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Shae is a half demon half dragonkin. Meaning he has spots of scales that adorn his skin in places. He also has small horns that protrude from the hairline at his forehead but his fedora covers them so that no one stares. His skin, or what people can see of it, is a deep crimson color and the scales are of a darker red, like if someone had put garnets or rubies into his skin. The product of a forbidden love, Dona' Shae Flametongue, has taken many jobs. At the age of three he was found wandering in the forrest by a band of ruffians. His parents were a very wealthy don's daughter and a lieutenant of a rival mob family. His mother was a tiefling or as most people know them as, infernal. His father was a very masculine Dragonborn, or as most know them as Dragonkin. He was raised by this band of ruffians who lived in the woods where he was found. They taught him everything he needed to know at a young age. By the time he was 15 years of age, he could hit a fly with a crossbow bolt as it flew across his path 100 feet away. He could hunt better then any of the other children. He could move more silently then any predator in his woods. He was the ultimate hunter. One day he was hunting in the woods and a member of his fathers family caught up with him. This man told him of the family and how they would pay him handsomly if he would join them as a bounty hunter. He agreed and soon found himself hunting down the worst kind of criminal types. He began to enjoy his work a little too much and soon began to kill them on sight instead of hauling them back to the family. Thus his progression in to assassin. Soon he began to kill people just out of spite and the family decided that they no longer needed his service and cut ties with him by sending him to kill someone in his mothers family. Bear in mind he does not know that these are the families of his parents.

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