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Draco looked to Daz and smiled softly," In due time, in due time, first we have the task in finding how to take the seal off of you, maybe if the seal is broken you can regain your memories, but I will tell you this, if you ever go out for revenge, it is not worth the heart ache afterwards, because you will still have that emptiness in your heart, and nothing is good from it" he said as he looked around the library at the books and smiled, reading was one of his many hobbies, besides wine making, thinking he hit his head with his palm," I forgot to have the workers bring my paperwork, I bet I have orders piled on my desk as right now." he said while walking to the books he looked at them then looked up at the older ones then one that have writings about magic then some about dragons he hands her a few books and then walked to a chair and began to read the ones about sealss and other magical abilities.  "Why dont you read the dragon book while I start reading about how to get the seal off of you, this might help you figure out about your heritage.


He continued to read the books and smiled as he saw a few about seals, but not the ones that would help he sighed, he continued to read the books hoping he could find what he was looking for.  He then turned to one page and smiled a seeing the very seal that Daz was discribing, right down to the counter spells and how to remove it, "I have found the seal that was put on you, it tells how to remove it, this will take alot out of me too" he said looking at her," this would put alot of strain on me, but dont threat I have gone through alot of these type of trainings, but it if I can pull it off get me to lay down afterwards, it will tire me alot" he said while saving the place in the book," so Daz are you read to have the seal removed?"

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"Despite my looks I am not human at all." she chuckled. "But all the same I get what ye mean Miss Isabella." she smiled. She walked into the library and sniffed the air. She savored the smell of the books. Cait Sith were curious by nature and quick learners. She loved learning of different places and races. Reading of fairy tales, myths and legends tickled her fancy.

Taking the arm full of books from Draco she quickly went over to one of the large wooden tables and dumped the books onto it with a loud thud.  A small cloud of dust filled the air she waved it away. A book in the pile caught her eye. The cover had a fierce looking dragon face with red gleaming gemstones for eyes. It was called The Draonomicon. She was amazed at just how many different types of dragons there were.

With all this information how would she find out what dragon blood flowed through her veins. Maybe her father's scroll could help. She took the scroll from her corset and looked it over. On the front there was the weird language of draconic. On the back were a few drawings of a dragon.  She knew the drawings by heart.  The dragon's face had funny looking whiskers around the snout. Frills around the neck and two large horns pointing backward on top of its head.  She flipped through the pages until she came across a dragon that resembled the drawing.

The drawing must be that of a gold dragon.  It said that gold dragons are one of the most powerful of the metallic dragons and the most dedicated to defeating evil. They spend the bulk of their lives in human form, seeking out evil and punishing wrongdoers to the best of its considerable abilities. They smell of saffron and incense. Her fragmented memories started to make more sense. The dragon, the man that smelled of saffron that must have been her father. But why would a dragon want to mingle with Cait Sith? What had drawn him to their small village? She remembered her mother telling her stories of dragons that lived in the nearby mountains that would travel into the valley. But it had been ages since any dragons had done so. Maybe she knew more in her memories that were locked away from her.

She turned around to look at Draco. "I have found my heritage is from a gold dragon.  Have ye ever come across a gold dragon?"she asked him. She took a deep breath and sighed. "I be bout as ready as I ever will get. Where shall we go to do the removal?" She knew from experience the disasters that can come with magic. "It would be wise not to do the removal indoors. Don't think Miss Isabella would much appreciate having to clean up if we were to get messy"

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Bella smiles some " Not only I Miss Lady Raven like her things the way that was found many others have past and now to slove of there  own" She nods more and start to the door to leave and feels of a sigh and grabbed the door knobs