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Chance looks like he is about 30 and seems avg. His grey eyes are calm but always alert and he at times can have short light brown... 2019 y/o  flag United States
This profile is for guest who wish to try the site. 2019 y/o  flag United States
Bio: Long ago Krystal and several other compatriots were chosen from among their peers to become a part of something much bigger t... 2019 y/o  flag New Zealand
A portion of Baynes past that refuses to fade away with time. 2019 y/o  flag United States
Kyo is a wolf demon he was raised in a small village that was attacked a torched by anti demon purists. the group was lead by a ma... 2019 y/o  flag United States
Kyle was born into a family of assassins. He has lived the life of an assassin he entire life and is well suited for the life of t... 2019 y/o  flag United States
Shae is a half demon half dragonkin. Meaning he has spots of scales that adorn his skin in places. He also has small horns that pr... 2019 y/o  flag New Zealand
Found with almost no memories of his past, just an exceptionally unique sword and a crest bearing the emblem of his namesake, Wyvr...
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