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Name: West Nalyor

Age: Unknown

Race: Great Plains Golden Foxes

Sex: Male

W : ??

H: 6 foot

Skin:  Tan/White

Eye color: Silver

Hair color: White

Tattoos:  A Few on his chest that are markens from his transform in to a kitsune.

Scars or wounds : One Missing eye , One missing arm  and many many Scars over the body.

Personally: He have easy going attitude.

He never seen to show what he really up to unless talking about he have a front of a very easy going person and can seem to fit in with A den of killers to the halls of government

This person should he counted as a higher threat to anyone if they don’t know what he is up to


Father: Sam Nalyor : Inventor/Blacksmith of the clan:

Mother: May Nalyor : Clan Witch doctor :

Sister: Samantha Nalyor : Witch Doctor in Training:

Clan: Lock Holmes vulpes


Combat skills:, Daggers , Hand to hand , English Longbow, One hand Axes, Swords Rare and common

Common skills: cooking, cleaning, hunting, First aid, Art etc Drawing with Charcoal, Able To Read, Park core skills * able to run and jump from roof top to roof top like stuff *

Uncommon skills: Blacksmith Skills, Herbs and medical treatments for minor problems, Master Inventor , novice in alchemy, Cartography, Teratology and Crytozoology

Rare: Uncanny skills to figure out things on the fly..

Kitsune Powers:

FoxFire* a fire that is cold to the touch but act as a weapon to burn he see as foes or a shield to protect the one he cares for

Mind trick: a person who is not aware of this could fall in to a fake world the kitsune where its all happening in the foes mind.

Dream eater: if Target is asleep the kitsune is able to Slip in to the dream and haunt them or if the attack is so bad kill them within their dream and killing the mind.. leavening the body a mindless vessel.

* small tricks * Able to turn lefts in to fake items like gold and money if need to the item will say that way only for 1 hour before turning back in to a leaf.


Mana Tech Replacement Metal Left Arm. * no Seen by anyone yet... And hide from the public

Combat Style: HapKido, Common Street combat plus weapon combat.


Dagger: Sword Breaker is a dagger made to stop sword strikes and with a twist able to break less made swords. Or disable them and hold them in combat.

Unworldy Hunter Leather Belt: this belt was From in a tomb of a Human Supernaturel  Hunter

*New Main Sword* Orc Bane

This sword is a rare item

Common Weapons: , Longbow,Hidden blade inside of his wrist guards

Wristbands of Emar were made by his mother and father to protect him from magic. It holds a hidden spring opening blade.

Special ability: when magic is cast apron him the Wristband will protect user for 2 hours before they need to be recharged over night.

Goggles of Far: goggles are able to zoom in and give the user able to see 5 times as far they could normally.

Master's Pocket watch : rumors of this item that is able to stop time in a area.. big as a mead hall.. Only for a small bit of time.

History :

West comes from a small family in the town of Touchwood a fox clan of the lockholmes kingdom of the Great plains As a child the young kit wanted to be a Guarded of the town and help the people within the tribal over the years of help with his mother and father he found he was unable to join the vanguard, So he join the shadow arts of the assassin guild within the town and learn what he could and becomes a well trains assassin in his short time there. In the time of the guild he learn many things and becomes Well Verse in Clockwork and other sciences of the time this was from the help of grand master Boas .

Years passed and the young boy becomes a man left his home with the well wishes of his family to see the world and this is where his new Stories starts and the real story of West Naylor will sow his own Seeds.

A Kitsune Was Borned!

Within the fire of the shop in the manor the fox West was killed and was given as second chance by a 3 tail kitsune that gave it life up to him and remake him Whole and able to live on as the his mother and sister wanted.

West is still West but with some new tricks in the bag and learning about what his mother's and sister's gift did to him and how this will chance his view on the world. * More is to come as it happens *.

Theme songs:Foo Fighters The Pretender

*All music and items pics belong to the owners *

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