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Welcome to Top Of The Stack. This is where we take it up a notch or three and really put you to work. Hard, cruel, unpleasant work and you will probably lose your temper a lot, but it has to be done.


To get this far you must have shown great improvement in By The Fire, or simply think you need to be here. As always, the classes are completely optional and if you wish to take them you just need to follow the lesson and post when instructed to. If you don't want to get involved, you don't have to, and in the case of this section, I'd recommend giving participation a lot of thought before hand.


Yes, there will be a lot of big words used here. This is not the nice level, the nice level is behind you now. If I seem unreasonably mean and nasty in here, feel free to run away. DO NOT COMPLAIN. You are here because you wish to better your skills in Role Play and enjoy what you do, if at any time you feel that you are not going to enjoy Role Play during this class, stop following the lesson. I am not here to kill your love for Role Play, I am merely here to show you how to improve yourself so everyone, including you, gets more fun out of it.


This is optional. You do not NEED to join, you only CHOOSE to. If you don't like it in this class, do not join in. It's as simple as that.


If you still wish to continue, then again, I welcome you to Top Of The Stack. Grab your grown-up pants, it's going to get rough.


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Now that enough time has passed to let my nastiness sink in, I shall get you all started.




Write a post. One post. I don't care what it is about or where it is set, I just want you to write a post so I can see whether or not you truly deserve to be here or should be sent back to By The Fire. Once you hand in your post, the class will begin.


That is all.