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In search of Blackwulf Valley
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Skywalker is a hybrid of a lycan black wolf and human. As he enters the Blackrose Manor, he is all alone and looking for someone to share the way to get to Blackwulf Valley. He is a lone wolf with no family with him and looking for new friends to assist him on his quest to help him find a new home and make good friends along the way.

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~ She slowly crept down the stairs as seeing this new man within the Manor, she had been studying him for the short duration he was about. He seemed lonesome and searching for somewhere to belong. She was dressed in a long leather skirt with a slit up the right side to her knee for movement. She wore a black peasant top with a half red cloak, ending about the middle of her hips. Her hair was curly and as a light brown color as it rested loosely about her shoulders. Her skin lightly tanned and eyes of a golden hawk.


Gazing over him she stopped at the bottom of the stairs, leaning against the banister as she spoke.” Hmm what brings you to this domain and what are you in search of?” She said her voice eminating of natural curiosity and what might be interest. He was certainly not human, his calm was one of wolves as such all predatory animals were.~(e)

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Skywalker is smiling as he sees the young lady Kaitlyn appear in the room in a red cloak and replies to her question. "First, nice to meet Kaitlyn and I came to this domain to find new friends and have no family therefore i am on the journey to the Blackwulf Valley alone." He then replies "Are you willing to help me on my quest Kaitlyn?" and greets her saying "Hello, I am Skywalker and hope you will be my first friend." as they fellowship in the manor.

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~ Her smile amused as he said her name before she even told him. She had no psychic abilities but it was apparent he did. " You are in the Black Rose Manor and the Valley of BlackWulf is all around you now.,, Sounds familiar no friends no family!" She comes a bit closer and gestures towards the chairs in the entryway, as she sits down into one." I  could try and help you Skywalker others are here to. Nice to meet you as well."(e)

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Smiles at Kaitlyn and asks her"Do you want to be my first friend here in the Manor?" I will be a calm human,but I strongly caution you when it is the full moon or my temper is very hot I can change to a lycan werewolf and become very dangerous and destroy anything with my claws and teeth. I do not use weapons due to my strength but I do not mind having friends and if you can assist me learning the ways of the Blackwulf Valley and the Blackrose Manor I will strongly appreciate it and hands her a red rose for her beautiful coutenance towards me.

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Kayla is walking around within the manor. She sees two people chatting with each other in the room. She is standing and looking like a picture within the manor large frame held the picture of bloodline family of the black rose. She admired the picture and thought herself about their history of family lead to this place it was awesome. Her head turned two people walking toward them. " I am here to make a new friend. I am Kayla" -her head bows to the lady and to the gentleman next to her. " It is nice to meet both of you. I am just exploring here in the manor."

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~ In the process of listening to him, she turned her head just as the woman came into the room. She looked her over and smiled. She remembered seeing her somewhere before and the name Kayla sounded familiar.


They were both Lycans indeed and smelled just like one, not likely one of them would smell her out as well. She walked to where she could see both of them and gestured towards the chair to sit across from her own chair. “ Good Evening Kayla nice to see you again, I am Kaitlyn.” She then turned her attention to Skywalker and said.” A lot of things to explore within the Manor and the Valley, just remember things are never what they seem. Thank you for the rose and I would love to be your friend.” She said smelling the rose and twirling it round and round, as she watched the two others.~e)

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Skywalker greets Kayla and says "Nice to meet you Kayla." and hands her a rose and tells her I am also a new person here in the manor as well and smiles as we set in the wooden chairs and wonders if Kayla will be friends with me as well, knowing i am a lycan black wolf and happy that Kaitlyn and Kayla are my first friends and hope to meet even more in the upcoming days.

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Kayla looks at Kaitlyn— - Nods- " Yes it would be familiar we did meet close to the book store that right by another friend yes that is right it is good to see you Kaitlyn." Walking closer to the wooden chair across from her and sitting down with her legs folded. "I agreed to explore the manor it is plenty to look around and more fun to discovered things. " She turned her attention to Gentleman. "Thank you for the rose." As she listened to him thought about what he says. " Sure I be glad to be your new friend too um your name it is Skywalker ??" As if she is reading his mind. " Wondering if there any event happening this week maybe not who knows have you heard anything Kaitlyn? "

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Skywalker says to Kayla, "Your welcome." as Kayla and Kaitlyn are socializing together as they sit down in the wooden chairs where Skywalker is seated in a quiet manner and tells Kaitlyn and Kayla" that his father and mother was killed in a major battle and luckily he escaped from the enemy wolf tribe and willing to share the story of what happened to his family", if they wanted to hear the terrifying story as he is breaking his silence after a few years of pain and sorrow over their death.

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"Oh I am sorry to hear from your family that fought in battle. I know it is not easy to get over the grievous process. However, I would be happy to hear your history of a clan feud. Maybe it would solve some issue due to misunderstanding communication to others who knows... " turns her head to look at Kaitlyn "Oh Kaitlyn, I am sure this year event had not planned yet so the festival will be later in few months I think if you heard let me know alright Kaitlyn"

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Skywalker sees the attentiveness of Kayla and opens a book that is a journal and reads: When I was a teenager, I lived in the north east part of the woods with my parents and another wolf clan wanted me to be a leader of them, and my parents and I refused. Therefore, a couple of nights, they returned with torches to burn my home and they attacked and clawed my father to death. Then, while my mother and I was in another room of the home, she handled a locket with a picture of her and dad and say take it and your journal and flee as far as possible, as I know that the enemy was coming close to us, so I escaped out of the window and heard the last words of my mom. "Skywalker, I will miss you my son, continue the lycan traditions that you was taught of me and Dad." Then the room was opened and my mom died, and I ran as fast I could and was in a bitter cry howling as my home was burned and my parents were dead and therefore I seen at the end of running a sign with "Blackrose Manor" and I come in the Manor, and safe from the enemy. I weeped for days mourning over my parents, and now seeking revenge for the wolf tribe that killed my parents, and my eyes are soaked in tears, as he bears the truth what happened to his parents.

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Kayla sitting on a chair turn to his attention to hear his family story. "I am sorry for your family lost, but I am here as your friend will support you and help you get thought this terrible lost Skywalker. You are not alone I lost my family too. You are welcome to the black rose manor as we are your fresh family also start fresh life here Skywalker."

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Skywalker smiles to the saying of Kayla. "We are now friends and looking forward to begin a new phase of my life with you as a supporter and helper in my life Kayla" Thanks for the welcome to the Blackrose Manor. We can start a new phase in our lives together if you are willing to join me. Thanks so much for understanding my mourning and like to learn what happened to you and your family as I learn more about Kayla. It questions Skywalker why Kaitlyn has been quiet since Kayla arrived.

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"Your welcome sky Walker I would be glad to be with you. There are many things explores in the black rose manor... I am confident we will get along just fine ..... as long we don't argue of a smile he is with you as you all traveling along to get to the area where he is living now smiled... " I am reliable you will feel different somehow:"

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Making her way from the center of the town, Illyana comes up to the Manor.  Her humming is carried by the wind and catches a scent. She shakes her head and walks up to the door.  Lightly at first, she lifts her fist up and knocks on the door.  Her feet are sore and her stomach empty.  She didn't have much for payment, but she could offer a song or perhaps the few coins left in her pocket. She smooths down her platinum hair before knocking on the door once more, her stomach growling and thoughts of rabbit meat fresh in her mind.

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Skwalker to the young lady and offers some fresh rabbit to you and tells her. "Greetings I am Skywalker, and want to welcome you to Blackrose Manor, and I have met Kayla and Kaitlyn so far, and hope we can be friends, beware I am a lycan werewolf." as he sits back down and making plans to his next adventure.

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Kayla is sitting around the kitchen room and watching Skywalker offering rabbit to new Lady. She got up walking toward extended her hand. " I am Kayla it is nice to meet you Milady." Her head bows to her in respect. She turned her head to Skywalker looking to him with her arms crosses over. " Well Skywalker what is your plan for adventure my friend? "

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"My plans are to make some friends and get to know my new surroundings and learn as much as possible about the Manor." he replies to his friend Kayla and asks her "Do you want to join on the adventure and help me learn more about the manor and get aware of my new world?"

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Kayla listen to skywalker  looks to him  "  i know making a new friends takess time it will be there before you know it "   Walking towar the window mmm  looking at the view  " Yea maybe  you can take me to adventure  " smiles

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She looks at skywalker, then at Kayla, bowing her head in greetings to them both. She takes the rabbit with a smile and resists the urge to devour in front of them.  As she had finished her meal, she gingerly wipes her mouth.  "Thank you most kindly, my hunger has been satiated for now.  I know you are lycan, the essence emanates from within you.  It is what led me here.  It seems this is the meeting place of lycans and the like?  I am a wayward traveler, a gypsy if you will." With a chuckle, she closes her eyes slightly as her hair changes from white to black and a flash of wolf appears momentarily on her face, then her human face reappears and she rest her right elbow on the table, her right hand in a fist and she rests her chin on her fist as she looked from one to the other.

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Skywalker replies to Kayla "I would like to have you on my adventure", as I reply to her at the window. Then he replies to Ilyana "You are welcome for the rabbit." He sees the change of Ilyana into a black wolf in a flash and comments "so you sniffed me down from my tracks, Ilyana". He then asks her "Do you want to come along on my adventure with Kayla and I?" Skywalker gets a map from the bookshelf and begins to plan his journey that will take him to the great unknown that surrounds the Blackrose Manor.

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Smiling at the request, she closes her eyes and bows her head.  "If it would not be too much to take on another.  The winds are strong, the scents stronger." I catch well, and can trade well. She remembered several times she increased her skills in trading for food, shelter and whatever else was needed.   There wasn't a coin she couldn't obtain if need be. It was rather nice to be included in another's travels as it had been so long since she had really spoken to anyone.  She traveled light and the rabbit filled yet did not weigh her down.  She stands up and walks to an empty window, twirling her platinum hair as she stared into the horizon.

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Watching at IIyana leaning on the window looking at the horizon "Oh you are a traveler wayward and gypsy IIIyana that is cool " watching her face changed into a wolf in a flash " Curious have you had a run-in with a werewolf before ? " She is walking toward the living room then sit on couch and watching Skywalker looking at the map also writing down for the Journey notes of the adventure. " I welcome any guest to join the adventure that Skywalker had plans for all of us." She turned her head to Skywalker " any idea of the plans of the adventure ?"

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Smiling at Kayla and Ilyana and tells them "You both are welcome to join me on my journey, if you both want to go, as I spread out a map of the trek that he is going to take." "I do like to have you both to go to help me on the quest, and if you have any questions or ideas to do on the quest feel me to ask me and he is willing to adjust the trek of the journey for our benefit."

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Smiles at Kayla and then Skywalker.  "No miss, I was born lycan.  I am strong and can help with the quest.  I have been traveling alone for some time now and company would be good.  I only showed my face to you momentarily to show that I mean no harm. " She bows her head as she finishes.  She secretly wished to travel with this group as they seemed friendly and their scent was well-meaning and yet her past showed that she should hold her guard a little more.  She could trust them but this journey would not be easy, she could feel it in her bones.  A slight smile plays upon her lips as the scent of jasmine enters her mind.

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Smiles at Ilyana and tells her "I don't mind if you join us on the quest because of your strengths in trading, therefore you can join me and Kayla in the quest, and knowing you are a lycan makes me and you instant friends." You can be a helpful guide on my quest as well.

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Listen to IIyana " Oh you were born a Lycan. I am glad I am not only one with a Lycan blood" ~Nods to IIIyana in respect~ Deep in thoughts to herself...IIyana is welcome to join the party of travelers, heading for the journey of an adventure to Blackwuf valley. I am sure we are aware that the journey will not be easy. ~watching her expression of a sniff ~ “mm something on your mind IIIyana, I can see you are smiling at something you are thinking~chuckles ~

She turns her head to Skywalker. “Skywalker, now where is the journey are you going to show us the map of directions or details ? “ Looking at IIIyana notice, she seems to be happy on the quest . “Oh about what kind of quest are we seeking, my friend Skywalker ? “

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Skywalker replies to his friend "Kayla, I am looking for the Blackwulf Valley and from there to being my new life as a lycan blackwolf and as a human and assist you and Ilyana in finding your desires as well." Even though he is accompanied with Ilyana and Kayla, he has a personal mission of his own to find a woman to be his future male, but the time and place will present itself at the appropriate time.

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Smiling at Kayla she shakes her head.  "Forgive me m'lady" she says with a bow, "I am simply reminiscing something from when I was little.  We must be wary . . the road we seek, as you know, will not be smooth. " Tilting her head a bit, she shivers and she perks her ears for any sound of concern or danger they may face.  Taking a deep breath she approaches the two, "Shall we rest the night and begin in the morning? or when do you think we shall depart?" Her nose twitches slightly, the scent stronger. "Is there a jasmine tree nearby?"

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~Listen to Skywalker ~ " I see I am sure this journey will be a challenge to face it any ways " ~looking at Skywalker ~ " I see you have your goal in the mission as well I agree that will present itself in time will tell." ~ walking toward window looking towards the horizon~


She turns her head and looking at both with a grace steps walking toward IIIyana ~ " Something triggers your memory in good times ! " Thought of the plans for the journey mm "Yeah it is a good idea to rest on for the night. Depart for the journey of the morning. It is a great way to begin the day. " ~notice her expression smell into the air, sniffs ~ She turns her head to Skywalker " mm jasmine tree here I did not see it have you Skywalker ? "

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Skywalker comes to Ilyana and answers "We will leave in the morning."  I see a jasmine tree in the distance Ilyana and sees Kayla and agrees with her that we will  leave the morning and the jasmine tree is straight ahead of us. We will begin the quest from this point forward and be sure to get a map and enough food to last from sunrise to noon time, because we will have very few stops on the opening part of this journey.

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Smiles at both them and nods. She looks to where they were pointing, so far away and yet the scent so very strong. She would make a point of stopping there before their journey. She bows her head with a smile and bids them both good night. "I will see you on the morrow, early and bright." As she makes her way down the corridor to find a room, the bells at her ankles jingled with each step.  In a soft voice she sings a small tune to herself, "Do you hear the sailor's call? Deep within the night? Do you hear the bells at all? Twinkling with delight?" Her voice fades as she goes further, the creaking of a door is heard and then the soft thud created as it shuts for the night.

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At the bright sunrise, walking downstairs at the manor as she pushed to open the two doors. Kayla is walking toward the Jasmine tree as she arrived there. She had her bag stuff few clothes ready for traveling for the journey to the distance unknown to black valley. She is waiting for both to arrive to Jasmine's tree for head start.

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The next morning, Skywalker awakes  and gets up Ilyana and Kayla for the beginning of the journey and decides to meet Kayla at the jasmine tree and waits for Ilyana to arrive and explains. "The way to Blackwulf Valley is west from here and I heard it leads to old deserted town and has caves there, because it was a old mining town. It is now deserted and think it will be a good new home from me, but you know can live in the valley, or the mountains on the upper section of the western edge or toward the sunrise on the east," Skywalker tells them he wants to arrive in the valley before the heat of the sun arises.

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"Greetings Skywalker " ~head bows looking at the horizon sunrise such a beauty varied of colors display in plain view~ " I am wondering Skywalker you have the map if so may iI see it please." ~ sitting on a rock nearby the tree jasmine as she received the map looking at and study the map before the journey starts.~

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"Greetings to you Kayla" as the sunrise comes out of the eastern sky. He hands her the map and we sit on the rocks under the jasmine tree and shares opinions of what way is best to go.

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"Greetings Skywalker, Yes I thik we should go to this area afterwards goes south to this distinction, or we can go to downward then go west from there.  " I don't think IIIyana is coming so should we take off?"   She grabs her back put over her shoulder.  " I have to tell you something I will not settled there at blackwulf valley.  I will take the journey with you  travel to distinction afterwards I will move on to unknown destination.  " She smiles to let him know.  " I will keep you company as traveling through there. "   She is walkiing toward direction she should go.

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Skywalker replies to Kayla. " I agree Ilyana is not coming so we will go down and west from here."    "Thanks for coming along with me on the trip, even though you will go on from the valley, but I will help you find your new home. I will then return to the valley and settle here and hope we visit each other occasionally as the journey begins."

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"Oh thanks for helping me find a home.  I already know where to look for up north close to the village still will travel with you to your place, and I will go from there it is not a problem for me."

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"Alright, we will be a few miles apart, but close enough to become good friends and help other whenever we need it." As Skywalker sees the valley in the distance and points over the cave that will be his home for Kayla and out of the cave leads to a small town to help him with the needs of the future as he will be settled at last.

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Kayla was walking toward the west stops there seeing a the valley view of the place he called home yes we are here, and yes we will see in the future if need any help I will live in the north area her head nods bid you farewell my friend Skywalker. <exit>

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As Skywalker sees his home, he bids Kayla farewell. "He says Good luck to you to the north, and we will meet sometimes in the future." As Skywalker goes into his home in the western cave  and see Kayla go northward, he knows Kayla is forever a friend and thankful she helped him on the trip to his new home. Now, he is peaceful for the first time in years. <Exit>

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Waking up groggily, she stretches.  The sun warm on her face.  The scent of a meal long gone. She slept in again! She hurries to get dressed, her mind in a whirl.  She mutters something to herself about losing her friends so early.  She looks in the mirror and brushes her hair with the brush on the dresser in front of her.  She takes on look in the mirror and sighs.  They've started the journey without her, her heart sank to the ground for that.  It was her own fault, but she could make up for it with a small surprise.  She wouldn't be able to see them again soon in this form and changed.  Closing her eyes, she shrinks down in size, hunching over onto all fours. A low growl escapes her lips as her face changes, her blue eyes whirling white.  Her surprise was ruined. Now in wolf form, she went out of the room, down the corridor and to the Jasmine tree. Her friends were not there and she let out a whimper of sadness.  She caught their faint scent, which was growing weaker by the blowing wind and forced another way.  She took in a deep breath, breathing in the scents and making her way into the valley.  She hoped to run into them some time soon.

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She continues to sniff the wind, finally catching the stronger scent to the north.  With a leap, she makes her way in that direction.  In the distance, she hears the others cry out.  She missed her new friends already and hoped very soon to see them. The bells around her back paw jingled as she made her way to the north.

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A couple of days later, he returns to the jasmine tree and sees Ilyana there and growling and tells her "that Kayla has found a home and I have as well, but back to help you." "I am sorry for leaving you behind, and willing to assist you and please forgive me." As Skywalker smiles at Ilyana, he hopes to regain her friendship.


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smiles as she sees him returning. "it is alright, I slept in, the bed was so comfortable. thank you for returning for me." she smiles as she moves for him to lead the way.

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Skywalker leads his friend Illyana to the valley, and then tells her "Kayla lives now in the mountain range, do you want to live in the valley area in the caves with me, or in the mountains with Kayla?"

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Smiles, she follows him out. "Let's just see where the path takes me."  She looks up at the sunrising, towards the horizon. The scent of her friend faint on the wind.  smiling, she softly shrinks down, her hands on the ground as she begins to change form.

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Takes Illyana to the valley by letting her follow me by my scent as the sun sets in the valley in the western sky. <EXIT>