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Kyle was born into a family of assassins. He has lived the life of an assassin he entire life and is well suited for the life of the shadows. Fearing that he would be too limited The head master of his clan sent him into the world to learn to adapt and grow.

Personality: He is quiet, and will not speak to anyone other than his three friends, prefers the shadow life style as it is all he knows. Very patient and perceptive to everything that is around him at all times.

Birth gifts and skills: His perception is greater than a normal human as well as his acrobatic skills. He was gifted with an enchanted mask that would increase his perecption by one point higher by  his mother would told him as long as he remains a virgin the enchantment would last but the day he would lose it would be the day the gift would be gone and all he would have is a normal mask.


Assassin skils: Master in the use in blades, daggers, and  long range weapons that he learned how to use. Master at using the shadows and his eviroment to hide his presence. Is well trained in how to use hand to hand but prefers not to  as getting close would leave witnesses.

Armor skills. expert in light armor and weapon maintance as he learned to do so in his training.

Other skills: beginner at making poitions and meds for his everyday travels and often has to buy them.

Weakness: He has no magical skills, He has a hard time standing in large crowds and wont speak to anyone unless he trust them. He man weakness is that being an assassin is all he knows.

Other weakness: He is human so position, desease, or any normal weapoms that would kill a human would work. Has a weakness for his friends and if they are hurt he will rush in to help which could get him killed.


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