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Welcome, please take a seat.
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Greeting everyone, please come in and take your seats. Many of you know me, but for those who do not my name is Greg and I will be your instructor for this class. Unlike the second level you will have no need to fear me, however be ready for corrections and gentle guide lines to help your post.


Many of us here on the site have ideas about future plays for the site as well as having new ideas about bringing new characters into the valley. Although this is indeed good, it can very well lead one down to a very painful and sad lesson in which one will be scratching his/her head in confusion as to why so many of one's characters are being killed or why his/her story is clashing with the natural flow of the current story already in progress. To help you in making either a character or a story that will not only get the best results, but also avoid any unwanted meeting with the admins. (Trust me, having your character stand tall before them will not win you any shiny rewards, nor will it help you out. It will be better to have your character or idea work out in here than have it ripped apart without mercy on the site story board.) Here are a few questions you should be either asking or have a good answer for them to see if your idea will work, needs some work, or come up with another idea together.


1. Does my story or character fit in within the time frame of the valley?

  • Time Frame is important as it not only sets the background, it help to limit or upgrade character's powers, clothing, weapons etc.
  • Another question you should ask if what is the time line in which the current story flows in?


2. Where will this story be heading if I placed it on the site?


  • Direction is also very important as it will help you guide yourself and others on the desired path so your story will not only fit well but have the desired effect. Having no direction in mind will leave you scratching your heads as everyone wonders how the adventure they were on suddenly took a weird turn.


3. What is the desired effect of my story? Meaning what do I want for myself and the others that join me in this story to get out of it when it is all over?

  • This is the most missed question by even the most seasoned role players.
  • having a good answer for this question will help you in directing where it is going.


There are more questions but these are just a few of the basic one should ask and have an answer for before bringing any story idea into the light. As for new Characters; there are a few blogs written about being a vampire, werewolf, Hybrids, and much more so I wont waste you time explaining those. I wish to only add a few questions one should ask in determining how the character can fit or does it need to be on the back burner for other role plays until later.



1. How strong is my character compared to the others?

  • This is a good question to ask as it will help you in seeing if your character is too strong for the site. You can always get stronger over time, but arriving into the valley as a god character. Who is blasting lighting everywhere, may just wind up getting more than he/she bargained for.
  • Having strength and power is good, but it is not the most important part. Having a 7 foot tall muscle bound character is fun but if this muscle bound character can't use his brain to solve problems then my friend, I am afraid your character will be getting to know the dirt and plant life very well.


2. If I don't want to be a vampire, werewolf, hybrid or anything demonic can I still have a strong character?

  • Yes, there are many other types of characters that are just as strong if not stronger.Like I said before strength isn't everything it is all about what you want you character to be about.


3. Who is my character and what are they about?

  • A simple yet for some can be very hard to answer.
  • When asking these questions I want you to really think about them as this will help guide the rest of your character. Do you wish him/her to be a hero, a villain, or somewhere in the middle.


I know this is a lot to cover and some of you may want to leave but for those who wish to take this class Here is your first assignment:


Make a post of either a character, story, or both in which you would or may like to place on the site. Remember, You wont be scream or belittled only have some fine tuning of your post if need be.) I would also like you to use and ask the question I have placed before hand to help you in making and put up you post. That is all for now and if you all are wondering I am here because I was allowed to be. That's it, Story over, the end, bye bye.

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Hello everyone, it is me again. For many of you wondering why my Greg character is up there and for what purpose or reason. I will answer as this is something we all can learn from. To put it simply, Greg is the best exsample of what not to bring on the site. Although there was a very small hint a good traits within that character, he was not a balanced character. It is good to have a strong character, yet to have one that demands the spotlight in everything he/she does isn't good for the site and doesn't work well with others who may need it. He is what I call a book character: Which means this type of character you would love to see in novels and other stuff, but not on sites such as these. So I create this one. His name is Kyle.



Kyle is what I call a fixed character and he is as different from Greg as night and day. Greg: enchanted human, hero, knight, too gentle to be a lycan or any creature of darkness. Kyle on the other hand (to read more on the differences please read each profile.) isn't a hero, is a skilled human, is an assassin, and unlike greg you wont see him in the spotlight hardly at all. This would make a great background or supporting character for any story do to the fact that he can't talk and would prefer to whatch from a distance rather than join in the action.


So if you were to take the two character designs of mine and make a hybrid verson. What would you get? Take the Good gentle nature from greg's design along with the suportive, shy, non glory taker style of Kyle and you may get something. For extra credit, i would like to hear what you would get if you had two characters like the ones I showed you and made a hybrid version of the two.


That is all for today.