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Greg was a human with a heart stone that was sired by an alfa wolf for reasons unknown to him. He is polite and gentle to everyone and is always helpful to others wwho are in need. In battle he is a cold harden knight holding nothing back in protcting his love ones and the valley. He can teleport by speaking a spell in his native language and summon any item that is his from any location by speaking the recal spell with is also native to his people.

Armor: He is the only Lycan to wear heavly steele armor that is crafted to not only look like a real wolf but move like it as well. It is enchanted to increase his strength, speed, increase his healing rate. it is also totaly amuned to normal weapons and his claws can cut through normal armor and sheilds.

Weaknesses: he is a lycan so silver will work, he has no destructive magical powers. and isn't alow to get any stronger than he is. basicaly he is cursed to stay at his current level untill he dies. his armor can be destoried by a magical weapons.

specail skills: he has knowledge of many forms of fire and ice magic and although he cannot cast a fire ball like a wizard he use one of the many powerfull scrolls he has in his room that can do things from restoring him back to where he was before he was cursed to be a low level lycan for eternity to destorying an entire mountain. Most of the scrolls are heavly enchanted so that only he can touch it.

weapons: he has two twin swords one of fire the other of ice. both came from his heart stone and locked up in a inchanted case before it was lost due to him being sired by an alfa lycan.


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