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Kaitlyn is a Shape shifter, whom wonders around the world, her family comes from Iceland, which when she was small her family was ... 2022 y/o  flag United States
Greg was a human with a heart stone that was sired by an alfa wolf for reasons unknown to him. He is polite and gentle to everyone... 2022 y/o  flag New Zealand
  Blackrose Character Sheet BETA     Character Name:  Bayne BlackRose Age: 327(?)   Race: Blood Demon   Subtype: Werewolf/Vampire... 2022 y/o  flag United States
Skywalker is a hybrid of a man and wolf as he comes into the Blackrose Manor as a  man that has the deadly curse of changing from ... 2022 y/o  flag United States
Listen closely as her story unfolds. A tale that began long before anyone entered the valley of Blackwulf. 2022 y/o  flag United States
Will post at a later time 2022 y/o  flag United States
Hey, I am alverad Race: lycan/vampire Height: 5’3” Weight: not telling Eye color: purple Hair color: purple weapons: claws a... 2022 y/o  flag United States
Name: West Nalyor Age: Unknown Race: Great Plains Golden Foxes Sex: Male W : ?? H: 6 foot Skin:  Tan/Whit... 2022 y/o  flag United States
Ashen skin, cerulean blue eyes that whirl white when provoked, excited, or at will even.  White hair that changes to ebony in the ... 2022 y/o  flag United States
  Blackrose Character Sheet BETA       Characer Name: Cain Romulus     Age: 501   Race: Human Subtype:Undead   Height:5’11 ...
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