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This is the tale of Rayne the Dragon Charmer. Rayne was raised by dragons, they found her abandoned in a small cave when she was j... 2021 y/o  flag United States
He is the king of a kingdom that flots in the sky. He takes off from time to time to explore the world and to find new and excitin... 2021 y/o  flag United States
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Silk is the name, I am a bard of great renown, (or infamy in certain quarters) Rogue, scoundrel, general devient, Spy and assassin...  flag United States
Name: Lance Morgenstern Age:20 Height: 5"12 Weight: 150Ibs. Toned Race: Human Sword Name: Muramasa Marital Status: Single   ... 2021 y/o  flag United States
Name: Drai   Age:200   Race: Half angel/half demon   Appearence: Refer to the main pic   Height: 6'0   Weight:175   Hair Color: Bl...  flag United States
Came from  lengthy line back to white wolf clan my human height is 4'10 and average and her hair is light brown and  body shape,  ... 2021 y/o  flag United States
Belar was the leader of an assassin clan. Till one day a rival clan attacked without warning killing all they found kids women and... 2021 y/o  flag United States
Character Name: Evalaine Caprielli Race: Evalaine was a human mage, her lineage extends well into the Northren Council. Subty... 2021 y/o  flag United States
At first Jakx was just looking for a place to lay low from all the people that wanted him for what he know and has stolen. Blackro...
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