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Music in the night . . .
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Rising above the wind, her voice carries through the darkness.  Illyana walked down the valley's path into the market street.  Her rose colored dress swishing about her ankles, upon which rang through the night in tiny bells.  "Do you hear the faerie's call? Do you hear the song of night? Do you hear the wind flow through and end the sailor's plight?" Singing this song seemed to comfort her, though she knew she wasn't alone.  The market was dark and she would have to wait until morning before she would get a good meal.  The wind was chilly, but with a small growl, her body heat rises and she stops her shivering.  She smiles as she smells others nearby, a sense that didn't go away with change.  She continues her song, her ankles rang in time with each ginger step. She twirls and laughs, the sound carried by the wind.  Her mind blank, she continues down the path to find a place of rest.