return with something new something just right, But on the other hand she was thought of Draithe he not coming back? He had been so gone for sometime now, she not sure what to think....But then where is everyone she loved and knew are The BlackRose Manor going to ever be the same? She stands outside the open double doors thinking sigh some and lick her lips close the double doors and walk the center of the lobby of her dear sweet home of The BlackRose and smiles remember  how she met Aiden Raven Eva and Even Johnathan, so many other so many love and hates and... she    stop and nods walking to the grand stairs slowly felt alone .

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She hold on to the rail of stairs and wondering is there going to be anything new going to happen in this Manor and smiles and walking on up

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Kayla was siting on a couch reading a book.  She is wearing her long-drawn-out light blue gown with her lengthened brown hair and pull up in a ponytail. Her eyes light up as she sees a lady walk in the manor going upstairs. I got up walk up to the hall toward the stairs. Looking up "Greetings Milady, I heard you walk in but did not realize you are here and a new person to me. I would like to introduce myself to you. I am Kayla still unknown to the manor. Introduce myself to brand new face some and others have not yet it be a while to greetings to others around here."


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She stop and turn with a smiles " Oh Hello, I am so glad there is someone here still.. Forgive me I am Isabella BlackRose Welcome to No other then The BlackRose Manor Owner of Lady Raven BlackRose..I hope you made your self home and looking for whatever you need or looking for." She walk back down and nods to Kayla and smiles more as she remove her black hair from her face

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Kayla looks at her finally realized she is the black rose. " It is an honor to meet you Isabella Blackrose. I am reading the history of the bloodline of the black rose it is very interesting. " She turns her head to see the living room available. Kayla uses her hand gesture point to the living room. "Would you like to sit and discuss with me for a little? It is what brings me to site of the black rose manor to explore and to be happy to settle in the foreground in this wonderful place I would like for you to help me to explore more about the black rose place in this surrounding area will you help me Isabella?"

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She walking with her to the room and sit on the couch and smiles to her " I came here at time I was human, tell one day I met Aiden  BlackRose I am not even sure I am ready to open on that BUT He turn as he is My Sire as Raven is his...I was a Crain til that now I am BlackRose wonderful to be as Raven come and goes I do my best to welcome one and all No matter who or what they are.." She look at Kayla " What is it you wish to know?"

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Kayla sits down on a couch across from Isabella. " I am wondering in this history. How old is this black rose generation current at this time... such as 10 years or more also back then did they keep the pictures from generation to generation passed as black rose manor... just wondering about it? It would be nice to keep the memories of the black rose as an honor memory you know what I mean. However, the reason I am asking you one day we should celebrate an anniversary to honor a special event for the black rose smile just like your advice on it.

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" My dear darling Kayla I am only been here a year of this Manor but if I am guessing been many years When Lady Raven return or one of the blackRose been here longer then I and yes there are painting of Some, My mother use to work here before it became a BlackRose but she die given birth to me, she was vampire who felt for my father human she never turn him they felt in love and I was born Human don't asked very very rare this happen, Aiden can only make me a vampire cause of my sweet blood of my mother and father the way the made me, Raven was good friend of my mother, But Raven comes and goes She don't stay very long My mother was Elizabeth Crain. My father brother took me away far away right after I was born, after my 22 birthday I came back and heard the music ran away and never look back.. Something drawn me to BlackRose Manor like I belong there..and yes I think be wonderful Idea be up to Raven that is." She smiles and looks her in the eyes as she tell best she can here now on.

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Kayla listens to Bella mention her family history. I see that is nice. Alright Bella would you like to go to the lake nearby or at the court yard to look at the view of sunset, it is a breath-taking view among the manor. I like to have a fresh air to walk around. Perhaps show me around the stores that I might have missed I like to explore more around it.

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" I can not go outside to watch it I am vampire but you can go and joy it and have a looking about the Home" She got up nods her head to her " I must go in my room and     remember I knew and miss " She left the living room and went to grand stairs to her room

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Vampire ... My sincerely apology for that I keep forgetful about that . I was going to ask about evening instead of the day. However, I would be glad to keep you posted of the surround around the manor, and events occur. Again, I do surely apology for that. Madam let me know what you feel like to do to kill the time out of boredom and waiting for Bell to reply alright I am here just let me know to thank you Bella -head bows.

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She made it to her room and touched the stuff Aiden and Johnathan and Draithe gave her and sigh " Where is the good times I miss everyone so much and I am happen for the new comers new come old go not fair why why I must said Love, live laugh, had it gone? Please please let me see a face I know and miss" She close her eyes and start to dream

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Kayla watching Bella's walking upstairs as she is heading to her room. She turned her head to the door. She, being thoughtful " Should I explore around the manor. It would do me good to learn about the surroundings. Perhaps I might meet new people who know. " It decided to walk upstairs to her room leave her book on the night stand. She is checking her mirror for her appearance satisfy she looks good .

As she walked to her door in the room opens an outside of the door turn around then close the door behind her jogging down the hall along downstairs heading for the double door. She pushed the door as she is walking outside the door . Ah smell the fresh air, Looking around her and visualize the courtyard decided to go there to search around to find out what in there.