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The Black Rose by Raven BlackRose


The beauty of a black rose, it's fragrance oh so sweet.
With petals soft as velvet, no other can compete.

Enchanted you reach out, to pick the delicate rose.
You feel a sharp pain, as you bring it to your nose.

All to late you discover, its beauty you now scorn.
Enchanting is the black rose, but deadly is its thorns.

Access Denied
10.13.2016 11:26
Posted by Admin
Hello everyone and welcome to the BlackRose Manor. I am Raven BlackRose your host and owner of the site. If you stop by and are still interested in playing please give a shout out here.
11.28.2017 12:11
Posted by Desmond
My mood is whimsy, my heart is light. I venture here perchance, but noone in sight. Death comes to the best of things. Perhaps i tarry here for naught. I thought perhaps there was some souls in which company i sought
11.29.2017 23:04
Posted by Akira
Ah sir Desmond, forgive me that I was not around to greet yku
11.29.2017 23:04
Posted by Akira
12.03.2017 22:15
Posted by Raven
Oh my sweet, sweet Bard. The castle cries for your beautiful music. Forgive my absence I was doing what Gypsies do best, wandering.

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