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327 when last seen


Blackrose Character Sheet




Character Name:  Bayne BlackRose

Age: 327(?)


Race: Blood Demon


Subtype: Werewolf/Vampire Hybrid seasoned with a dash of Elf.


Height: 5 feet 11 inches [Mortal]  Weight: 175lb / 80KG [Mortal]   Hair:  Black      Eyes:  Bloodshot; brown irises with streaks of Elven green.


Personality: Charming Rogue; Savage Beast; Unfeeling Undead; Cheeky, high-spirited, nosey/curious Elf.


Physical Description:

Clean shaven, deep tan over lean toned frame. Mid-length [ just below the jaw] wavy hair. dark leather shin-length boots, dark linen trousers, black satin shirt. Depending on mood, switches between black silk doublet with violet embroidery or hardened dark leather cuirass, spaulders, greaves and fingerless gauntlets, all with crimson embossing and crimson hooded cape with drab multihued lining for camouflage purposes.

Sports a silver-edged long knife of blackened steel make, grip bound in cream linen at the small of his back. Occasionally known to wear an featureless black mask, faint traces of a silver starbusrt around the right eye and three fine silver 'claw marks' running from above the right eye diagonally to the left cheek. Has a rich, melodious Elven tone of voice and a wickedly devious smirk most times.


Trained Skills:

Elven Skills : Tracking, singing, woodland survival, minor first aid [herbal treatments, wound dressing], very minor nature energy manipulation.


Rogue Skills: Pickpocketing, lockpicking, haggling, breaking and entering, bribing, street performance [ juggling, dancing, lute playing], subterfuge, assassination, stealth, advanced tracking, advanced weapon arts [shortbow, crossbow, long knife, single-sword, staff, throwing knife], advanced survival tactics, advanced unarmed arts [hand to hand], advanced first aid [ serious wound treatment, bonesetting, splinting, sutures, poultices ], acrobatics [ climbing, tumbling, safe falling, freerunning, tightrope walking ], advanced magic-sense.


Werewolf : Ability to shift at will; Can now take any form from man to full wolf.


Skills learned during period spent in time-compressed dimension:

Summon Personification - Bringing forth summoned beasts in Humanoid forms.

Advanced Vampirism - Strengthening of latent powers and abilities granted by Vampirism.

Advanced Energy Manipulation - Awakening and strengthening of dormant Demonic powers and abilities.


Known Languages:

Basic Elven [ written, verbal ]; Basic Lycanthrope [ Werewolf verbal ]; Common [ written, verbal ]; Basic Demonic [ verbal ].


Racial Abilities/Weaknesses :

Abilities/Perks - Immunity to poisons; manipulation of dark energy; longevity.

Weakness - Race is Purist, any tainting of the blood by siring or Lycanthropy results in Demons death.


Subtype Attributes/Weaknesses:

Werewolf - Ability to shift into Lycanthropic form; Preternatural physical abilities [advanced strength, speed, stamina, endurance, senses, reflexes, cellular regeneration, immune system]. Strength of physical abilities differs depending on which form is taken.


Vampire - Supernatural physical abilities [ Strength, speed, stamina, endurance, senses, reflexes]. Minor energy manipulation / magical abilities. Can regenerate/heal wounds by consuming blood of the living. Can become as mist or shadow, rendering themselves incorporeal [ unable to be physically interacted with or physically interact with their environment ]. Can turn victims into obedient servants [living] or mindless savage ghouls [undead]. Minor animal possession. Supernatural ability to seduce or persuade mortals or other weak-willed beings.


Weakness - Silver, fire. Wounds inflicted by, or ingestion/injection of silver causes severe burning sensation and lowers recovery rate to that of mortals. Prolonged exposure of unbroken flesh to silver causes severe rash to form, but can be handled otherwise safely. Scarring is possible in silver wounds go untreated by skilled healers. Fire also drops recovery rate to that of mortals and can lead to scarring if burns go untreated by skilled healers.


Due to the hybridization, the Vampiric weakness to sunlight has been nullified, nor is he truly an Undead as Bayne's heart never actually stopped beating after being sired into the BlackRose Vampire clan.


Unique Abilities:

Rogue-Unique: Lightstep - Ability to transmit himself a short distance as a form of energy. Can only be used in line-of-sight or if the destination area is known to be free of obstacles. Can not pass through solid matter, but can slip through tiniest opening available. Tends be very exhausting if used too often.


Gifted Summons: A fire element summon in the form of the mythical Phoenix. Can grant summoner resistance to fire-based damage as well as minor fire manipulation; An ethereal summon in the form of a large wolf. Both have their own personality and take on aspects of their summoners energy; Phoenix colouring shades of black and violet, wolf is smokey and shadowy in appearance with dull violet tinting. Both possess brilliant violet eyes.


Demonic - Regeneration of race-identifying prehensile blood-coloured bone and sinew trident-forked tail.


?????? - Due to circumstances before his first birthday, Bayne has had his blood infected by Lycanthropy and been sired by a vampire clan with no ill effect, where any other of his race would have died. As yet, answers as to how this was possible are just conjecture and theory at this point.

'Magic-sense' - Possibly due to the dormant power residing within him and the basic training he got from his Elven foster mother, Bayne is able to 'sense' the presence of magical energies. The people that trained him in the ways of the Rogue built on it to make locatng enchanted/cursed treasure or magical locks and traps easier for him. His summons worked with him to further increase its potential.


Brief Backstory/History:

Upon making his way from the time-compressed dimension an acquaintance of Victors had sent him into for training, Bayne came upon the former manor the clan had called home, abandoned and forgotten. Summoning his wolf and the newly acquired shadow-pack, he sent them out, their speciality of being able to track anyone, anywhere, led Bayne to the border of a new realm he had never known before.

Rather than hang around, he sought any that may have gone their own way, two of the coven had the personality for such.Of the two, only Raven seemed to have stayed back in the known lands, so after her Bayne went. Countless days and leagues of tracking finally brought him to the edge of the valley Raven now calls home, much to her surprise when he made his presence known to her.

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