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Name: Drai




Race: Half angel/half demon


Appearence: Refer to the main pic


Height: 6'0




Hair Color: Blonde


Eye Color: Left is red, right is blue


Sexual Orientation: Bisexual


Marital Status: Single.


Personality: Drai is a cold, sadistic individual who will do whatever it takes to achieve his goals. He enjoys causing pain and destruction for no reason other then entertainment. Due to his history he has a hatred of God and the angles, He respects demons but has a general dislike of them. He can be emotionless at times, Be it negative or positive he speaks his mind, because of his race he comes off as arrogant.


History: Drai was the spawn of an angel and a demoness. He was hidden from the world because of his mixed race, for 150 years hewas raised by his father and mother until that tragic day. God had found out about the boy, his father was captured and tortured until his locaion was given. As the punishment the father was stripped of his halo and angelic powers along with his wings. The boy was found and made to watch as God struck his father down before his eyes. Drai was then outcasted and sent to live in Satans domain for eternity, his demonic mother raised him in secret from Satan's eyes until he was found out. Much like before he was made to watch his mother die in front of him, however he watched as she was raped and beaten multiple times before death took her. Banished from hell he was sent to the human realm to die. Alone and abandoned Drai raised himself for twenty years until a group of fallen angels and demons found him within a village. Taking him in they trained him as best they could. Given the mental trauma he had to endure he killed them, but only after accepting his fathers and mothers blades. An angelic sword and demonic one which were sent to. Years passed, training himself furthur he started a colt specializing in dark magic. A village was found and attacked, finding a child upon the carnage he spared it, deciding to raise it and train it to be his weapon. In the hopes he would return to heaven and slay God as some act of revenge for his fathers demise. twenty more years have passed but the boy has escaped. Now he seeks to find him, and take back what belongs to him.

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