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Blackrose Character Sheet





Characer Name: Cain Romulus     Age: 501


Race: Human



Height:5’11     Weight: 145lbs  Hair: Auburn  Eyes: Blue

Personality: Aloof, sarcastic, and depraved but extremely wise.

Physical Description: It's hard to guess his dimensions as some who come across the old Master crane their necks to gaze upward at an impissibly tall man they mistake for a stilt-walker. Others see a slender figure not quite reaching six feet, his posture in a comfortable slouch and a smile upon his lips as though remembering some great jest. Always he moves with a dancers' grace and a hunting cats' silence that has been known to unnerve those he comes upon unawares.

When out and about in the world he wears a long coat of wool dyed to a moss-ish green. Beneath that is a long sleeved shirt of white-silk, its cuffs coming out through the sleeves of his coat. Black breeches of a comfortable animal hide can be found tucked into black calf-high boots, silver decorating the tips. In his hand is a meter long walking cane, its handle crafted into an ornate owl. A flat brimmed hat sits at an angle on his head, intricate silver medallions wrap around the base. At all times his hair is trimmed short offering little for any possible enemies to grab.


Trained Skills:

Master Physician

Skilled Alchemist

Master Swordsman (Fencing/Rapier/ Cane Sword)

Child Prodigy in: Piano, Dulcimer, Flute, Reed Pipes.

Cartography (Map making).


Known Languages: Common, Runic, Latin.


Racial Abilities: None


Subtype Attributes:

Only wounds from Silver, magic, or fire can kill Cain.

Heightened senses (hearing, scent, taste, touch, sight)

Elder Speed and Strength ( 1.5x the normal for a Master or Alpha)

Elder Regeneration (Heals 1.5x faster than a Master or Alpha. Partial resistance to silver, able to purge liquid silver from his body but it leaves him weakened)

Mesmerism (his gaze is hypnotic to all but other Master vampires of same age, Seasoned Alpha lycanthropes, advanced magic users, and those with natural resistances.)

Flight/Levitation (True flight is only possible outdoors and above ground as it requires gathering air and wind to gain lift)

Transform into a dense fog that moves how he wills it to.

Unique Abilities:

Bite of the Mimic (Cain's bite allows him to imitate a random ability from a character as long as their blood remains in his system. Extended use of ability burns the blood from his body. If the character does not have any special abilities, it is a random memory unless granted specific permission by that player.)

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