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IF I Should Rise And YOU Should Not
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Continued from old site...


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He watches as Tessa starts to walk away a very sinister smile comes to his lips. Many things ran through his mind as he watches her make her way off till finally he was just suddenly next to her his hand on her wrist and squeezing so she could not get away. He looks at her his eyes pure amber at her, keeping her from getting away. "I don't think you understood me. You are to become a BlackRose, with or without wanting to"
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As Tessa trudges over the sand of the beach, with a deliberate purpose in mind, suddenly she feels her wrist being grasped and held tightly. Turning her head, it was him again. the vampire. "You will unhand me! Haven't you caused me enough pain already?" Trying desperately to get her wrist free. You asked me and I refused you! NOW LEAVE ME BE!" Struggling harder against him. She grabs a dagger with her free hand, knowing it will be of no assistance, yet it may buy her time to get away. With a swift motion she digs it deep into his neck.


"I have no intentions of becoming one of you or give up my name of  Sparrabeth!" Perhaps keeping me mortal would be in your best interest! Do you really think giving one such as me,the powers you have  wise? "



Then when the monster tells her she has no choice, a wicked grin comes over her face,as if she may be plotting something.

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He doesn't flinch as the dagger was stabbed into his neck. Then a laugh could be heard as he still looks at her with the evil look he had so recently come to like so much "Give you power, you think after you refused you could just walk away unharmed? No, you don't get to just leave and think you have won." He reaches up with his other hand and pulls the dagger free from his neck then licks the blood from the blade and tosses it to the waves "Hmm seems I have yet to feed for some time now" he says as the hand that just held the dagger was now grabbing the side of Tessa's head and pulling it to the side to expose her neck more. Slowly he draws closer to her neck and smells the surface of her skin "This is going to hurt" he says against her skin just before he quickly drove his fangs deep into the side of her neck and drinking deeply. Blood slowly starts to seep from the edge of his mouth as he takes what he wants.

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As the blade sunk in deep, Tessa desperately Reid to break the hold he had on her wrist,struggling wildly but to no avail.She watched in horror as he removed the dagger,, licked his own blood from it and tossed it into the sea. The next thing she knew, the vampire has grabbed her by the hair and tilted neck toward him. Her royal blood pumped wildly through her veins as the terror opened her capillaries and veins wide. Her eyes wild as he begging smelling the sweetness of her, she begs to him once again. "Pplease no!" Then he spoke of how much this was going to hurt, As his fangs dug wildly in, Tessa screamed, which quickly began to fade.. The tan color to her skin, now began to fade into a pale, her eyes began clouding over,as her legs no longer supported her. Her knees buckled as she went limp into the vampires arms. Her lifeblood, trickling out of the monsters mouth. Her eyes closed, she hung limp.

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He could feel the life drain from her body, that only seconds ago held so much fight and defiance now hung limp in his arms. He drew back from the girls neck, her blood covering his chin and neck. He drop her limp body in the sand as the waves push against her. "You will not die I've made sure of that. But be warned don't come after me my fae or my child or so help me Luna herself will not be able to keep me from tearing you apart bit by bit. I've spared you twice now, there will not be a third" he say his amber eyes showing pure hatred now as he looks down at her for a few moments the turns and walks away.
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Tessa barely conscious of anything fells the arms that just held her release her, the pain that moved through her had thankfully stopped. The vibrant, adventurous, life loving princess dropped hard to the ground. as the first wave hits her, for a moment she gasps for a breath and her eyes see the monster standing above her.  Her ears can hear his words, and her eyes grow terrified. She never saw such hatred in ones eyes such as this man. She tried to speak, even tried to lift herself a little away from the surf, but she collapsed. Her lifeless eyes watch as he just walks away. Leaving her for dead. As she felt the tide rising she prayed for it to drown her and be done with this life. She was broken, defeated, had lost everythhing she loved by that man. And in the end its his eyes that looked upon her as she was alone and dying. Everything in that moment, in life all seemed to disappear. The woman she once was perished to the evil.

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Having watched the play before him and now the young hybrid turns and leaves the helpless girl near death and alone to try and get away from the rising water. The shadows seem to come alive as he steps out and walks up to the girl he kneels down picks her up and moves her away from the water before setting he down once again. Staying kneeled by her this time he gently lifts her head and speaks to her, is voice soothing and deep "I offer you this chance one time and one time only. I can keep you from joing going to the lands of the dead, but it will not be easy and it will not always be fun. But this is the only time you get this and from me this does not happen very often at all. So young child I offer you this, become my underling, take my blood and start your undead life and learn from this old soul so that you may one day take over my role"
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Loreli after days of patiently waiting for Aiden to come home, from whatever punishment he was handing out to the princess, was awoken from her slumber by a severe pain in her chest. Something has entered the valley, something very strong yet injured, as the pains keep coming, she writes Aiden a note..again in the only language she knows and rests it upon his pillow. She then grabs her cloak and rushes out of the door to their chamber.<exit>

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“Sweet leaping Beelzebub, that old shtick?” Eyes of the deepest blue look from on high in the heavens with the sharpness of a dragon.

Despite not actually being able to hear what was being said between man and woman, Cain always loved to speculate and muse.


Shaking his head Cain scoffs in derision. “I will give you the choice…that I…never had...” His words drip with melodramatic breathlessness before turning his attention to the seaside display once more with pursed lips.



Elegantly tapered fingers slowly glide along the well-polished length of his walking cane, curling over the carved handle in the bust of an owl. Internally he muses over the scene playing out below, one of which he has come across far too many times over the centuries. Well, the centuries he can remember. There was that two hundred year period of insane bloodlust, reckless slaughter and Slayer hunting, best not to think on that. Really, it’s true.



Feeling the weight of the cane, he begins to play through the myriad of calculations in his head. Weight times the distance of the fall exponentially multiplied by gravity and speed of descent… “Might get them both in a single shot. Though, would he be stupid enough to try and grab it from the air?” Repeatedly he runs through the arithmetic, as the cane would have several hundred feet to fall and plenty of velocity to gain in the drop. For the time being he watches to see what the three sisters have in store for the woman.

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Tessa barely aware form feels the sensation of being feels the sensation of herself being tenderly lifted from the waters. What little that remained of the girl felt panic at first that once again the monster changed his mind. Then as quickly as that came another image entered the neurons that were now firing off in her mortal mind. this time it was Connor holding her gently to him. Her eyes fluttered open, and they rest upon the man she had met once before, another vampire, one she met the same eve as Desmond, her first night at that place. The glazed eyes showing fear even though he speaks tenderly. As she tries to speak for this first time, she coughs and water from the sea that was filling her lungs before this man arrived, came trickling out of her mouth.she then began coughing more violently as if she wished for the air and life but her eyes now plead once again that right in this moment she cannot answer. Not that she didn't want to but because the other had left her more near to death then he thought.

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Seeing her cough up the water he turns her head to the side so that the water may more easily escape. "Shh no need to talk child. Just simply nod or shake your head" he says his voice still soothing as his silver orbs look apon the sad form of the girl laying before him. The boy had left her for dead and though he left her with his words of warning this one was stubborn. Though beaten and broken she could still over come this.
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A small whisper she manages containing that spark. "No, I will die here, on my own terms, in my kingdom , on my beach overlooking the water , and feeling the sun upon my face.That is the last decision I shall ever make one my own."Her eyes flutter closed as her breathing even becomes more shallow.



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He nods looking down at her and softly he rests her head on the ground "Then I sall let you die in peace child" he says and gives her a smile. Before he sits next to her and waits for her last breath. The least he could do was make sure her people find her and his her the respects she needs.
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Tessa finally fought through all that had been done to her, yet she was still able to make her last decision. She was strong, stronger then many gave her credit for as a mortal and a princess,alway having to prove it. Even stronger then she ever gave herself credit for. But when her chest constricted as she tired to breath in that last breath she felt her body grow so cold, the sun was leaving her anyway. In that last flash of neurons, being a mortal, she did what any would, she desperately reached out with what little energy she had and clutched to this creatures' shirt. Her eyes looked deep into his showing him all the fear the longing the love the joy the sorrow ,the anger the the hate, the innocence, everything that was deeply set inside her that made her herself, but most importantly the hazel eyes showed him that desire to live. She could not press the blade down into her wrist before and she could not do it now. She had failed herself. She knew it but she was after all only a mortal girl, and the fear of not being was stronger then the fear of being. But at least she was not passing in no ones arms, alone.

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Feeling the girl grab his shirt looking in to his eyes. So she had changed her mind as her last breath was approaching. He looks back at her and simply nods and holds up his left wrist and cuts it with the nail from his right and holds it close to her mouth "You choice is made, now drink up child" he tells her as he uses his right hand to lift her head so that she may drink with ease.
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Tessa immediately began drinking from him, nothing flowing throught her mind at this moment but wanting to live. She drank from him greedly as with each little bit she felt her chest constrict less and less, she felt her form growing stronger, and her mind beginging to clear. The blood flowed down her chin as her eyes looked to the one that gave her life. She was a coward she could not let herself go with dignity, instead she chose this. But the choice had been made there was no going back only forward into a place so unknown to her. Her grip grew stronger upon his wrist as she continued to drink. The pirates thoughts began to clear, they also started to construct.

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He could feel the strength returning to the girl and pulls his wrist from her grasp "That's more than enough. Now I will take you back to the manor and there you will change and I will then tell you about me life an how we are going to get along" he tells her and picks her up cradling her in his arms and walks towards the shadows as the come alive am wrap them in their embrace till they stood a large black mass and as if they had been there the whole time they were in the courtyard of the manor. He takes he inside and takes her up to the chamber that she had been in before she left and lays her apon the bed. "Now rest child, and when you get up I will explain more to you"
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In the moment between life and death, the spark of this woman would not let her go. She would have reached out to anyone at that moment of her last breath, it just so happened to be another vampire. But there in the black that was befalling her, beckoned her life. She has been steel, her whole short life, with a will power not many could match. Even as the fey's mate drained her and left her for dead, she wanted to give in, but whatever made this woman would not allow her to give up. At that moment she suspected it fear. But then on a whim, the change in the winds, a new story begins. Time as she once saw through glasses of wine, does not revel the why or the when the story will change over time. It is better to bleed then to need and never have dared. If this meeting was chance it was a moment based on a glance in her surreal circumstance.


As she drank the blood of his, even after feeling her strength begin to return and her mind clearing a bit, she could feel not much more. As he pulled away his wrist from her, that's when her form stopped. Her royal blood stopped flowing and each cell ended,as his flowed into her lips. Her ears heard his words, then she stopped breathing,  eyes open but not seeing. Her head fell back as he cradled her. This ones essence fought still, she was one whom the embracing would not take hold instantly, as most weaker willed ones, even with all she had been through. Perhaps when she did open her eyes after he put her to bed she would awake to this life she knew nothing of, perhaps two days, as it seems the period of change is different for all. But of course it would take her in the end and very soon, and  the world as she knew it would change.

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“Game, set, and match…” he muses while lighting a cigarillo after a bit of difficulty from the winds. Cane tucked under his arm, the young Elder watches the mysterious man disappear with the young princess.



Lingering in the air his eyes begin to cloud over with thoughts drifting internally for a moment as he pulls back from current events to try to follow the different pathways possible from this juncture. He spoke to Eva a long time ago that vampires need to be creatures of constant change and adaptation. To adapt and change, he has learned, requires forethought and forward thinking.



Traversing the future pathways he flies to his mountain haven where maps needed updating.

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As Tessa laid in bed, her ears began picking up everything. Hushed conversations in other chambers, animals scurrying about inside of the manors walls. The movement of the winds outside, even the sound of each blade of grass moving.  Her eyes opened to brilliant colors in the chamber. her hand reached up to her neck. It has mostly healed but the one that drained her had bit a few places leaving a horrid scar behind. She arose from the bed, knowing she was back there. Then her finger touched her still bloodied mouth feeling the elongated canines that had formed. Her eyes glanced to the mirror. Her skin pale, sun kissing all but a memory now. Minus the fact of the blood, she was still beautiful in a haunting way.


She moved into the bathing chamber, removed her tattered clothing and slipped into the tub. She washed slow at first, then as realization set in she began an more furious scrubbing, letting her tears again fall. She lifted herself out, dried, selected a gown that was in the wardrobe. She placed it on then again  moves to her table, fixing her hair, This time she let it stay down. to cover the memories of the bite. She just stared at herself for a time. Then got up and moved to the bed and sat. And waited.

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He had been there the whole time, standing with his arms crossed over his chest near the door to the chambers. She could not have been more than a few paces from him at any time, but she must have been to shocked from everything to even notice him. He gives her the time to wash and dress, then ass she sits down to brush her hair he walks up behind her "Fear not child, I know you are frightened by this ordeal but try and see it not as a curse and more as a gift. It will be hard but nothing ever comes easy to those that truly want" he tells her as he sits on the bed. He black hair falling over his silver eyes some setting them off. His shirt was unbuttoned slightly showing some of the porcelain perfection that lay underneath and promised so much more. "Tonight child we start the first night of the rest of you time on this world"
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Tessa startled as he spoke as she looked to him standing behind her as she looked to herself in the glass. She stood rather quickly for some reason hoped he liked the gown she had selected. It was a dark blue, fitting to her form, from the back of it was an open v shape which showed most of her skin too right above her lower back. the front the same v cut down just below her belly button. She saw what the other vampire was capable of so her fear made he wish to try to please this one. The most notable feature was the color of her eyes, the flecks of the hazel which took over where a mixture of her gold hue withs only slight hints of bright blue.


She stood as he spoke, keeping her head high as remnant's of what she came from still held tightly. Her eyes fell over him.  He seemed perfect in every way, his hair his form. That was when she took her place on the bed, a bit away from him, holding her tongue for now.

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Tessa sat quietly, even though all the many different things she was able to hear now, was maddening her mind. For an instant she let a small smile escape, but in a flash it was gone. 'She thinks to herself, damn if he hasn't already found their gold.' Slightly shaking her head her unruly tresses shifting with each movement. Tess takes another deep breath in and then steals a glance at the man whom rescued her. Then she looks down to the floor. Quietly she speaks, "What's to become of me?"

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He was watching her every move though she would not have seen the slight movements of his eyes. She was turned but she was still very young at this game for her to catch things he was doing. He saw the quick flash of a smile she had and it brought a smile to his face. Slowly he reaches up and softly runs the back of his hand on her cheek "What's to become of you? You are my fledgling. You will learn what I have to teach, though it will take a long time to grasp it all and for you to learn everything as you will need to survive. He will notice things differently and experience things in a whole new way" he tells her and stands up and leans against her dresser and crosses his arms over his chest and smiles at her before he walks up to her and places his hand under her chin and lifts her face up to look at him, his silver orbs looking deep into her eyes "Tonight starts the first night of your new life"
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As he reached for her face, Tessa, turned her head away slightly and pulled back almost wincing. The recent days fresh in her mind. She had enough violence against her that would cause such a natural reaction. Then as he finally did caress her cheek, She let her eyes close slightly grateful he was gentle with her. She was weak from hunger, she supposed he would keep her this way for a time as so she did not act out. If this man had chosen her for a reason, he may have been watching her for a while. She thought often why was he there at that particular moment when she was drawing her last breath? Did the Feys mate have something to do with this? Is this one working for him?' These were quite often tricks pirates would employ. This girl was very clever, smarter then most other mortals, now she could feel everything changing in her. Her hearing increased enormously. Her powers of observation, each day grew stronger. She could look at a room once and an instant impression stuck in her mind. She could tell what each item in the room was, where it belonged in the room, and its use. These could drive one mad but when harnessed in, they could be quite useful. She felt she was seeing everything in a new light and she trusted nothing.


As the vampire, her sire, lifted her chin gently, she looked deeply into his silver eyes. Trying to get a reading upon him, but his age and power was far greater then hers, for now. She knew she would learn fast. It's all she had to do now, learn, and this learning with only make her that much more lethal to the ones whom wronged her. So far this sire, she winced every time she thought of the word, as to her it indicated just another whom she had to listen to, yet right now she realized she needed him. She had no I dead how to feed, what their codes are. If she lived this life by her pirate codes, surely she would not survive, although she knew what she had learned being pirate, would be coming in very handy. This and the fact that she was somewhat of a prodigy in life, being able to pick up anything with ease, weapons, music, crafting, and learning. Did this man know that about her also she wondered. Did he also know she was a seer? That other perception she had and used when she spotted the Loreley straight off? A slight smile again slips over her lips. Then for a moment she thought about the Loreley. She knew she was right about her, but quickly changes her thought pattern.


"Fledgling" the word angering her slightly as it made her feel not so much more then a child, in need of guidance. Once she learned their ways and codes, just as in pirating, there were ways to work just under the radar of breaking or twisting them and she intended to learn them all quickly. Hopefully this gentleman whom saved her is prepared for the likes of her. Not many can handle her.


Still looking into his eyes, her golden hues brightening, "Then shall we begin, my...lessons. I need to know your codes, laws, whatever terminology it is you use. For if I don't know them, I may break them and if I break them, what will become of me?," she speaks innocently. "or are you a hedge row vampire?" Tilting her head curiously to  the side as she asks.



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Codes, rules.....these are things he ad not thought of in quite some time. But then apon thinking if them a smile again crosses his lips "You and I....will follow a slightly different set of rules. For you see I am what you would to put this, a vampiric lawman. You now belong to this group, which mean those thoughts your having about revenge must go out the window. Petty urges like that are what bring me around to take care of bad little vampires" he them walks over to the door grabbing the knob and turns it pulling the door open "The sun will be up soon. Rest for the day and when knight falls again we will start with the basics" he then steps out of the room pulling the door shut behind him and makes his was to his chambers.
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Tessa watched the man listening to his words. Patient she could not be. That was a struggle for her." FINE!" she calls as he leaves her chamber. The thought are gone, now please, I'm hungry, I just need to understand all this and how to get through it. I wish to learn! She lays back down upon the bed. Her golden hues staring at the ceiling. Quietly she whispers. I shall leave everyone alone, as long as I don't get harmed anymore." She shakes her head slightly. The only guides she has right now are the ones in her mind, the stories she heard as a child of Vampires. The cannot go out in the sun, near churches, can't see their relfection, which was obviously false. She had seen her's. That if they don't eat for a time they tend to go mad. She felt the pangs of hunger in her and tried to hold them at bay. It felt as they had sent days just sitting upon this bed, with him just watching her yet not speaking anything helpful except til now, that he was a lawful vampitre. "Great I even find myself in the brigg here." With no compass,  no direction,the fear begins to confume heras she lays there alone. Perhaps she should tempt fate and try to go out into the light. Would she turn to ash right there and perish from it all? That thought came more frequent since all of this happened. Then there was Connor, would he still come for her? She knew he was still about, she felt and smelled him. "Connor she called quietly."


She felt like a prisoner to this room, she had no idea if she should leave it. If she did she was terrified about meeting up accidentally with the fea and  Aiden. He frightened her. At this point the fea did also. All she wishes is to learn how to handle this transformation, be able to carry it alone and go back to her kingdom. She stands and slips out of the gown and puts on a red silk one that hung in the wardrobe. She slips into her bed and tries to sleep. tomorrow if he does not come she will practice her swordsmanship. Letting that thought comfort her, she drifts to a sound sleep for a time.


Tessa was awoken by the smallest of sounds. She got up and walked over to the door and pressing an ear against it she listened harder. The Loreley was weeping, not a sad cry a painful cry. Immediately Tessa's heart softened, "she will be frightened if all alone." This immediate thought even seemed foreign to Tessa, who dead set on revenge a time ago now felt care in her heart. She had not lost all of what she was, and this brought a small smile to her lips. She heard no one with her, and knew she world be giving birth any time now.... She looked at the door and she was trying to decide if she should venture out. Knowing it was probably a bad decision, she opened the door and stepped outside into the hall moving in the direction of the tiny cries.

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