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He had finally decided to leave the Mnaor, having spent the last few weeks locked within his arm to think and think. He would open the front door of the manor and walk out, making his way to the courtyard as he stood then within it's center. Bright blue eyes stared at the ground for over a minute before his head lifted, staring now at the blackened sky. He felt so weak, with everything that happened..he blamed himself. It was his fault Drai had tracked him to the manor..his fault the man attacked Jakx. Drai was his problem, he alone needed to deal with him. Yet he lacked the power to do so. All the power he currently possessed came from that man..he had no real strength to call his own. "Damn it..damn it...DAMN IT! why!? Why am I so weak!" He growled, letting his anger surface before attempting to calm himself. He needed power.he needed more then what he possessed. However he thought back on something Drai had said, and it was those words which had held the blonde back from trying to attain more. "Power corrupts all it touches and infects. Those who have power only seek more and will do anything to not lose it..they become corrupted and consumed by it" How much truth those words held the blonde did not know. But he needed power, and would oursue it. No matter what needed to be sacrificed. "I won't be corrupted..I won't"

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A long distant howl could be heard. Once that howl was close to its end another was heard. Then another and another and another. Before to long it was almost defining from the number of howls. From the edge of the courtyard a figure could start to be made out. His hair was black and his skin was paler than it should have been. He was covered in scars but still that did not cover up the musculature of the man. He was wearing black slack with the button undone like he had just pulled them on and he was barefoot. His eyes a colbolt with a slight glow to them in the dark "You want power. What would you do with it if you had it?" He says once he was close enough to the other man.
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His ears would then catch the familiar sound of howls, he let his eyes close as he recalled hearing them before. During the whole Jakx fighting Drai thing. More and more began to fill his ears. When his eyes re-opened he took notice of a figure approaching, he couldn't make it out at first, though as the male drew nearer he reconized him as the man who had come to their aid. The one who Jakx called wolfy. "You...your the Lycan that came to help. Why are you here?" At hearing the question he gave an almost immediate response. "To kill someone..though that isn't the only reason I want it..the man who attacked Jakx only did it to try and get to me and Loreli..but I was his target and no one else...I ned to kil him. He's my problem and no one should get hurt because of it. I need to get stronger..I know my reasons are selfish but I can't let anyone get hurt..I'd never forgive myself if Drai hurt anyone here."

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He shakes his head "It's thinking like that that makes evil individuals. I have power to give but I can't give it to those that just want to kill. I give it to those that want to protect and only kill if and only if they really need to. I offer you a place in my pack but you first need to change how you think. When you do try an find me but the chances are ill find you" he says to the other as he turns to walk away then stops and looks back at the man "And my name is Akira, try to remember it" he says then turns back around.
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He was slightly dissapinted, though did brighten up some as he heard he was offered a place within this pack. He let the male's words sink in, to protect, and kill only if neccessary. "These people here..that reside within this manor. One of them said they treat them like that true. Would they really die to protect some strange boy they hardly even know?"

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He stops walking and turns looking at the other "The people at this place are good people, though some of them can be.....odd. But once you are welcomed here you are under close watch. But the people here are good and yes they would help though I doubt most of them would die." He says as he stands there looking at the other "your after that man, the one that was here the other time. Care to tell me what he did?" He asks as stands there in the night air.
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He thought over the words, though understanding them was somewhat easy. 'They did choose to fight.." He thought, letting his eyes close for the moment before they re-opened. Staring at the lycan. " I have my reasons for wanting him dead..Thats all I wish to say on the matter. For now however, but he deserves it...he's corrupted. His race is odd to me, he said he's half angel half demon..The proper word for it would is..nephilim? Correct?"

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"Lance even the corrupt can change, though I'm sure your reasons are just you have already lost because your letting the past control your emotions and your reason why you want power" he says and shakes his head slightly "I'm not sure what the name of that combo would be other than calling it a hybrid. But I'm only going to say this once more, your reasons for wanting power are selfish and in time will corrupt you. So you need to change the way you think and how you want to use that power"
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"My past...tch. Trust me if you knew what I went through you'd want revenge to.." However he stopped, considering the words this male spoke as he began to relax. " The corrupt..they can't be saved..if they're too far gone Akira. I told you before, revenge isnt the only reason I desire more power..I wish to use it to also protect those whom I find close..those I consider my friends. I don't wish to be..useless. You saw how easily Drai swatted me away in during that confrontation. I was..helpless. I don't ever want to feel that way again. All that I possess,,has come from that man. I have nothing to call my own and I..I just wish to be free of him. To have something I can call my own and not bbe tainted by him."

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A deep sigh of sadness escapes his lips as he had heard every word from both Akira and the new comer from the first sounds of their voices to the last words as he walked slowly into view to the right of them. His heavily built muscular structure showed through the loose black leather clothing. Revealing the fruits of the many years in his heavy armor that he had taken off for the night as he leaned gently against a large tree. Patiently he waited until all was said then began to speak in a gentle voice revealing a deeper understanding of what was being said from both people.


"The road of power is a very dangerous road to take my friend. For without wisdom and her gentle light to guide one along the correct path you will get lost. For even the purist of hearts can be corrupted, unguided power blinds one to what is really around them as it takes all that they hold dear as payment as they are turned into something they never wished nor really wanted to be... You say you wish to be free and find your true path? They seek it through wisdom and knowledge. Look what’s around you, Do the trees seek power? Do they become strong and tall over night? No, they grow through the struggles of life, growing stronger over time as each trail they pass makes them stronger than before. Even when the world tells them to stay down, they continue to grow never seeking to be more than the best and what they were born to be."


A gentle understanding look appeared in his eyes. As he continued. "Don't be in rush to grab the fruit of power... It will come with time, patience, training, and hard work. Only then will you truly know that you are ready for the power you seek as it will already be in your very hands." He stopped only to remove his leather shirt revealing the price he dearly paid for rushing to grab power, through the scars on his chest and back. "Look well my friend, this is the life of those would seek power blindly, rushing forward, not truly seek seeing that they are powerful in their own way. I was human like you when I first came to the manor. Yet I had a very special heart stone made of the most purist elemental energies.


It didn't give the power that others around me feared. It was something I had since I was but a little child... When an event happened, I lost my way and blindly reached for power and in that process I lost myself and even more something that is irreplaceable. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't wish to be the way I was before I lost my way. You don't want this; you only think you do, yet after paying the true price of seeking what you are not ready for you may find it harder than anything you have ever bared in your life Softly he sighs as he puts back on his black leather skirt and look at the young on first then turns his head toward Akira and bows his head out of respect as Akira was his master and he himself was not more than a cursed creature with a gentle spirit. "Please forgive me for speaking out of line master, It not for glory or honor that I speak to this young lad, only to help him." He spoke with gentleness and courage to him. Before turning his attention back to the new comer "This other guy who scent that I am picking up from both you and Akira that calls the beast within me to battle has done you harm? If so, you don't have to worry about him harming you. Hopefully he has learned his lesson that to go to war against the valley is to seek death with arms open wide." His voice remained in a gentle as he finished what he had to say and waited for others to say what was on their minds. (end









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He was about to speak when he heard Geag start to speak. His expression started soft but soon grew with anger not showing it but it could be seen. He stood straight up and his muscles grew tight as he clinched his hands into tight fists as he listens to Greg. The anger now rolling off of him in waves that could be felt by those around him. Then a growl started to rumble from his chest as his lips trimbled with his growl "You clam you mean well and that you are warning him not to do this because its not what he wants? He's not like you and you nothing like him so don't assume you know everyone heart Greg. If its what he wants then you have no right to say other wise. I've told him what he lacks just as I've told you and yet you feel the need to step over my toes and try to talk him out of it. This close Greg, this close" he says as he holds his hand up showin a small space between his fingers "and don't even think of talking back" he then turns back to Lance his eyes now giving off a slight shine with his power "Listen not to this pup Lance, if you want this you can have it but there are rules. You will have to listen to what I say when I say it. If you don't like it turn away now and seek it never again" he says as the anger still rolles off of him.
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This was turning out to be more then he had bargained for, however at the voice of someone new his attention went from Akira to now focus upon the stranger. He would listen to every lecturing word that passed this man's lips. Once he had finished, and the boy had taken in the information he would growl. "Don't lecture me about power! I know the risks involved in trying to gain it..but I don't care.I'v been through 15 years of pure and utter hell.  I'll sacrifice whatever I have to in order to be rid of said I'd go blindly wanting power..your wrong. I have a purprose for wanting it, you only become corrupted if you choose to be consumed. I'll keep my sanity an humanity. I don't need some stranger lecturing me about a topic I'm fully aware of what the consenquencies are!" Anger boiled up within him, a deep glare being sent the man's way. "Patience..I'v been patient..I'm sick of it, I know what I want and I'll obtain it. I'll protect the friends I make here with my own power, not whats been infused into me" At sensing Akira's own anger he would stopped, his own anger now gone for the moment, as it appeared the two were aquainted. Though he looked to Greg. "Drai will not stop..not until he destroy's everything and everyone I hold dear to me. Don't act all hih and mighty like your above me. Cus your not" His attention now was focused upon the angry Akira. He spoke with determination, fiercly so. "I accept your terms. I will obey you no matter the order you give me. Lord Akira. I'm not passing this chance up"

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There was so much anger, hatred, and rage toward him that he knew that if he even breathed wrong he would be killed and everything he had ever done, all of the sacrifices he made, the friends he cared for and the love of his life Alverad whom some day he would marry would have been for nothing. Gently he breaths as he listens to the voices of hate an anger rush at him like two demon lords coming for his very soul. He continues to breath gently as each word beckoned him to do something, to fight, to kill and destroy yet he remained calm as his eyes continued to glow gently with understanding of how they mistook his words as a personal attack. His lips form a gentle smile as his aura gave a gentle vibe towards both of them. Never did he allow there comments to anger him as he cared deeply for them both and had clearly mis read the situation wrong.


A strange scent soon reach his nose as his ears pick up the running of a fellow lycan. Causing him to run forward in a blur from his location. heading straight forward towards the Lycan. "What happen my sister?" he ask her gently showing concern for her as he help carry her back to where Akira and Lance were located. Her wounds were great as large slash marks on her chest and back showed proof that what ever did this was not a creature to be taken lightly. "They.. found pack...gone..." The Female lycan replied weakly as she was laid down beside Lance next to a tree. "Damn, what did they find? and who attack you sister?" he voice was so gentle showing deep concern for her like a brother showing love for a sister.


"It was big... something that should have never been found. My pack, tried to stop it. but it was too strong." His eyes narrow as mix emotion began to rise through his body. His breathing began to sound more like a beast than a human as he gently caress her face before turning to look at Lance and Akira. "Master, can you heal her please?" he asks as a tear ran down his face. "Please master, don't let her die." emotions mix in his gentle voice as he stood back gently. Giving Lance only a brief look and a nod. "Can you keep her safe and watch over her till she is well brother?" he ask Him gently before turning his back toward them as he face the direction of where the creature was found.


His hands close into fist as anger began to rise in him. "I am going to fight this thing and take it down or die trying." He replied as his feet began to move forward slowly at first but with purpose. Then faster as his body began to change into his lycan form to the point where a 10 foot well built lycan ran through the forest at a high rate of speed. Pushing through bushes and around trees. He would fine this creature and either killed it or die trying.



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A deep sigh leaves his lips as Greg runs off and returns with an injured lycan. He was still very angry at him but spoke calmly "The only way to heal her would cause her great pain as well" he says as he kneels next to her and places a hand on the woman's cheek "Shhh don't try to talk to much....what I'm going to do is going to hurt like hell, you will live and you will pass out but you will live" he tells her as he holds his hand over her face for a moment then closes his fist and makes a jerking motion and all at once her skin seemed to explode and she was in her lycan form. She let out a loud drawn out scream and then fell silent. He hated doing this but it was the only way to heal her quickly. He then stood up as Greg ran off into the forest and looks to Lance "Now for you" he says and his form starts to grow. The sound of bones breaking and popping and muses tearing and mending themselves could be heard. His nails grow and he rakes them acrossed his chest exposing fur. He pulls at his skin and it comes off bit by bit showing more and more fur. His jaw starts to extend and his teeth grow sharp. Soon what stood before Lance was a 12 foot tall mountain of black fur, teeth, and claws. His eyes still shining colbolt in the night. He reaches down and grabs Lance by the arm and with one swift movement bites down and lets go. He steps back as his form shrinks quickly and the fur resides. Again the sounds of bone breaking and reforming could be heard as once again the man stood there before Lance the slacks he had on all but a memory now. He needed to remember to take them off when he didn't have a change of cloths handy....he shrugs to himself and looks Lance in the eye "It's going to hurt....a lot your first change....I'll do my best to make sure I'm around for it.....but know that the experience is always different for everyone"
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He would merley watch Greg for a moment, seemingly abit confused by the way he had suddenly taken off, he barley saw him move, only to return what felt like seconds later with an injured lycan female. He would let his eyes rest upon the beast, taking in her form with the wounds and all. " Those look like sword wounds.." He would comment, thinking for a moment 'Could he have attacked her and salughtered her pack?..If so what would be gained from it' Shaking the thought from his mind he barley registered Gregs more or less demand of having him watch after her. "...I don't even know her-" He cut himself off, not even finishing as Greg was once again gone. His attention turned to Akira as he would merley watch him interact with the female Lycan. He showed little emotion now, even as Akira focused upon him and he watched that..horrible transformation into the beast. Not even shock registered, he just saw FGreg turn, though at first he was tugged by the beast, only to then feel a nick, like a needle being shoved into your arm before he looked down to the bite wound, hearing bones recrack as he now stared upon a naked Akira, his eyes remained upwards, staring into cobalt eyes. " Thank you..for I hope my..transformation won't be as painful. I'll at least bring a change of cloths to mine" He smirked, attempting to lighten the mood.

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Loud crashing sounds of tress falling, loud howls, and growls from other lycan as if whatever he was fighting had earned the full attention of every lycan in the valley. Fellow lycans land hard as they crash into trees. Greg growl in full rage as he jump on the back of a giant monster. It body was that of a built loin, it dark black bat like wings were heavily damaged from the attack to keep it grounded. It long tale had a large scorpion stinger on the end of it. its face was that of a loin with its red eyes glowing as it.


Loud whimpers and growls were hard as more lycans rushed past Akira while looking at him as if asking him for help as they ran to join in the fight. Greg lets out a whimper as his is also clawed in the back by the monster causing a deep claw like slash on his back while trying his best to grapple the  creature from behind. another Lycan quickly rush forward and bite the scorpion like tale off. The monster roars in pain as it tries to throw Greg off while slashes at other lycan in front of it. two more younger lycans join Greg as their jaws connect onto the wings of the creature to stop it from taken flight. Every lycan move with purpose as each attack on the monster causing it more pain. "Where is our leader?" the voice became loud and clear as more howls for Akira where made as more members fall down as they were too weak to fight on.







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Another loud sigh escaped his lips as all this was going on he looks to Lance "Watch over the girl please, I won't be long" he says as he takes one, two then a third step and and launches himself into the air and all at once his form seems to explode and he lands in his lycan form. Without missing a beat he took off into the forest, the black mountain disappearing into the dark forest. It didn't take him long to reach the area of the fight and steps up to beast. It rears up at him trying to bring both it's paws down on him. He easily stops the motion grabbing the beast by its feet and squeezes slightly. He then throughs it to the right causing it to smash into a tree which in true cracked wined and crashed to the ground. Before the beast could react he was on it again, he's clawed hand pulling at its jaws. His left hand in the bottom jaw and his right in it upper. He was pulling them apart and seemed to be struggling only for a moment before the sound of bone cracking and the moist sound of flesh and muscle tearing could be heard as the bottom jaw was just about pulled off just as the right hand was pushed through the face of the beast. All at once it stopped fighting and he stood up blood dripping from his right hand he slowly turns and walks a few steps away from the lifeless body of the beast and takes a deep breath throwing his arms back and his head up a loud deep long howl escapes him.
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He would blink and just watch the scene, somewhat confused as he then heard the crashing of tree's. Lifting his head to se where they had fallen, though they were too far away. "It isn't Drai..then what I wonder" He would be contemplating the creature until Akira's voice would snap him back to reality. "O=Oh right..sure" Akira was then gone, making his way over to the female lycon he would merley watch it. "..So this is what I'm becoming..Oh! Shit I forgot to ask Akira if I'd still have the use of the fire" It was then he heard a loud howl, whatever creature was there, was now dead.

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Sounds of the surviving and well lycans howling in unity with their leader echoed through the forest. The wounded whimper as they tried to get up while the dead lay on the ground. Revealing to all the grim cost of protecting the valley. Sadly Greg was not one of those voices. His body laid on the ground next to the beast. His clawed hands showed what happened along with the wounds on its back. He had held on the back of the creature from the beginning taking every bit of damage from the beginning to the final damage done when he was pinned onto the tree forcing him to let go as both himself and the creature hit the ground hard. Other lycans that knew Greg rush over pushing to see what was up only to let out a whimper as he had giving his life to protect the valley and the ones he loved. His Lycan form slowly began to change back into his human form. His face was so peacefully as if he was sleeping yet he was dead. Akira would see all who had lost there lives in even Greg when he would look and see the after math of what happened.



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Akira turned around looking at the spent lives of so many of his pack. They needed to be stronger or else theis picture was going to be a common sight. He took note of the lycans that were trying to get to Greg's lifeless body and he let out a fierce growl and they backed off. That's when Sin and Brom came up behind him as his form shrank back to human. He looks over his shoulder at Sin and gives a quick nod and she and Brom move over to Greg's body and pick him up "You two set it up. Tonight we honor all of the fallen here" he says as he turns looking deeper into the forest. "Brom I have another mission for you, and see that it is done properly" Brom nods a d walks over to him and Akira whispers into his ear "Now go" he says and Brom quickly runs off. The others take to other fallen deeper into the forest. Their were others there setting up the pyres. When they arrived they layed the body's on the pyres and made preparations for the burning. Soon after Brom came back "It is done" Akira nods "It's time" he shouts and the others start to light the fires and before long there were many fires going and all lycans watching as the fallen go to meet the gods. As the last of the fallen, Greg, is set a blaze Akira howls and right after he does all join in.
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