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The Hunt for Templer Gold.
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It’s a late night as the fox is walking around the store and heads to his maps cables and slowly pulls out a tube and sets in on the counter top. “ hmm maybe it time to go looking for this..” he looks over to the undead cat that is sitting on the front table that looks over with it ghostly eyes and a voice that seem to haunt the store” >kego< Are you sure about the West. You know how those graves of the Templers are made to kill anyone who tampers with it.”

The white hair fox shakes his head a bit” Well I have to find that items before someone else can get “ he looks over the map under a lantern as the fade glows can be seen from the street. as the ligth more from one room and then disapper and reapper in a small window that show there is a basement level to the shop and that where it seem to glow  . for most who know about the fox  they know about the  private workshop under the store.

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- In the darkness of the workshop the fox starts to load items in to a bag that he could used on this tomb Robbing misson. " Kego Watch the store for me . if you have to used the suit of armor  as a body for a bit but don't Damage it!" he yells up to the  cat. the fox keeps loading items in as he grabs some rope a few odd glowing jewels  and soon he have a bag set for tomb robbing. " ill should be back by morning . " the fox heads up as kego is looking over at him as he heads to the door >kego< you know you could wake the dead for what your doing.. and i'm sure lady raven would not be happy with you on that. " the fox smriks a bit his up to no good smrik and the cat sighs . >kego< damn fox.. never up to anything good" the cat hops down and go to sleep in it box .


soon West  is outside and shuts the door behide him and lifts his hood and heads up the road to the bottom of one of the mountains.

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> play is on hold on till a few players are able to join sorry for the wait<

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The play is reopen for everyone to join.))

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Jakx had been walking through the market making his gold pouch weigh less and less as he progressed through the shops. By now the bag was one-fourth as full as it was one he first started but it wasn't the bag that was the biggest differences of all. As Jakx walked down the street many people stared at his from and the way he was dressed. He no longer bore is odd mixed set of clothes but now wore a strange armored jacket. The jacket itself was deep red with black all along it but the jacket itself seemed to be only half a jacket that covered his left side all the way up to his gauntlet. The jacket had leather straps that laced over Jakx's torso to preventing it from slipping off him. The armor of the jacket seemed to be a darker shade of black than the actual cloth of the jacket, the shoulder guard itself seemed to flex about his frame as well. The strangeness of his clothing didn't stop there. His pants were of the same style of colors as his jackets but the boots held the same black armor around his shins. All in all it was a completely new look for Jakx.

Many on the streets didn't recognize him at first, mostly for his clothes, but everything about Jakx held a different air about him. From his posture to how his new flaming red eyes gazed through the crowd. After a while some folks recognized him with a small gesture of greetings but Jakx barely paid it any mind. He just walked through the crowd with his sword slapping his left thigh within it's sheath. While his side was getting beaten by his Blessed Blade he felt the Red Crystal bounce on his chest with each stride of his boots.

Finally he caught a sight that intrigued him. West, the Fox that Jakx had a brief encounter with, was leaving his shop carrying quite a load of bags over his shoulder. Jakx found this more than interesting and decided he needed a change of pace. Jakx wore his devilish coy smile as he walked up to West, "Heya there rookie, what are you up to?"

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*the fox looks over as  his large  ears starts to twick a bit to the sounds of jax comes up to talk to him." calling me a rookie? anyway..  no much is going on.. im heading north to the Mountains.  There is   rumors of a vault of templer items and gold there.  the story go that is is old grounds  are proteched by the undead army of the fallen knigths of the last great war" the fox smiles a bit as he is loading the horse drawn cart with a gear bag ." you want to tag  along for this... there will be alot  fun." west heads back to the shop and picks up a black lantern and bring it to the cart.

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West had said the two words that peaked Jakx's interest over the edge, "Templar" and "Treasure." A big smile reach across Jakx's face as he grabbed a loose bag and pushed it all the way on the cart. "Rookie, you just said some of my favorite words." Thoughts raced a crossed Jakx's mind making his smile even wider. The only thing that is better than stealing treasure from stuck up high nobles are when those stuck up nobles happen to be Templars. Just to think that he was going raid an old vault sent chills down his spin. Jakx gripped the side of the cart and with one heave he hopped on the front seat. "Sounds like I found a new way to kill the rest of this evening."

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The fox nods a bit and walks around and puts the lantern on a stick" have you been to the Mt tops?" he looks at him a bit as he snaps the leads to the horse and the cart jerks forwards a bit and they are off heading to the old Temple up in the mountains. the cart is filled with food and other wooden boxes with odd labels on them that where cut in to the wood with a blade and then stained with blood" name is West.. so you know ." the fox's  messes with his leather eye patch  and fixes the strap so it don't wiggles loss.

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- he looks over at the new person who joined this ..trip ." so .. anyway.. how are you?" he trys to make small talk as he slowly grips the leather bands the link him to the horse and he pulls it a bit and snaps it with a flip of the wrist. the dark leather snap the back end of the horse as they old oak cart picks up speed and heads down the road out of town and in to the Deep Woods that are outside of town. when they are both out of town the fox hangs over the ropes that lead the horse." keep going down this road . i got to make sure of something." he picks up the lantern that is hanging by a rope that is tied to a Iron hanger ".. hmm" he digs in his pocket with his left hand as he pulls out a small leather pouch from his pant pocket".. I don't want the wisp o wills to mess with us or any other way ware.. ghost.." he pours in a powder in to the lamp . the fire reacts and turns blue and makes a Eerier mist pour out of the vents that flows down to the ground .

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Jakx listened to West's words while also letting his own mind wonder. He gave short replies to West with few acknowledgement than that. "I haven't been to the mountain recently there Rookie but I've been there every now and then to give myself a good workout." Jakx found it most curious that they were heading the same direction as when he trained to use the Blessed Blade that now hung from his hip. If the vault that West was talking about is in plain sight then Jakx knew he would never live it down.

During the trip Jakx just let his mind wander through all his previous jobs and what the vaults were like. However, he had yet to be able to see what the Templars do with their treasure. He'd robbed and stolen from many high nobles, both fanged people and not, yet he had never stolen from the Templars, not directly at least. When West attempted small talk Jakx was pulled from his thought. He just shuffled in his seat, "Well other than my right ass cheek going numb I'm alright there Rookie."

When Jakx was handed the reins he didn't argue about it. He just watched west from the corner of his eye while giving the horses just the slightest nudge to go faster. When West mentioned ghost and used the blue fire Jakx couldn't help but smirk, "What's a matter there Rookie? Afraid of ghosts?" Jakx gave a soft chuckle as he kept the horses going down the road. Jakx had has his fair share of dealing with ghosts, especially after he got his Blessed Blade. "Don't worry there pal, if a ghost come up I can handle it. Charged some priests not to long ago to deal with a ghost in their chapel. The look on their face was priceless, I could sworn someone pissed in their holy water." Jakx just kept his coyish smirk. But, the idea of this vault being guarded by ghost was a bit odd, since they were Templars. According to them, they hunted anything that was "against god" from ghosts, Lycans, and vampires, to your common person that didn't agree with them.