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He had enough of hiding, another week or two he had spent within this god forsaken forest. Navigating through the tree's of what was seemingly an endless maze. Though now he had reached a clearing. He would step into the grassy plain, the moons light shining down upon himself anf the place he chose to now inhabit. "I wonder God..wll you shed your light on those who choose to live within this realm, that castle and the borders beyond" His head would momentarily shake,  it was time to assess just how powerful the guardians of Blackrose were. " I wonder who shall answer the call" A grin then soon spread, he was curious. Slowly his arms would outstretch wide. Allowing his eyes to close as he released his power to spread around not only the field, but to the very manor itself. "Let me see, the power you people hold to protect this realm and the inhabitants within the manor" Now he would wait, though he did hope this display would catch the eye of the Raven. However this..invitation so to speak was meant for any who would be willing.

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Of the five shadow-wolves Bayne had broken his form into, only one had no real purpose, and it was that one that chose to answer the 'challenge'. The other four were spread through out the valley; one to the south, one to the valley entrance (figuring hunting within the valley may provoke the presence that he encountered on his arrival here), another skulking about the village shadows and the last laying down by the gate to the manor courtyard, taking a nap.


With no intentions beyond merely sating his curiosity once again, one fifth of Bayne was plenty enough to investigate the source of yet more bizarre energy making itself known. Even Bayne knew this second occurrence had been intentional, unlike Jakx with his little elemental issue, but whether he felt it necessary to pull himself together was yet to be seen. Closing in on the source, the shadow-wolf steadily became more ethereal, no longer disturbing its surroundings as it passed, as compared to just running amok as it had been previously.


Creeping stealthily towards his goal, he kept a low profile in all regards, from his form to his own energy, nothing but a shadow within the shadows, his violet gaze dulled significantly so as not to arouse attention of every kind. The being that had made itself known was upwind of the wolf, and that was as close as he needed to get. Now Bayne would wait to see if any others had caught the 'challenge' and came to investigate as well.

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He waited still, though would any truly come to accept this? Perhaps more incentive needed to be done. "Very well then.." He would allow his hands to fall and rest upon his sides. "Let's see now.." His face remained neutral, contemplating how this should go about. An idea then struck him, causing a grin to slowly pull the left corner of his mouth upwards. "That should work out most nicely indeed"  His hand lifted, slowly and straight, undeterred by the wind that ruffled the trees and grass around him.  The flame would then form after concentration within the center of his hand. Small at first, the flesh of his palm turning black with the heat of the flame, as it grew, so did the burn until was the size of a basketball. Once to this size, he pulled his arm back and casually tossed the fireball onto the ground.  Upon hitting the grass, it began to spread, much like a wild fire, but this had a purpose. Its shape soon becoming clear.  Thick, heavy paws, followed by four thick, muscled legs. Up and up it spread until the feral form of a wolf snarled. The color of this flamed beast would be a pure white. the next one however would be a black in color, then white, then black once again until a total of five wolves were now seen. " Burn " Once the  word was issued the wolves dispersed. One took to the North, another the west, then the east. The south.


The fith wolve however rrmained where it was created. As if wishing to stay behind to protect it's master. The hybrid didn't mind this, once each wolf of fire had made it within two miles of the forest they would combust, exploding and scattering the flames to catch fire upon the grass and tree's. Allowing the flames to spread now as smoke began to rise high into the air. "That should get attention at least" Now the game of patience was re-established. He chose to just reminese about the past, the pain he had suffered, mental and physical. His eyes, one was blue. The left eye, while the right was a blood red an the pupil of that eye slited. He controlled the wolves, fire was the element in which he controlled. Though nature itself took care when the flames spread. A natural occurence.

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The guys scent was definitely mixed, though Bayne had no idea just what it was a mix of. When the theatrics arose, along with the flame-wolves, he didn't know whether to sigh, cover his muzzle with his paws or give a sarcastic eye-roll. So he went for option J. If his "precious student" still had the black crystal near him, Jakx would be getting a message through it, along the lines of something to the tune of this:


Yo Jakx. I know this valley is special, but how many blasted flame wielders are there calling it home? Some fool is setting it on fire right now, clearly as a show of power, and it isn't you or I. I don't know his scent, so I don't think he's a regular at the manor; he summons black and white flames it seems, and is about as arrogant as someone I used to know. Happen to know anyone that fits this description, or anyone that may want to come stop him from burning your homes down? I'm new here after all so it's not my fight. Yet.


Cycling through his five parts, Bayne could tell only two of them were in a position to seek attention to this matter, the fragment at the village calling upon Baynes summon-beasts to defend the mortal inhabitants there just in case, and the part that had headed for the entrance had left the valley by now. leaving this self, the southern self playing with the wisps and the lazy soul at the manor. If he had to call on those two, it would be more along the lines of permission to act and uniting three of his parts in doing so, unless this flame user was a friendly. Sometimes Bayne's lack of forethought was his own undoing.

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He had only been in the valley for a few days. It had it own kind of beauty, dark and light all in one area. The night air felt good against his skin as he stood there with his eyes closed. It hadn't been long since the events of the flame user and the other. "This place should provide quite a bit of fun" it was then that he felt the power influx. It wasn't to far from him now so off he went to investigate. Apon his arrival he found a single man standing in the middle if a clearing creating beasts from flames. He stood there at the edge of the clearing watching quietly. He thought to himself how odd this man is. A slight breeze kicks up blowing his blonde hair into his face. He reaches up and brushes it away and looks on with a slight smirk thinking how he could possibly have fun with this man. Should he stand a watch, put out the flames or take out the area.
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Time had soon passed while the fire continued to burn deep within the forest, the flames spreading, though the hybrid was begining to get impatient with no arrivals. "Well, this is starting to bore me rather quickly, I could just burn the rest of it I suppose and go to a village or something" He seemed more to speak to himself, however fortune seemed to change as he noticed a figure, a man by the looks of him. "Only one, and not even the one I'm trying to draw out..thats a pity, I suppose he may do for some entertainment. Go and greet our guest, would you?" At the command the wolf of white flames rose to his four legs, teeth bared, snarling at the figure upon the entrance to this field before the creature began to move, charging forward with a mighty howl like the wolf. Ravenous, and wishing to feed upon the male.

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Strifes arrival was somewhat unexpected, but then again he had also been there for the Jakx event as well. Well aware that strife could handle a mere elemental summon of that level, or at least assuming the guy could handle it given how unphased he had been when Bayne saw him last, the Demonic hybrid was about to reveal himself when he caught the news from his other selves. Not wasting more time, he dissolved the fifth that had been at the manor, spreading its power equally between the remaining four parts of himself and manifesting in his mortal guise, striding into the clearing with no intention of hiding his presence any more.


"You know, I was hoping to see how many turned up as well, but I'm running a little short on time it seems, a real threat has made itself known, so I'm afraid I can't really stay and watch how this plays out."


The moment he finished speaking, Bayne stood still, releasing his hidden aura for all in the immediate area to feel. He had no intention of letting the entire valley feel his power, only Strife and this odd-smelling other person. That aura bore the madness of the werewolf, the cold unfeeling cruelty of the vampire, and the vast sadistic glee of the demon that made up Bayne's own hybrid blood. Of course it was only a portion of its full strength so may not even seem that strong an aura, just a very 'real' one.


"I'm not at full strength and I don't intend to fight. I can't speak for Strife over there but I get the feeling he can look after himself if the need arises. Mind telling us what you're doing out here, making a mess of a perfectly good forest and pushing out that little display of ability?"

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He was unphased as the wolf of fire charged at him. He just stood there as it crashed into him seeming to burn him up engulfing him in the flame hiding his appearance from the other two. That is till the flame was just suddenly out and he was standing there dusting off his sleeves "Intresting trick you have there. Though this is not my home your destroying such a beautiful forest, I may have to rectify that action" he says as he then looks over at the Bayne....part as it unleashes its aura "Ah well it seems I'm not the only one that thinks your display is......unneeded" he says as what looked like a black flame engulfed his form and his eyes seemed to release smoke from them "It's not wise to attack when you don't know your opponents power"
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He would merley watch as the wolf of flame bounded toward the man, though his attention was diverted to the new source of power. A voce soon was heard, the hybrids body would turn partly to the right to allow his head to tun and gaze upon the man. " If you were in hiding all this time, then you must have heard my reasoning so I won't waste my breathe in repeating it" His tone was unusually relaxed and calm. He took no notice that his flame wolf was now deceased, not that he really cared to begin with. " If a real threat has emerged then your time seems wasted in speaking with me, since you are not one of the four individuals I am trying to draw out..however your aura is..different. I sense something demonic though I hardly doubt your a demon. I'm curious as to what you are" It was then his head turned back to the left, looking upon the man who had smoke coming out of him. " Well then unless their's a peaceful way in gauging how strong you are without attacking do share yes?" Now his focus went back upon Bayne. "I'll share you mine, if you share yours. I am the spawn of an angel and demoness, To answer both your questions. I'm bored, and I wish to fraw out the raven from it's cage so I may speak to her, along with the gauntleded Jakx and the mutt known as Akira"

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Bayne barely contained the snort from his suppressed laughter after hearing the divine hybrid explain himself, though how he finished his little speech got more attention than was probably healthy. Drawing his aura back in, he spread the knowledge amongst his four parts, making sure the news would get where it was needed should it have to.


"I'm surprised you aren't filled with constant self-loathing having that kind of bloodline running through you. are you sure you aren't the offspring of a demonic nephilim and an angelic one? It would cause less strain on the differences. But you aren't wrong, I do come from a Demonic bloodline myself, at least as a start, the rest of me is either werewolf or vampire, with a dash of Elf for seasoning."


Pausing as he regarded Strifes smoking form with a smirk, it soon turned into the devils grin as he gazed back at the divine hybrid.


"You say you seek four, but only list three, curious. One of those is my coven sister, the other my student, but the third; Akira was it? That one I don't know. I hope he's a werewolf for you to label him a mutt, I could use some more entertainment. What exactly do you seek from my 'dear sweet' Raven, and my hard-headed pupil Jakx?"


Bayne folded his arms across his chest, still wearing that wicked smile on his lips.


"Do not concern yourself with my time, I have more than anyone knows."

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This impudent half breed. He would dare look and talk down to me. He would pay with flesh and blood. He was about to get up close and personal till he heard the half breed say Akira. Surely he didn't mean Akira Tepes. No why he was here, though it wouldn't truly surprise him if he was. That man always seemed to find his way into places like this "Save your breath half breed. You've caused more than enough trouble for one night end your nonscence now and I'll let you walk away from here" he says as he was now standing behind the man
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"Self-loathing? No I came to terms with what I am long ago. The only things I loathe are the humans, gods pathetic children. Angels and demons. The rest are fine with me except them..excuse me for a moment" His body would soon turn to the right, allowing himself to look at bth males before his attention was now to Strife. "Will you shut up. I'm having a rather interesting conversation with this hybrid here" His attention was now re-directed back to Bayne, hearing this new information about the coven sister seemed to interest him. "My business with the Raven is of two issues, though I'm only telling the first and that is your castle houses a piece od property that belongs to be. I would very much like back. Your student, I want abit of revenge on, I had..underestimated him sadly and paid a peice for it. This gauntlet he possess interests me, and for Akira, well I just don't plain like him or his kind really. Perhaps this conversation could be continued when I'm not being threatened"

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Bayne wasn't so clueless as to not read Strifes intentions, and in saying that he idly turned to the nearest tree and launched himself up into its boughs to find a suitable seat. Returning his attention to the conversation, he just grinned wickedly, shrugging and meshing his fingers behind his head as he let one leg dangle.


"I've spent three lifetimes slaying lycanthropes, mostly werewolves or feral lycans, but I can share the dislike there. Sadly I know nothing of this place, have only recently arrived and still in the process of poking my nose where it doesn't belong. How ever, if you're coming after Raven and Jakx, I'm afraid I'll have to get in your way. Jakx isn't ready for revenge yet, and Raven is my kin. Just your bad luck I get to kill you before she does."


Pausing, Bayne set his gaze on Strife again, grinning furiously in a completely malevolent manner.


"That's of course if Strife there doesn't tear you asunder before we even get that far. Tell you what, put on a good show for me and I'll consider helping you out. But to keep it truly fair, should you die by Strifes hands, I'll still help if I'm entertained enough. Sound good?"


Just to add fuel to the fire, Bayne threw in a cocky little wave to Strife.


"Don't hold back on my account, I doubt there's much that can hurt this copy of myself right now."

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He heard the words roll of the tongue of the man and it was instant rage. He did not explode. No, ever so slowly his power was aura was filling the area while the man finished talking and Bayne was trying to push what was already going to happen. Vibration could be felt through out the area coming from the ground and the air seemed to get real heavy. Strife slowly raises his right hand and grabs the man by the throat gripping tightly and picks him up off the ground enough that his feet were not touching "You talk big boy but your power is nothing special, and you" he says looking over at Bayne "You would need to pull yourself together to stand against me" he says as he was now at the base of the tree Bayne was in with the man still in hand and presses him against it. Ever so slowly he kept pushing and soon the tree began to whine and crack, the bark bursting as he pushes the man into the tree "you will hold your tongue when in the presence of royalty" he says then he almost seems to dissolve and reassemble a little ways away from the two and holds up his had pointing two fingers at them and a small ball of red energy forms "Oops" he says with a sick grin as the small ball explodes into a beam about the size of the man. It was over in a flash and smoke and dust were thick in the air. Bayne he knew was safe but if the man had not moved there wouldn't be anything left to find if him. When the smoke an dust clear enough to see anything in the area a clear path from where Strife stood to 100 feet away was seen. He shrugs the gives a slight chuckle "To much" he asks out loud knowing either one or both of them were still there.
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"You're right, if I had tried to do anything other than dodge that blast just not, I would most definitely need more than a quarter of my strength."


From within the dust and smoke, a dark figure emerged, in exactly the same position and space he had been occupying before the blast had struck, only without the tree he had been sitting in. Dusting himself off a little Bayne resumed his pose, hanging quite contently in midair as if the tree hadn't been reduced to ash and debris beneath him.


"Are you two trying to clear the area for a new settlement or some farm land perhaps? You're doing a marvelous job of ruining that woman's forest. If it were me doing this, I'd at least put some effort into giving the forest a touch of help in starting the regrowth. I wonder if either of you are even capable of something so trivial?"


The attitude hadn't changed in the least, and if anything Bayne actually bore an arrogant sneer on his face, acting completely superior to the other two, though he had already stated that he'd simply evaded the attack rather than exert effort in stopping it. He didn't even move from where he was hanging about, so insolent was he that he even shut his eyes before continuing.


"Oh, and Mister Demonic Angel half-blood, I hope you're still alive, I haven't been entertained to my satisfaction yet. Don't be lying somewhere dead now."

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"My intent is not to hu-" It seems he was rudely cut off by the hand that now clapsed around his throat, when his feet no longer touched the ground he gave his attention to Strife, now he was carried before being pushed up against a tree, though he caught every word that both Strife and Bayne had said there was little time for reaction. His feet touched the ground once more as Strife seemed to vanish. Though the indication some thing powerful was barrleing towards him was the red light that steadidly drew nearer. He wasn't about to be killed here, not in this fashion. He took three steps forward and quickly jumped as high as he could into the air, wings then came fourth, bursting from the mans shoulder blades as they flapped, propelling him about ten or fifteen feet within the air to avoid what most likely would have been his death. His body twisted to the right, turning himself around to look down upon the clearing dust, the right wing was composed oflong, soft feathers like the fur of a polar bear, thick and so soft it felt like a cloud. The color whiter than a soft coloured cloud on a  summers day, so white that a pure glow seemed to emit from it. The demonic wing was dark, somewhat maroon only tainted with more black. Made entierly of coarse scales, the bones were visible around the sides and similar to bat wings, only their veins stook out greatly in contrast. As the bones reached the top of the wing, a large ivory spike, curved like a shark tooth, potruded from the top of the wing. It was a hideous sight, the sight one could only assosiate with images of the devil himself. "I have no intent on harming your kin. I merley wish to speak with her, as for your student, he I may infact harm from an injury that gauntlet of his caused my chest"

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Insolence still. Fine this will be over quick then. Strife takes a few steps forward disappearing and reappearing above the area and holds his hands about 6 inches apart and what looks like black lightening flashes three times before a small black orb appears. It was about the size of a marble but in all reality to had the power to destroy about 6 square miles from its point of impact "You have ignored me long enough, and I will not be mocked any longer. Feel now the devastation of a dying star" he says then just pulls his hands apart and the orb just falls "It will be over quickly even if you are flying half breed"
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Bayne would have loved to reply to the halfbloods comments, but Strife took centre stage once again. This time with the immense energy of his marble-sized attack. Rising to his feet, Bayne strode on invisible steps, rising up to just beyond the flying being, a look of seriousness replacing the cocky sneers of earlier.


"You wanted a measure of our power right? I suggest running before that touches anything, my power may not be enough to contain it completely, even when I show you what a quarter of my true strength feels like."


As he had been speaking Bayne had lifted a hand, summoning a smaller copy of the violet-hued crystal hourglass strife had seen when Bayne tested Jakx. Just like then, the black sand was in the top bulb until Bayne turned it over, but what occurred at the moment the sand began to flow was the astonishing part.


"I'll give you five minutes worth, any more and the valley may never fully recover. I still can't control this power of mine just yet."


The dark Demonic energy Bayne had exhibited earlier was a shadow of what came now, raw energy crackling over his form in flashes of dark purple-black lightning. His attire changed completely, returning to what strife again would have seen during the testing of Jakx. The long black cloak, three straps buckled across Bayne's bared abdomen, black leather riding gloves, heavy dark linen trousers belted at his waist and the heavy leather boots with the blackened steel plating from their toes to his knees.


The change took mere seconds, but in those few seconds, the energy and power emanating from Bayne had grown exponentially, not just here but where his other three parts were as well, each of them taking the same form and producing the same vast, almost bottomless-seeming amount of power where they stood. It was taking a lot of effort and concentration just to keep his energy from disrupting everything in the general area as it was, yet Bayne dared move in an instant to the forest floor below the falling orb, lifting a hand and focusing that uncontrollable flood of power as best he could, his own dark beam of energy being fired like a beacon, engulfing the orb completely as a stream of condensed energy was sent skyward.


The orb went from marble sized to a large melon within the instant the stream had swallowed it, the stream now flowing around its rapidly expanding form, containing the destructive force as Bayne tried his best to disrupt the energy it was formed from, dispersing it into the stream , sending it towards the heavens. Maybe thirty seconds had passed since the hourglass had been turned, and now the orb was three yards across, still falling, still expanding, and still engulfed in the endless flow of Baynes power.


Forced to kneel on one knee so he didn't touched the growing sphere too soon, Bayne grit and bared his teeth in a silent snarl, summoning more of his power to try and contain the mass of Strifes attack. He had succeeded in slowing its descent, but its expansion had now brought it within inches of his palm, the orb now seven yards across and visibly getting larger by the second.


"Run!" The single word was roared out of the mighty BlackRose hybrid before contact with the sphere was made, Bayne's immense power spreading out to a four mile radius just milliseconds ahead of the destruction caused by Strifes orb. With the stream no longer containing it, the 'dying star' revealed its power, a silently expanding bubble of doom, reaching that four mile mark and being pushed back to its epicentre by Bayne, though he could no be seen for all the swirling energy and rubble. Rocks and trees reduced to pulp and dust under the force of the gravity ball, the wreckage piling up against the barrier Bayne had erected to prevent it engulfing the entire valley.


As the bubble reached its climax, forming a massive dome walled in by Bayne's power, it burst, the energy that could not spread out being sent skyward instead, the barrier starting to crush in on it, forcing that mass of force into  a mile wide column for a few minutes before fading away completely. All in all, it had taken four and a half minutes from Bayne turning the hourglass over, to the attack from Strife to run out of juice and disappear, leaving in its wake a shallow crater 4 1/2 miles wide and 3/4 of a mile deep at its centre, where Bayne could be seen kneeling among the debris.


Nothing had remained, trees, rocks, earth, all smashed into its tiniest bits, a savage pockmark on the face of the valley. With energy still crackling over Bayne's form where he knelt, he summoned that hourglass again, turning it over just a few seconds shy of the five minute mark, his power and the power of his copies fading instantly back to how it had been before. His breathing was heavy and ragged, sweat rolling off his brow like rain, his eyes shut softly as if in peaceful repose.


"That.. hurt. Maybe I should have used a third." His speech slurred a little, becoming a mumble as he just gently toppled over sideways, laying in the dust at the heart of the crater, completely worn out and barely conscious after a mere five minutes of using his true potential. He didn't even have the strength to make any smart-arsed comments to anyone, lying there in his ragged attire once again, looking like he had been blown up instead of the forest around him.

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Strife disappeared then reappeared six miles away and watched as Bayne took on the attack. He was quite amused that even at a portion of his power he was able to fight of the attack. Once Bayne lay in the crater Strife appeared next to him "Quite the show you put on, but if you didn't want it to hit all you had to do was say so" he says as he kneels next to the man and offers a hand. He look around the crater and sees the damage done. Maybe he'd done a bit to much but oh well what's done is done.
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"Overconfidence is my downfall, I just had to see how strong I was at a quarter of my full power. Maybe I should have absorbed my fourth sooner." Taking the offered hand and pulling himself to his feet, Bayne coughed a little and dusted himself down after speaking, scanning the area with a weary eye.


"Oh this is worse than I thought it would be. No wonder she felt it so heavily. The Lady of the woods is non too pleased with us right now, I better pull myself together if I'm to fix this mess of ours."


Closing his eyes he drew a slow, steady breath, then exhaled, opening his eyes slowly as the dissolved fourth part merges with the remaining three that Bayne had spread out. Rolling his shoulders and doing various other stretches, the BlackRose hybrid cast his gaze about once more, a brow lifting in question.


"Where's the other guy? I figured you'd teleport Strife, but I don't know if what's-his-face half-blood managed to evade that attack of yours. If it hadn't been gravity-based, I might've avoided wearing myself out as well. That thing was rather heavy."

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He blinked and merley watched the events unfold, the man who was once a wolf..Bayne was his name seemed to move down to where that small but devistating attack was hrling towards, being told to run wasn't exactly..simple. However he would move a mile west ward as a precaution.Now just watching from the air and observe as this Bayne character seemed to try and absorb the blast? No it was something else..perhaps contain it. When thatt powerful burst of power shot fourth into the sky his head tilted upward to watch it..that kind of power in such a small contained form. "It seems I have..severly underestimated the power these guardians possess." Looking down to now notice the rather large and deep crator that had been formed, he stayed within the air, though he was merley watching and waiting. "I need to recalculate my approach..if the boy has this kind of protection..I might have to enlist aid"  He did want to see their power, and saw it he did. Now what was he to do. The man who had fired that small but powerful blast would surley come back up to finish the job.  "Well, let's see what else they have" With that his arms moved back, concentrating the heat within his own body to the center of his palms before he thrusted them forward, the left arm shot a blast of pure white flames, the right shot the same, except the flames were that black in color. As the flames decendant upon the two they began to take shape, at first a snout, then a pair of teeth until the heads of the dragons were formed. Two fore dragons, their size eaual to that of the castle itself with heat almost matching that of a volcano's. Both dragons moved, but began to seperate, the white one went to flank Bayne's left side, while the black headed towards Strife's right.

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Strife looks up and sees the two flaming shapes move towards them. He shakes his head "does he never learn" he says and steps out in front of Bayne. He claps his hands together and when he pulls them apart another black orb was there and he throws it out in front of them. When he does what rocks and scraps of trees and anything else that was left in the crater started to move towards the orb. Strife then holds up his hands and his whole body starts to bleed black energy as both of the flames began to waver and move towards the orb till he finally didn't need to control them. Once they were caught in the pull he holds one hand flat and with the other he points a finger on the his palm and begins to make a circle there and a cyclone starts near the orb and the flames go out and all the power just dissipated. He then vanished from where he was and reappears behind Drai and places his hand on his shoulder with his palm up "do you give up yet" he asks and looks on at the crater and the man below.
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Bayne was still recovering from being his idiotic self, he hadn't even planned to avoid the flame and was going to let Phoenix handle it, that was until Strife stepped up of course. watching the diffusion of the attack and the actions of the pair in general, Bayne just grinned, listening to the voices inside his head inform him of what his other parts were up to.


"Things are certainly getting interesting. Hoi, you two!" Bayne's shout was aided by a cupped hand around his mouth, calling up to the pair of combatants in the sky.


"Is it alright if I get a start on fixing the forest soon, or are you planning to trash more of it than we already have with this crater? Not that I mind either way, I just want to know if I should start conserving my strength now or knock you both senseless first."


The cocky wise-ass grin on the smug Demons face was as much a taunt as the verbal jab, though to look at him Bayne probably looked like he could barely fight a cold let lone the pair of demigod-like beings in the air above him. He didn't care if they ignored him at all to be honest, meant he could focus on what he had to do later after all.

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The vision his other parts shared gave Bayne a right kick in the arse, metaphorically speaking, causing his gaze to lock onto the pair of 'super powers' in the sky. Since neither had even paid attention to him, and the urgency of what he now knew taking firm hold of his mind, Bayne swore a little under his breath and went ahead with his plan regardless. moving to the exact epicentre of the crater, Bayne shut his eyes and knelt down, one hand laid flat on the ground in a gentle manner.


"This is going to hurt us both pretty equally I'm afraid. Hopefully you come out better off." He became still, everything around him following suit, a stillness spreading out gently from his position and making its way to the very edge of the broken forest surrounding the area. For a few moments it seemed nothing was happening, and then Bayne's limiter removed itself.


Once again, each of his parts, both inside the valley and out, became founts of dark energy, the sheer magnitude of the release stirring the dust around him like concussive shockwaves, ripples in the air spreading out from his location to the edge of the crater. In that same moment, the natural energy the Werewolf Bayne had been storing was transferred, being received by the Bayne in the crater and flowing into that dark fount, staining it a shade of green.


Baynes elven nature got rocked during the exchange, the Hybrid gambling on its connection to all things natural to aid him in manipulating the collected forces the Werewolf had gathered up. His fingertips dug into the ground, the natural energy filling and flowing through him so completely he was certain they were going to sprout roots from his nails. All the while, he kept an image in mind, the forest exploding from the ground, rapid growth expanding out from where he was to the craters edge, repairing the damage done. That was his aim and focus, to rapidly increase the areas rate of regrowth so a lifetime would pass in the blink of an eye.


Pulling what little energy he could from the broken ground below him, Bayne wove it together with the energy from the Werewolf, and his own dark fount, counting on his disruptive powers to make the merging easier, so that the energy could flow smoothly when released, and not just be dispersed into thin air. When he was certain he had gotten it tied into itself enough, he focused the energies through the palm of his hand, slowly pushing the energy back into the earth, the immediate area around him starting to turn green as blades of grass and various wild flowers started to sprout up underneath and around him.


Bayne pushed. When the regrowth had reached a five yard radius from him, he began to forcibly feed the energy into the ground, forcing it to spread to the craters edge as his own had been doing, a convection effect being born as his energy that had been stretched out that far pulled the natural energy through the ground then back to Bayne, only to be returned to the earth and sent to the edge again, over and over. In response, the crater became a quickly expanding field of grass and wildflowers, a clearly visible sign of success to anyone that saw it. Sadly, it wasn't to last.


As he continued to recycle the energy over and over to encourage rapid spread and regrowth, more and more of Bayne's near limitless dark energy became merged with it, causing a corruption to spread through the rapidly regenerating flora. So focused on what he was doing, Bayne wasn't yet aware of the damage he was soon to cause, the grass and wildflowers being joined by darker weeds, thorny briars and strange twisted plants sprouting here and there around the crater. The longer he kept it up, the more obvious the taint became, spreading like a dark plague across the verdant crater cover, vile growths blooming where they shouldn't.


So engrossed in cycling the energy, that when Bayne decided it were time to bring the trees up and set the craters area to rumbling, filling the air with the sound of the earth cracking under pressure, he didn't realize his mistake until he gave one final push, his elven nature screaming out in pain as the forest finally began to explode into view, shocking Bayne enough to open his eyes. What he saw horrified him more than he could put to words, worse still was how he couldn't prevent it, or the damage he was about to take as well.


With the sprouting of the trees, the corruption was more than evident, it was certain. Rather than the majestic pines and other noble trees he had been hoping to raise, what he saw were dark, twisted copies from a deranged nightmare. Gnarled and ugly, the trees erupted out around him, a wave of gloom spreading from the epicentre to the craters edge. Bayne couldn't even prevent it at this point, the process had become self-reliant, drawing from his vast store of power to fuel its rapid growth thanks to the connection with nature he had forged through his elven blood.


Out of sudden desperation, unsure what consequences the growing darkness would bring to the valley but feeling sure that it wouldn't bode well for anyone, Bayne tried to pull the energy back into himself, to stop the regrowth before it reached the edge of the crater and potentially took over the rest of the forest beyond it. Unfortunately, his elven blood had already turned dark due to being exposed to his energy in such a fashion, an almost bestial cry coming from him as he felt his control over nature in any form slip away, the tinge of green in his eye fading, being replaced by a growing violet hue.


All of Baynes being was screaming by this point, and his copies would feel the effects as well as that 'dash of elf' got eroded to nothing by the overwhelming force of Baynes demonic heritage. Before too long, there was no natural energy passing through him, only the dark disruptive energy of the Blood Demon race, dark tears of blood running down his cheeks as Bayne lost control completely, a shockwave of energy exploding from within him, filling the forest with a strange fog that rose eerily from the forest floor, spreading tot he edge of the corruption and no further.


Bayne collapsed, his limiter returning but the damage done, both to the land and himself. He had no way of knowing what the effect this event would have on the Lady of the Woods, or the valley as a whole for that matter. In fact he was oblivious to everything, having lost consciousness after that burst, the fog rolling in and obscuring him from view, as if being reclaimed by the forest he had just brought forth. Now, there was a dark stain on the valley, one that would never be removed, a patch of forest so dark and twisted that only dark and twisted lifeforms could possibly thrive there. Such was his mistake, and such was the result of his efforts.