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From alverad
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Hey, I am alverad

Race: lycan/vampire

Height: 5’3”

Weight: not telling

Eye color: purple

Hair color: purple

weapons: claws and teeth

Abilities: she can go unnoticed if she doesn’t want to be seen. She has a way with animals and nature

food: she feeds on meat (animal) and blood (human)

Tattoos/scars: cross tattoo on her right hip. Scars on her wrists under her sleeves
Outfit: (pic) she wears a bell because she is quiet when she walks around

additude: passive but can be aggressive

I am a shy at first but I open up after I know you. When she gets excited her wolf ears pop out of her head.when she is nervous and scared she grabs her bell


Alverad father is a vampire and her mother was a lycan/arcane user. Her parents loved her greatly. She was raised out in the woods and she loved it a lot. Her mother showed her how to hunt and sneak around silently, her father showed her how to feed without hurting the person she fed on. Living out in the woods she learned that she had a way with animals. Around the age of 15, she was taken from her family. She was deep in the woods when a group of people came out and took her way. She hasn’t been able to find them since. She was taken to be a worker/slave. After, a few years of doing that she got away after her first fails attempt to leave and after a month she found out she was with a child then she lost it and learned to take care of herself.

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