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From Jakx
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From Jakx
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At first Jakx was just looking for a place to lay low from all the people that wanted him for what he know and has stolen. Blackrose manor and its estate seemed the best place for Jakx to lay low for a time till he can stop thinking he might turn the corner into the tip of a sword.

At first many people looked at him strange for the cloths he wore that were mixed from many foreign lands, the strange yet beautiful blade on his left side, and the cursed silver gauntlet claw that has permanently replaced his left hand. His athletic form has seen much battle and been through much hell as it was covered in multiple scars from head to toe. His brown hair always seemed caressed by the wind which blew it back. Though with one look at his tattooed green eyes one would cringe back from how piercing they would be.

One would say he had few weaknesses others would just call them annoyances. Jakx knows how great his skills are when it comes to being the best thief, and among the best swordsman around, and not being able to keep silent much about it. His not afraid to announce he’s a thief and advertises it around so the people know who to hire for a professional job of his expertise. But, since he's so good at his job his cut his own legs off by doing most of the jobs that would require an expert thief. Now he's branching out his skill to many areas besides the basic need of stealing valuables. Just give him a job with a decent amount of coin and watch him work, just make sure you let him know all the details of the job or you'll have one guy you don't want to piss off.

His past is one of the few things that haunts his life, for how can one run from being part of a bloodline that strains back to one of the founding fathers of the templars. His own father, Alexander Vandibelt seemed to chase him were ever he went. He couldn’t ignore the ancient calls of his old name and he used his training from the templars everyday with his blade. He’s been known as a traitor for his actions, why would a human decide to live among creatures that devour humans?

Now Jakx suffers from his past, his choices, and the grow power within him. His past which means to kill him for being a traitor. His choices which now weigh on his mind. His power, which come from either his cursed gauntlet or his blessed blade or even from him, may consume him or make him stronger.

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