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It had taken more time then he thought to recover from the battle with the Fey, the one known as Jakx and the Alpha Lycan. However his dissapearence into the ruins was what had saved him from potentially more harm. Having found his way out he was now deep within the forest, sitting down upon the cool grass surrounded by the tree's protection. His body did show a few scars, Most notable being the center of his chest which was still healing a rather nasty second degree burn. 'I'll have to remember to pay Jakx back for this wound...I underestimated the protection the boy had around him..this will be abit difficult even with full strength" He sighed, seeing his breathe come out in a fog like air for a brief moment du to how cold it currently was around him. The tree's could easily give him wood for a fire, but he chose to remain in the cold. Letting his mind wander as his blonde hair slightly hanged over his eyes to hide them incase anyone had stumbled upon him. " Well, if they intend to intervene they'll suffer..interverience is so annoying" He growled, having just wanted to take the boy and leave but no..God was smacking him in the face by delivering protectors of sorts. " To treat everyone in that manor like die for them and sacrifice no matter the cost. How pathetic. The strong live, the weak die as they should. Why even bother giving your life for someone you hardly know"