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Shae: *Whispers on the wind, brush against her skin with his voice* I miss you.


Evalaine: ~She turns hearing his voice, her sad look brightens as she blows a kiss to the wind and says" I miss you too"


Shae: *Stepping from the darkness, slipping up next to her* I have longed to be near you.


Evalaine: She turned around and looked as he stood out of the shadows. A hurt expression on her face as she turned away a bit. Angry at him for leaving so suddenly without telling her." Where have you been, do you know how worried I was that I had lost you?' She said looking up into his eyes.~


Shae: *A tear rolled down his cheek as he thought of having to leave her.* I know my love but I had no choice. I got a call that I had to take. They were going to hurt you and Heart if I didn't go.


Evalaine: " Where is Heart? I have not seen her!" She said a little worried- like. " All her things were gone too and yours. It has been at least two months Shae! " She said her usually pale face was flushed at how she had missed him and how long it had been since she had last seen him." Who would hurt us Shae?" She looked around again for anyone that might be following him.~(e)


Shae: *Puts his hands on her shoulders* Calm down love. Heart is with the council. She has to remain there until they decide whether or not she will be allowed to stay with us. *looks in to her eyes lovingly* But that does not stop us from being with one another. And as for who would hurt you two, she is part of my past but her influence has made me who I am today.


Evalaine: ~ She calmed a bit when he touched her shoulders. His touch reminding her how much she cared for him. " The council ,, she cannot stay because of how dangerous it might be here? I miss her alot... What is to be done now Shae?" She said looking to him for answers she knew nothing about.~(e)


Shae: *He sighed heavily and looked her in the eyes* You are not calming down. I can feel your energy racing around you and that is not the Eva I know. Heart will be fine. She is actually at a small Drow academy as we speak. She is being taught the finer points of being a woman of power. As many know, women are revered in Drow society. Men are either seen as bulls or warriors. Meaning we either exist for mating purposes because our bloodlines are pure and perfect, or we exist only to serve the house we are born in to.


Evalaine: " Yes I understand now, those places are well guarded . I am sure she will be fine now." She turned from him walking a bit to walk around a large old oak tree. She peeked out from around the large tree at him." A lot has happened since you’ve been away." She wanted to run to him and hug him, kiss his cheek even but she needed to protect herself not knowing whether he was going again or staying. ~


Shae: *Tilts his head a little to the left as she walks away from him. He felt as if his heart would burst from needing her near him. He felt as though he wanted to scoop her in to his arms and carry her to what would be their wedding bed. He needed to be with her.* I know and I apologize for leaving so abruptly like I did, but it was for your safety. I shall not leave so suddenly next time, I promise.


Evalaine: " I understand and I forgive you..." She said softly then her head jerked up as she slid down to sit on the plush grass. The grass cushioning her as she stretched out and crossed her legs over one another at the ankles. Her fingers fidgeting with her long sleeved black and red dress.” Next time, you will leave me again?" She had no shoes on and her long hair was put up off her neck in a swept up motion.~(e)


Shae: *Nods slightly with sorrow in his eyes* I have been called by the council to oversee a few things and I may not be back for about a year. But I am here tonight and I might be able to hold off on leaving until after I do what I need to here. *falling to one knee beside her, taking her hand in his, he looks into her eyes. His other hand slips inside the leather vest he is wearing, and produces a small wooden box he had carved himself while he was away. He opens it to reveal a pair of rings of simple design. Ones he had worked on meticulously himself while he was on council grounds.*

Evalaine, my love, will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?


Evalaine: " How can you want to marry me and then go away from me? From us, the life we have here, I understand you have work and I respect that.,, To stall for what a week or so?" She feels him take her hand and feels the jolt that comes from his touch. She pulls her hand back alarmed and then looks at the box and rings." They are beautiful Shae, you made these?"(e)


Shae: *He smiles sheepishly, looking down at his craftsmanship* Yes I did. I worked on each part of this set with care, each one took me a week of solid work. The box took me nearly two weeks. I want you as my wife so that one day here soon, I can take you with me to see the council. I know that we may never produce an heir, but if we can prove that we can be loving parents the council will release Heart back in to our care. Not to mention, I love you and it tears me apart to not be near you my love.


Evalaine: ~ She touched the box and then the rings." They are unique ,and very nice. You do good work." She smiled up at him as she half listened to his words. She looked away from him a bit bothered by the notion of getting personal with him. " I wish she could come here and you are not worthless to her or I in fact you are our world. If they can protect her better there and educate her properly then that is great.,, I want to be near you too and be with you not apart from you"(e)


Shae: *A half smile crossed his lips* So that is a yes then my love? Do you accept my proposal?


Evalaine: " Can I go with you when you leave? Even if I can not bother you but to be around you?" She said afraid he would not come back to her.~(e)


Shae: *He looks up to the heavens and smiles* They shouldn't have a problem with it as long as we are married. *begins to wiggle in anticipation* Is that a yes then?


Evalaine: " Married so umm soon Shae, we barely know one another?" She said her voice a bit bothered at what the marriage night would mean and what he would expect from her. She was still struggling to understand that part. She moved nervously a little, re crossing her legs and looking down.~(e)


Shae: *He caught her face between his hands and looked her in the eyes* I know what you are thinking and it is not about that. I cannot stand to be apart from you long enough to relieve myself let alone be thousands of kilometers away from you. It nearly killed me to be away from you when I left but it was a necessary evil. We will get Heart back and we will be a family. I love you my dearest Evalaine and I long to be your husband.


Evalaine: ~ She struggled to keep from hugging him., his hands on her face burning through her skin. " I don't wish to be away from you too, I am just not sure I am ready for this big of a step." She suddenly got up and against her better judgment, she put her arms around him hugging him close. Her heart was breaking and was afraid he would leave again without her.~(e)


Shae: *As she hugged him, his vision blurred with tears. The thought of being without her tore him up inside. His heart felt as if it sank to his boots* I know of a couple who got married during their first week of knowing one another and they were together for a number of years before she was taken from him by the village and burned for they thought her a witch. If we marry we will together for all of eternity. I will be able to instantly be with you no matter where they send me.


Evalaine: ~ She felt sadness and remembered her sire and what happened when he asked her to marry and run off with him. She had said yes and that night was violent as he raped her and then changed her forever into what she was now. She opened her mind to him, finally revealing the brutality of the situation. The years after of him forcing her never giving her a chance to give in or rebel against his advances or the abusive side that he beat into her that she was his. She drew back as she shook a little at hearing the story he gave it was horrible. Her mind edged with fear of the past being what a marriage would be like." That is horrible." She said slowly.~(e)


Shae: *He looks down at her as she shares this vision with him. His eyes flame up instantly in anger but cool quickly because he knows the dangers* My love I will never hurt you in any way. I vow to protect you and I vow to never lay hand on you in a harmful manner. If you wish to abstain from any actions of carnal knowledge between us I understand and will gladly abstain until you think you are ready. I want our first time of making love to be your choice and I vow that I will treat you like a delicate flower.


Evalaine: ~ She let out a deep breathe that she didn't realize she was holding in. She shook the memories to clear them out of her mind as she picture them walking hand in hand ." What about you though,, um won't it bother you that I would be ready and when I am you might want to be with someone else?" She said hugging him again not wanting him to find someone else, she slowly lifted her face to his, her red lips just inches from his," I don't want that to happen, I would rather know now then later that you might leave me because of this umm obstacle of being intimate."(e)


Shae: *Shakes his head* I don't want to be with anyone else. Every couple has their problems and that will not be one of ours. When you are ready to be intimate I will be there, but not until you are ready.


Evalaine: ~ She nodded to him and smiled, she slowly kissed him showing him that she wanted to be with him." Then my answer is Yes"(e)


Shae: *Kissing her passionately, the smile crossing his face.* I love you so much Eva. You have made me the happiest man on the planet.


Evalaine: ~ She laughed softly and kissed him back. In between kisses she whispered to him." I love you too Shae"(e)


Shae: *He picks her up and steps back in to the shadows, in a moment they are standing on the beach, the moon shining bright and full over head. A bonfire burns about 20 feet away from where they stand. A man stands before them in a simple robe and a book of rites in his hand*


Evalaine: ~ She holds onto him as he picks her up and then like fog they appear on the beach . She gasps at the site before her. It was so beautiful and the man looked nice before them. She put her lips near Shae's lips and said softly into his ear." We ,, now ? I am not even dressed, she smoothed her hair and her dress. She was dusty and dirty from exploring another hidden cave about the other side of the Manor.~(e)


Shae: *His grin glowed in the moonlight* I had hoped you would say yes. A little presumptuous of me, I know. But yes. We must do it now before we can start our journey.


Evalaine: " I look a mess Shae!!" She said laughing as he stood their holding her. She kept shaking her head grinning and her hand working harder to remove the dust and cobwebs from her dress and hair. A few spots of dirt on her face she had missed as she shook out her hair.~(e)


Shae: *Chuckles* You look lovely my dear. *he set her down in front of the priest and nodded to him*


Evalaine: ~ She looked to Shae as he put her down, this was a huge step and he seemed ready and willing more then she was. She smiled shyly at the priest watching him closely.~(e)


Shae: *He nodded to the priest and he began to recite the words as priests do.*


Evalaine: ~ She suddenly felt a jolt as the priest's words continued, a pulling on her arm as she looked around wondering what was happening. She looked to Shae with puzzlement and then heard the voice in her mind." I will not let this happen, step back or they both die." She shook it off a bit but the threat came again.~(e)


Shae: *He felt a sudden pain in the back of his mind. The technique he had learned the short time he was at the academy with Heart kicked in and he pushed a shield out to cover them from any harm. it stretched out and covered the entire beach.* Worry not my love for we are protected from even his strongest ability.


Evalaine: ~ She felt the shield come over them as she smiled and nodded. She took his hand and when she touched him she jerked her hand back away from him as her hand had deep claw marks on them, She squared her jaw and looked at him and the priest indicating this would not stop her. Whatever Collin was finding was with her natural powers he took from her when he sired her long ago.~(e)


Shae: *Pushing out harder with his shield, he looked down at her wounds on her hands and they began to heal immediately as he willed them to do. His voice sounded demonic as he spoke his words* I love you with all my heart and soul. I promise to protect you forever and be with you and you alone always and forever. No matter who doesn't like it.


Evalaine: ~ She felt him healing her hands and the wind blew about them whipping her hair about, her normal black eyes glowing a bit red as she knew he was just as determined." I will stand with you Shae to my last words." She took his hand again, this time not releasing her hand from his as the wind got stronger.~(e)


Shae: *The wind kicked up even more as the priest read the giving of the rings. Shae took the ring he meant for her and began to place it on her finger.* With this ring I do promise to love and cherish you for all of our days. I promise to have and to hold you until our dying breaths separate us for a short time until we can be united once more in the Summer lands. *his eyes glowing with the fire he felt inside as he kissed her hand after the ring was in place*


Evalaine: ~ She felt pain within her arms and legs as he said those words, she never let on. She closed her mind and looked into his eyes as he put the ring on her finger. Stabbing pain fell through her belly as her eyes glowed fully red. She pushed her mind out to Collin." Stop this I love him and want him only. " Her only answer was a blinding blow to her side that made her gasp and reach for Shae. She would not stop, her words weak but true." I take you as you are and promise to live my life for and with you forever." As she reached for the ring her fingers burned and she dropped the ring.~(e)


Shae: *In the moment the hit to her side happened, he pulled her in to his arms, pulling her deep into his body, his lips against her ear, whispering deeply now* Take of my blood and show that I am yours.


Evalaine: " Shae you know I cannot do this..." She shook her head as he held her, another pain racking her body. She looked down and saw the ring as she held out her trembling hand and snapped her fingers making the ring come to her hand. She put her head against his shoulder as she was getting real tired and weak. She managed to get the ring as her fingers began to bleed, She growled and looked for his finger, blinding light blocking her true vision.~(e)


Shae: *Growls and pushes some more of his strength into her* you have to take a small part of me within you if you are ever going to withstand this. drink of my blood!


Evalaine: ~ She shakes her head vowing never to take from anyone unless for nourishment." I am stronger then you think Shae but I cannot take your blood." She feels around and finds his hand and places the ring on the finger needed. She sighed softly against him. her hands wrapping around his waist now." Just try and lets get this done, he means nothing to me" She said a little scared still but her will is strong.~(e)


Shae: *as the priest speaks the last words of the rite, binding them together for eternity the world turns a deep shade of red, the color of blood. He holds her close and as the priest says "You may kiss the bride" he leans in and kisses her deeply, whispering against her lips* I love you forever my Evalaine Flametongue. *the sky darkens to pitch black and they reappear in their bedchamber*


Evalaine: ~ She feels the pull as another lash rips against her belly. She stayed silent and pressed to him, needing his strength more then anything now. Now the binding words done, her vision clears up but her body is still damaged. She returned his kiss and saw the colors and smiled." I love you too Shae" A calmer feeling coming over her as they were back in her room at the Manor. She could not feel Collin anymore though she was not healing right like normal vampires, which was indeed one of her curses . Especially after she was sired, she would heal at normal rate at least.~(e)


Too Be Continued…….