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metal wolf's return and Greg's proposal (continued
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His eyes glowed a gentle blue color as he continued to hold Alverad close to him while turn his head in the direction of the new comer who had the scent of a lycan. "Pleasure to meet you Kayla, welcome to the manor. May you many journeys be filled with good memories that will stand the test of time." he says to her before returning his attention back to Alverad. "Are you hungry for a hunt love? i know the perfect spot where we may hunt together and spend some time together." His eyes filled with joy and love for her as the words were spoken to her.

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alverad smiles at Greg "i am willing to do anything with you Greg baby." she plays with her bell on her neck "i am just glad your back" she looks around and leans you and kisses your cheek softly

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He smiles as he walks down the hallway with her by his side. He couldn't hide the love he had for her in his heart for he was revealing it freely in his glowing blue eyes. Looking at her as he made it to the main door of the manor building. "Ready for the hunt my love?" He asks her gently as he places a hand on on the main door. Pushing it outwardly for them to leave the building and go on the hunt.

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In the manor bedroom, she cleaned up her room to see if she needed anything. I realized she had no books to read decided to go to the bookstore to get herself one. She walked down the hall wearing a tan beige gown to fit length of her form with her hair pull up in a ponytail. Walking downstairs to the door push herself out to greet the air smell fresh and warm it is a good day to go to a bookstore. Many stores passed by as she is walking to enjoy there fresh air. She get excited to see the bookstore inhale as she pushes the door to walk in looking around to find a book to excite her mood see the book's rows of paranormal romance great looking for werewolf stories. I finally found the book she wanted to read goes to cashier paid for that book. People walking passed by see few and new people walking down the streets. She keep looking at the stores decided to go to the courtyard. It is a good place to read a book. After a while, feel wind chill in the air decided time to go home to her room. Walking down the streets head to the manor walking upstairs pull the door to enter leading to the living room turn on the lights and sitting on a couch. She feels warm in the room start to read the book.

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Alverad walks out of the manor and shifts slowly and gracefully into my lycan form. "i am ready when you are dear?"

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A smile forms on his face as his foot steps matched hers as he walk outside. His eyes glowed brightly revealing the deep love he held in his heart for the white wolf that was next to him. His armor retracts and fades away allowing him to shift into his 10 foot lycan form. "I wont be needing my armor tonight my love." His words were spoken gently as he gave her a loving glance before he took off running alongside her. Laughing inside as he ran as fast as he could taking in all of the strength the moon light had to offer. Not worrying about the troubles in the valley nor the care of the world. His heart spoke of one feeling and that was being with Alverad.

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alverad howls  happily and  takes off. she dodges and weaves around the trees, bushes and roots. her run is carefree with the man she loved greatly

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Kayla reading the last chapter of the book it was good. She decided to go to hunt since that book had a romance ending making her heart feel warm inside.As she goes to the door push, it open and steps outside and closed the door.The air smell fresh it is a good day to go hunting.Kayla changed shift to a lycan form and make a dash runout in the woods. Kayla is walking around to search for food to hunt mm walking nearby heard sound of leaves moving around looking encircling to see what it was oh found a rabbit. Slowly walking toward a rabbit finally make a dash run caught a rabbit snap its neck for her supper.

After a while, looking around in the woods, then she heard a snap twig sound and stopped for a minute listening for sound, and looking up oh see a couple up there. Aw how cute the couples are talking about love mm.(not making a sound that their private moment) slowly turned around goes to other directions to head home. Arrive to manor house shift back to human afterwards walking into the manor goes upstairs putting clothes on a head down to cook her rabbit stew. After she ate goes to reading another book in her bedroom with door closed.


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His eyes glowed brightly as he matched her speed with his own by timing his movements to match hers. Making two lycans move as if there was only one. He had grown much during his time in the wild away from the manor. Control was just only a small part of what he had learned while away. Moving abit faster as he ran up the side of a large tree giving him just enough leverage to jump from it making little markings on the tree he jump off of while landing on another. His laughter mix with howls as his pure love for her became well known to her. For while sh was with him he was free to be the real him inside.


"It is not to far now. we will be there soon love." He spoke gently to her as he continued to run alongside her.

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alverad giggles  and howls joyfully. she watches you move around and smiles "Greg your a wonderful lycan and i never cared what you were i love what you are in the inside. what i have seen is wonderful" she smiles and looks around

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His gentle and loving spirit was now shown to her fully as he continued to run with her. Moving through bushes  and around some tree while jumping over downed tree log. Making their way over to the are where they would hunt and spend time together. His eyes glance upon Alverad then begins to slow down as his nose pick up a the sweet scent of a large male deer just a mile up ahead. His movements quickly go from running to a stealthy crawl as he got closer while stay as low as he could out of sight.


"Over here love, our pray awaits." He spoke gently into her mind. staying low as he became to control his heart beat, his breathing, his movements to hide any detection from the large deer that continued to eat the grass only lift its head up as if it could since something was off yet not enough to run away. "I love you Alverad, you are more dear to me than life itself." His mental voice spoken to her in response to her words that reached his heart and soul.

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Kayla finish reading the book of romance ... decided to go outside to explore surrounding and looking for her true love some where beyond the valley... Knowing Greg and Alverad had found their true love leaves no bounds for them to explore so Kayla is off running her own love mm mm <exit.

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alverad smiles and looks at you as she follows you to the deer. she goes around to the other side of it and sneaks up on it. "ready when you are dear?" she smiles and says mentally

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He nods to her gently before turning his head back towards the male deer. Taking in it sweet scent with every step forward while breathing in the air. His blue aura began to rise from within his spirit flowing out of his body until it surrounded his entire body. The aura moved gently like little waves of water flowing around in a ever flowing circle touch each of his hairs lightly along the way. His legs move forward at a high rate of speed as he began to chase the deer. The deer barely had time to take off as it did everything it could to get away. dodging trees, jumping over logs, breaking tree limbs and charging through bushes. He smile inwardly as he held back just enough speed to not over take the deer so quickly. He wanted to Cherish every moment of this hunt with Alverad. Staying to the left side of the deer while letting Alverad move to the right to effective pin the deer in before they would take it down.


Other wolves and Lycan began to join in the hunt as more deer begin to take off around the area. Barking and howling as some took down their prey while others continue to chase their prey down. Each group of wolves went for their own pray yet from a distance it would look like a massive attack as every deer from new born, to female, to male deer was being hunted down in this one time every massive hunt that seemed to take place.


Although he didn't plan on them joining in this wonderful hunt he enjoyed it greatly as he felt honored to share this time with them. "whenever you want to end this hunt love you just give me the signal as right now I am having too much fun." he replied mentally to her as he stayed along side the deer snapping his teeth at it's legs not to harm it but to cause it to go to the direction he wanted it to go. Which worked quite well as the deer changed course, move through bushes and around trees doing everything it could to get away as fear had completely taken over the poor animal.

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alverad smiles a wolfish smile "ok my dear. i am hungry and i want to eat this deer" she replies back as she jumps forward and nips the deer's rear left leg. she growls and teases the buck. the scent of fear was strong in the air.

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He gently growled as he continued to move along side the deer. Holding just back enough to keep this hunt fun. His ears perk up as he heard her signal to bring it down. His right arm quickly wrap around the neck while moving his left hand at the base of the skull just behind the horns to for a tight choke  grip on the deer.  The deer struggled then quickly stopped shortly after a loud skull cracking sound of it's head being rammed hard to a tree by Greg forcing it to do nothing but hit it. It's legs went numb and bent due tot he weight of it's body in which it no longer had the control to hold. Blood along with brain juices ran down the side of the tree were the deer's head impacted.


"My love, You can have all you want first." he replies mentally to her as he release his hold on the deer knowing it's was dead. His glowing blue eyes look at her with love as he waited for her to take the first bite before he would join in.