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Unknown. Been a vampire 189. Looks 24..

Bio: Long ago Krystal and several other compatriots were chosen from among their peers to become a part of something much bigger than themselves. To take on a role that so many people strived for. Becoming a
revered member, known as a hunter, of a special sect of arch angels. This sect was called the order. The purpose of the order was to eradicate all known traces of evil that had spread throughout the earth. Evil, through cunning and careful manipulation, remained elusive through human history. Thus, hunters were called to service based on the tenants of loyalty, bravery and efficiency.


Krystal was at the top of the order. Nearly untouchable in regard to her prowess. She served as the eyes and ears of hunters and was above reproach. Until her world came crashing down about her. It was only one mistake, but it would end up costing her dearly. During one of the most exciting hunts of her career, she slipped up. In that small moment where herguard relaxed, the prick of hollow fangs and icy venom flow into her neck. The vampires toxin mingled with her and caused change. Her silver hair, Icy
blue eyes and tarnished wings were tainted with crimson hues.

The order kept a watchful eye over all their hunters to better monitor safety. However, when word of Krystal’s downfall reached them they were forced to take drastic action. They would strip Krystal of her rank within the
pages of the orders chronicles and seal away any record of her existence at all. All of her accomplishes were gone as if they'd never occurred. New recruits and old comrades alike were forced to deny ever meeting her.

Her friends and family were coerced as well. By messengers carrying the authority of the order with them and back by retribution that would follow if their wishes weren’t met. Meanwhile, Krystal returned home to confront of the order. She had little choice in the matter after all. It was all she knew. The situation grew far worse, the order wasn’t content to merely erase her from life in deed and memory. She was to be put to death as well. Luckily, she managed to orchestrate her own escape. Fleeing the order's
executioner. She was now on the run and a fugitive. Cast astray from the only purpose in life she ever knew. What would become of the former hunter? The best of them who’s wings had been not just clipped but severed
by those she trusted.


*Baring twin parallel scars as a testament to her ordeal. She spends years on the run from her former compatriots. Always alert to danger, never going long before glancing warily over her shoulder. For now she has managed to raise the funds to construct her own business. Using a false identity to keep from being discovered. But the question long will this ruse fool the order before its time to move once more?*

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