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This is the tale of Rayne the Dragon Charmer. Rayne was raised by dragons, they found her abandoned in a small cave when she was just a babe. The dragons had entered the cave to seek shelter from a heavy rain storm that had been plummeting the land for weeks. Once inside they sensed magic and detected a strange scent, it was dragon, but not dragon, it was human but not human, inspecting further they found a small babe, dressed in fine clothes and wrapped in expensive furs and near death. There was no signs of life for many miles of where she was hidden, and she had definitely been hidden. Someone had put her there to keep her safe, but from what or from whom, they did not know. Clinched in her tiny fist they found an amulet. The amulet bore the symbol of a dragon, this may be the only clue to who or what she may be.

Once detected and the child calmed, the rains suddenly ceased. The dragons had to call her something so they named her Rayne because of the rain they believed her tears created. They took her back to their lair where she grew into a very special young woman with very unique talents. Rayne grew up happy and content among the dragons who rescued her and raised her as their own. Yet she was haunted by reoccurring dreams, of a beautiful couple with a tiny babe, very much in love and very happy. Other things plagued her dreams as well, a great war with much death, between humans and dragons. But there was one dragon always haunting her dreams, a majestic deep purple, almost black dragon with golden eyes. Those eyes haunted her, yet they strangely comforted her as well.

The dragons were puzzled about her dragon blood, she was human but she was also dragon. There were tales in their history about changelings. Changlings were creatures that existed only in the dragon realms, long ago wiped out by their creators. Changlings were dragons that were born human, but when they reached maturity they had the ability to change form at will into a dragon. They were the result of dragons and humans interbreeding to create a new race. When the race proved to be more powerful then even the dragons themselves, possessing all the abilities of thier dragon ancestors, as well as a variety of other abilites the dragons didn't count on. The dragons decided the race needed to be destroyed, but not all agreed, thus began the dragon wars. According to legend, the race was completely destroyed, along with other races as well. The dragon wars were truly a dark time for the dragon realms. But all changlings were believed destroyed, yet they could find no other explanation for her dragon blood and her unique abilities.

Rayne's abilities were there, almost from birth. The dragons already knew, she could call fourth rain, and her first few years were rainey ones. But about the time she learned to walk, it was also discovered that she had the ability to heal with just her touch. She could feel anothers pain, she could feel their distress, their anger and their joy. Her powers growing stronger as she grew older. She grew up speaking the ancient language of the dragons. She learned the language of humans from an old wizard that spent alot of time with the dragons of her lair. She also learned much about magic from the old wizard. But there were things that even he could not teach her that seemed to come naturally to Rayne. Her powers grew stronger every day. The old wizard taught her what he could about magic and a little about weapons, for he knew she would leave the lair soon, but her strength was in her magic.

One day while she was in the nearby village she saw a man beating a big black horse, he was ragged and half starved. Rayne went over to the man and stopped him before he could strike the horse again. The man protested at being stopped. He said the horse was his and that he was useless, he would do with him as he wished. Rayne told the man, name your price, he just stared at her. To the dragons, Rayne was dragon, so she never lacked for treasure or gold, dragons always had plenty and she had access to what ever she needed. The man named an outrageous price and Rayne laid the gold before him. His eyes buldged, but he kept his word and now Rayne was the proud owner of a half dead war horse. She named him Damien, she healed his wounds, fattened him up and he became her friend and protector.

When Rayne reached the year of her 15th summer she started to get restless, she would spend hours and hours alone, and her dreams became more and more disturbing. Something was calling to her, the pull was so strong that it would not be ignored. Rayne stood it for as long as she could then she decided it was time to leave the lair and see if she could find the source of her distress. She said her fair wells and climbed upon Damien and her travels began.

Rayne met many dragons along the way, and healed and helped where she could, but the call that led her from her home was still their. During one such encounter she came across a dragon that had laid a catch of eggs. There was one egg that had suffered a crack, the mother had decided to destroy the egg but Rayne begged her not to. The dragon knowing that the egg would not hatch, and even if it did the chances of survival were slim gave the egg to Rayne. Rayne kept the egg with her and cared for it as best she could, hoping it would survive. She did not know why this egg was so special to her but she could not bear to see it abandoned.

She sang to it, she kept it warm, but she was unable to heal the crack. To her amazement, one night the egg began to hatch, she had to help the tiny red dragon come into the world. He was weak and way to small, but Rayne was able to heal him. She named him Gideon and took on the role of his mother and protector, though Gideon sees himself as her protector; he is still too small to be much of a threat.

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