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Character Name: Evalaine Caprielli

Race: Evalaine was a human mage, her lineage extends well into the Northren Council.

Subtype: She was turned into a Vampire

Height: 5 foot 6 Weight: 140 Lbs. Hair : Long black hair with red streaks in it. Eyes : Normally black but turns red when angered.

Personality: She is usually serene and quiet.

Physical Description: Usually adorned in a long back long sleeved dress with matching red within her dress , black boots and a long black hooded cloak with the edges in Elder Runes.

Trained Skill: Her spells and potions became stronger as she worked over the years on them. Her mental abilities became vast with more practice.

Known Language: She knows English but can fluently talk in her Native tongue of Ireland and Elder Futhark Runes.

Racial Abilities/Weaknesses: Her magical abilities were increased and proven to perfect to the right enemy, such as a vampire or such.

Subtype Attributes/ Weaknesses: Her abilities to heal others is well increased, but her abilities to heal herself is lessened a great deal. She keeps the same healing type from before she was sired. Down through the ages, she would be next in line to sent to the Northren Counsel. The change made Collin ( her Sire) inherit almost all of her powers, only the abilities to call forth the elements , he did not receive.

Unique Weaknesses: Her ability to heal herself is not like the regular vampires. She now can only heal herself through time if it more then a serious wound.

Brief Backstory/ History: In a lone cabin of stone not so far away from the hidden Valley she lived. A simple life full of warning and haunting, She began to ride out away from her home in search of food. Coming up to t he pass and knowing the taint of magic well, she came apon the pass of a land well hidden and full of mystery and intrigue.

Wondering what was in store as she ventured apon this destined land finding new companions and a home that was well protected and so she became a resident of Black Rose Manor…. Welcomes like all those to come for what they were searching for.. A place to call Home!!




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