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After doing what he felt was needed and starting on his way home Aiden took his time. He needed to really think about recent events. Loreli willingly leaving with that mortal with his child in her. The mortals men trying so hard to keep her from him.....then there was him. He truly liked what he had done to the men. Did that make him cruel? A sick individual? Or was that to be his nature as a BlackRose? He stops and looks up at the moonless sky and sees the many stars that doted the blackness above him. He could tell from that sky that he had made it back into the valley. Somehow the sky inside the valley always seems different than the rest of the that was the sky he was meant to see, the sky of his home. The home of his sire, Raven. Would she be pleased with what he had done? Would she punish him for it? You could never tell with her. Then a breeze kicks up and he closes his eyes and takes a deep breath, home. He opens his eyes looking off into the distance towards the manor, which could just barely be seen. It was time to go home. So slowly he begins to make his way there.
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Walking upstairs smell that her sire had return and took deep breathe and walking out to the balcony and looking over what she can see, why did he leave in the first place she had thought, she lost track of her friends and other and trying retake what she miss and wonder what is her sire is hiding and in her heart she did miss him even though he belong to a other <e>

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He had made his way back to the town. Had it really been that long since he had come to town. He looks around ad watches the people for a moment watching the night life of the town. The people of the valley have adapted to the life in the valley, dealing with all of the goings ons of the residents of the manor and what not. You think they would have revolted or at least left the valley to escape the troubles. Or maybe they enjoy it from time to time. Like an escape from their day to day lives. Why was it that he was thinking this? Was it because he didn't want to think about what he had done? Or was it because he had never really stopped to try and think about stuff like this before? Who knows but to him right that moment all he wanted was to rest and let the recent events wash by. He turns and looks up to the manor wondering if he would run into his sire or not. He needed to speak with her, let her know his feeling about what had happened and find out what she had to say about it. He reaches up and brushes his crimson hair from his face and makes his way to the manor.
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Finally at the gates to the manor, he was home. He had felt Loreli's pain. She knew what she was going through. But still the thought that she had left him so easily weighed on him. He knew he shouldn't feel this way but still the thought was there. Even more so that he knew that the mortal man he had tortured was around, he could smell him in the air the moment he stepped I to the valley. Placing his had on the gate he pushes it open with ease and makes his way up to the manor door and that to was pushed open with ease. He stops in the frot area and looks about then to the stairs, he takes a deep breath and heads up.
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She come down stairs and walking to the door and open the double door and  flew the cool breeze and looking around walking outside and Smelling in the air Her Sire feel for his love and what is indeed bothering him and all