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I shall grant you one wish.
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The pains subsided as Hunnelea allowed his mistress to dismount. Loreli smiles to him and gently kisses his snout. "Go on with ye. Twill be alright." She watches as the stallion takes off towards the stable. Her eyes scan the grounds for any signs of Aiden, not seeing him, but feeling him closer, she makes her way hurriedly back to their chamber. She proceeds to  get into a candlelight silken night gown and gets under the covers.  This lasted about a moment, when she suddenly had the urge to clean up the room. Getting up again, she places on her slippers and begins a fairies cleaning, which is much like a destruction at first, she removes books from shelves, begins to empty drawers and such, removing every item from its place. She gets a pail and rags and begins furious scrubbing process, which for some reason she could not seem to stop. The room a heap of a mess. But she was hard at work.

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A sudden tiredness came over Loreli in the mist of her cleaning spree. She hadn't eaten for a while, which at this point is not good due to the fact that the child is taking just about everything she has out of her. Feeding from her, depleting any resources Loreli has built up, which, being a delicate creature, even with the vampire attributes It seemed the fea bloodline trumped even those.


Wearily she again made her way to the casement and looked out for Aiden. She felt him so near, yet he seemed to be taking his time coming back. Surely he should be feeling her now, each cell that forms her weakening ,even more as she always weakened when he was gone from her too long. Again she received another pain, and gripped the window ledge so hard it left marks from her long nails. As the pain once again subsided. her hands unclenched. She was afraid to call to him as he had been so angry as of late. So she turns and looks back to the room,  too tired to put it back, "I shall just take a small nap.' She lays upon the floor, snatching a pillow and blanket to cover her. As she drifted to sleep she thought of their first meeting. When he knew exactly what she was. She now hoped he knew what a fea must go through to give birth. It was a very secretive process no fea would speak of to any other manner of creature for if they could not keep fea law, they would be struck down dead as the first sound of the telling such a secret. She actually prayed he knew more about the fea then just that she was one, her life could depend upon it. The only other one here that seemed to know, who saw, was the princes, and Connor, and she knows that would only anger her love even more. First of all she did not know if Aiden even let the girl live, and second, she had more respect for him than to summon Connor here for her mates child's birth. Then as she thought more and more about it, a small smile could be seen. In her mind Aiden was so very smart and clever, he would figure it out and all would be well. When sleep finally took her, the child within began again taking more from her, and she called for him. "Aiden...please come home."

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Loreli lay sleeping for a few hours when suddenly she felt a cold hand upon her stomach. Thinking at first it was Aiden, she smiled gently, weakly. Then a familiar smell hit her. Her eyes snapped open and she quickly scurried from the spot she was in. She narrows her eyes and stands awkwardly. "Twist!" The wretched little goblin was here in her chamber with her. "You cannot be here! You know that me contract speaks it so. Twist laughs wickedly."Fea your contract is flawed you know I know. I am here just inspecting MY interests."


"Your interests? This concerns you not! Now get out! The child's father will be here soon and he has not been in a good mood as of late!" He sneers, Do you really think I wish to continue to be Mortis's foot mate for the rest of eternity? No! Now you will listen or when I go back my tongue might slip about just where your flaw is." Anyway he is very close to figuring it out himself, your little escapade with the pirates have seen to that and once he does, he will take all, you , the child, everything. "Now I can stop all that", he leans in close to her," but then you will owe me a huge debt. And my debt has something to do with this child. Now whom is your midwife? Have you one here that knows? Loreli looks down. "No I do not have one." Twist again laughs. "Oh, so you have broke law and told of the birthing?" Loreli's eyes widen "Nay I have broke no laws!" "Good twist spits, that would ruin everyone's plans, yours mine, Mortis's and your beloveds. Now just tell me how do you think you are going to get through this? Do you think the creatures here know much about the fea, and birthing? NO! they do not because no one ever saw a fae give birth!"


Loreli looks away towards the window. "Aiden will know he will figure it out. he is very smart." Then in a quiet whisper "I hope."


Twist regards her. "Well I could always.." "NAY! I shan't ever be able to explain that!" Get out now! Before I turn you into something worse then you are!" Loreli keeps her eyes upon him, knowing she is going to have to dispose of him very soon, before the child gets here.


"If you kill me, there is a letter waiting for Mortis to find, telling all. And you will lose your and your child's life as you know it. Loreli grabs him by his ear pulling hard dragging him to the door. "GET OUT!" I will take care of it!" She shoves him out then watches him vanish into the shadows. She slams the door and locks it tightly. Fear coming over her face as she gently rubs her stomach. She whispers to the babe. "all seem to forget you have a powerful father. Do nay worry he will get us through this. I know he shall."


She then looks at the cleaning mess she made, and started wearily putting everything back. Then thinks "where shall you sleep?" Knowing she will have to go back to the woods to get the items she needs for the cradle... then she mumbles, "little urchin."

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Loreli had finally finished her tasks and got again ready for bed. Aiden had not come for her when she called to him. Lorel tried to pull herself together

she moved over to the dressing table and looked at her reflection. She was drawn and very, very pale. She moved slowly back to her bed that's when the pain struck again. Lorely did not scream  out  just small tears flowed freely down her face. Her delicate hands clenched the sheets tightly till this one also passes. She lays back , beautiful shimmering beads of sweat formed upon her skin, and her hair was damp.


Her thoughts then went to the babe. She tired not to dwell there too much bbut it was getting close now. Would it tear her up during the birth or now, with it's need to feed, she had never heard of another vampire child being born. Yes she had children before, many, many years ago, but she was not vampire then. Would the child be healthy, unlike her, would it be perfect without pointed ears and look like Aiden. Or would it look like her. Would Aiden be disappointed with her and the child? She did her best to ignore them but they still came.

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Tessa found the source of the tears. Leaning into the door, she listens. then calls "Loreley?" Not hearing anything but desperately muffled screams, Tessa tries the handle, finding it locked. "Loreley! Are you alright? Is it the child!?" "Thinking damn it where is her Connor. ' As the cry gets a bit louder, Tess looks about but sees no one. She shakes her head at herself then grips the handle hard. Loreley it's me Tessa, Are you alone? It's alright I wish to help you. But I" looks at the heavy oak door" it's locked. Can you open it?"  A small "nay" is heard. Then she hears the girl calling for Aiden and another she did not recognize.


Tessa grips the knob and turns it hard, and it snaps off in her hand. Her eyes widen at her own strength, she rushes into the room. She stops for a moment looking to the beautiful creature in pain and a sadness filled her. "Oh how long has this been keeping on?" Rushing about getting wet cloths, she sits upon the bed with her using them to dampen  the perspiration upon her. "Tis alright Loreley, you will do fine. but I must check you. will you allow me that?" She gently touches her leg and pushes it to a side as her other hand moves under the sheet. Tessa's gently places the sheet back down and thinks to herself , she is not progressing. "God where is the father? " The poor thing was terrified. Tessa took her hand and held it tight. Just take deep breaths when the pain comes I will help you. Quick little breaths..twill help the pain." The girl looked as if she had been going at this for hours.


Tessa stayed with her holding her hand, and keeping her skin moist gently caressing her hair. "You shall see , all will be well, women give birth to babes all day and night long..." "thinking mortal women anyway." She tries to smile for her. Then Tessa's eyes fall upon a small dagger upon the feas nightstand. Knowing she may have to use it if she continues in this fashion and both mother and the child are to survive.  She then looks to the feas hand s it held tightly to her own. She smiles and her eyes soften. "No I shant leave you. I will stay. We will figure out something. Babes like to take their time." Damn it Connor where are you when she needs you?" She looks to Loreli, shakes her head gently, "men." At least getting a small smile from the girl. Then she asks that fateful question. "Loreley, where is Aiden? Do you wish me to go find him?"

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Loreli was grateful someone was near. It did ease her fear a bit, and she got no impression this one was going to harm her. The pains came and went as the princess held onto her and helped her through them. When she could speak, she answered, Since last eve, then I cleaned, then I slept, then t..she stops before letting that piece of information out. "Aiden is here I can feel him but he has nay answered me. Nay, I do not wish fer Connor, I want me Aiden. He must be busy, he will be here. Tis his child." She whispers hoping it would be so.


As the princess continues to help her, Loreli whispers, "I shall grant you one wish. Use it wisely." then she lays back as the pains seem to give her a bit of a break. Please Stay with me. I'm frightened." She could see Tessa was frightened too, probably just for being there with her and the prospects of seeing Aiden if he comes in time." She thought how brave this girl was. So both girls stayed together, frightened but together.


Then Loreli looks to the girl. "You are smart, you knew of me, do you know other things? Such as how fea's are born?" Now Tessa really wanted Connor to be here. He would know. Tessa looks to her and gently shakes her head. "But I shall think upon it. Alright?" Smiling again for her.


Loreli closes her eyes as she speaks this. Then another wave hits her weakening form.

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Up he went slowly one step at a time. The girl was up there he could smell her....she had been turned but by who? A question best left alone for the time. Now at the door to his chamber. The handle was missing and the door was slightly open, he pushes it open more to see Loreli and Tessa on the bed. He walks into the room next to the bad and sits down. Softly he starts to pet he hair "Shhh it's ok my fae, it will be over before you k ow it. Just a little longer, you can do it" he hasn't even looked over at Tessa or made any move to harm her or even look at her. He only looked into Loreli's eyes.
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Tessa startled as Aiden walked into the room. She stood abruptly letting go of Loreli's hand, and backed away from them into a wall. She stood up against it, keeping her eyes down  and gently whispers. "She has been calling for you. She's been going at it since yesterday, but she hasn't progressed. I know you I am the last person you wish to see. But I came to help her she asked me not to leave until you arrived." She then speaks nothing. But watches him with her for a moment.

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As soon as Loreli saw Aiden enter the room, a small coo escaped her lips as did many tears that she held. "Ohh Aiden I have been calling fer ye. I didn't think ye were coming. I thought ye have forsaken us. Her big green eyes looking into his. She snuggled against him as he petted her. It hurt's somthin fierce! she lays her head back, the sheets and pillows drenched in sweat. Till be ok right now that you are here?" She smiles for him. She kisses hi gently and caresses his hair, her love for him clearly seen. She smiles for him. Twill be time soon. again she winces as the pain comes again. the waves  can be scene  as her stomach moves. she grips onto his hand and screams out once again. She too only focused upon him, her only love.

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Tess watches the reaction sadly. She tentatively takes a step towards him. Laying her hand gently upon his shoulder. she leans and whispers, "she hasn't much time left. Have you ever seen a fea birth? I think she needs something from you." Then again steps back.



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Loreli clutched desperately to Aiden her eyes lost in him and the pain. Seemingly delirious, she clutches at him, "I gave you a wish one, have you ever used it? Then she grasps her stomach this time screaming in pain, and pushing but  nothing happens. Loreli falls back into the pillows weeping very weak. Her eyes stay upon his. He can see all the love she has there for him, only him not any others. She so wished to give him the child he wanted. She knew this wasn't going to work, they new nothing of fea births. She had wished Aiden had spoken more too her lately. But deep down she realized. she looks to him. The dagger on my stand, If certain words are not spoken, I cannot have the child. so if you desire your child, you will need to do what you must , me Aiden. She gently touches his face, all their happy memories flow through both of them. Then Loreli turns her head weakly and her eyes look to the dagger.  Then another wave hits and she clutches him screaming in agony. Knowing he wants only the child, what love he had for her seemingly lost.


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Tessa try's desperately to hang back. But what she is seeing and hearing is not right.  Aiden you need a healer. If you cut her, she will need a healer or she won't make it. It is coming to you to decide which means more your child or your love. She clearly loves you. But if we can figure out what it is we need to do, you will have them both. Hoping he comes to his scenes and makes the right decision, Or perhaps he was one that just kept her for a pet.  Tessa hangs her head low, as the site of a fae dying at it's most joyous time I a sadness as vast as the oceans. She couldn't witness it.So she began from the room.

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Tessa steps out into the hall then leans up against it. But she refuses to go any farther. Her mind going over every story she ever was told about the fae with ease now in this new circumstance she is in. She didn't understand this Aiden at all. The girl loved him so yet he seemed distant. She shakes her head. The fea had given her a wish to use. She wondered about that also, after all she put her through. She would go seek Connor out for his council on this and  give him a piece of her mind, all that are supposed to be caring for Loreli seem to be forsaking her. Her days in the woods with her, even with everything that happened, left a bond with the Loreley. She would see to it that all the proper choices are made for her best interest. Then she hurries down the hall towards the other pirate.

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As this wave passes, Loreli watches Tessa leave the room. Then her eyes go back to Aidens. Her hands hold desperately to him fear seen deep in her eyes. I'm sorry Aiden fer all the trouble I have caused. I'm tryin ta get ye yer babe. I'm trying so hard. Please speak ta me. I gave you a wish also. If you never used it now may be a good time. Speaking nothing more on the matter. The pain strikes  again, and her belly moves as now the child begins to be affected by the long non-productive process. She manages to whisper, "I'm so hungry." Her form losing everything that was sustaining her. Her hair and gown soaked through from the labor.

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"Shh try not to talk to much my fae save your strength. I have not used that wish because I've never needed anything more than what I have here. I know your doing your best but that's ok because everything will be ok" he says looking up just long enough to see Tessa leave then looks back to Loreli his jade eyes looking into hers. He reaches over and grabs a dry cloth and pats her face off softly "Everything will be ok you will see"
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Loreli takes small breaths , her eyes only focused now upon Aiden's own. She just nods quietly to his words of comfort. Knowing he is not realizing it, or seems not too that things are very close to not being alright. But he has made many things in her life alright and he has always kept his word's to her. She offers him a small smile as he gently wipes her head, nuzzling against his hand.  "Aiden, I'm frightened."

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Tessa stands outside oh one oh the town's taverns, looking up at the sign. Her brows furrow as she pushes the doors open and makes her way to the bar. Connor sits with his back to her. Taking a smell of the air, "And what does the lady desire to drink?" Tessa leans in and quietly whispers, "Blood!"  Connor turns to her. "Tessa! Tess, you are looking..very..pale." As his eyes move over her. "What the bloody hell are you doing here drinking rum when your Loreley is at deaths door trying to birth that mans child? Your powers oh observation are outstanding. yes I am here drinking rum while she attempts birth. Very good he jests. Now what are you doing interfering in it? Remember how far you got the last time?" She angers, "look I only went to her after hearing her cries, she was alone and she wanted me to stay till that Aiden got there. I tried to explain to him, but he had none of it. I think he is hoping she will pass. And that effects us and the sea!" "Tessa do I look worried?" "no she replies "And that worries me."


He turns to her." Look she must make here choice to see. They both must make a choice, we have been mixed up in all this by your hand I might add. Give them a chance to figure it out. Now where is your new boyfriend?" Aggravated now. "He is not my new boyfriend! More like my jailer." She glances about." "Oh good" Connor replies," I have always said to Paul he should just lock you up for a time to save us all from the likes of you." Flashing a wink and smile at her. Changing the subject, Tessa speaks , "she offered me a wish. Afer all that has happened, she offered me a wish." Connors eyes widened," oh good, well wish yourself back mortal, and get some sun on your face. This is not a good look for you." Tessa leans into

him, You are immortal now as am I, you are stuck with me forever! What about the Loreli?" He looks into her eyes. She is blinded by his love, she must realize in her heart his intentions, until then we are for..taps his chin with his finger. Just hold up on that wish. He again winks. If she sees him true to her needs and the wanting of her and their family, I see no problem, but if she sees something different, That shall be her turning point.that is when it's our turn. Stay close to her. Yet not on top of the mate. Perhaps we have him all wrong."  "Connor I fear she will not make it through the next day at this rate. She cannot birth as normal people do. She is a fea, no one knows how it works. Connor grins to himself, then takes another sip of rum. "I will be here a time more. Go back to her, yet stay a distance, give her space, and think about what we have spoken of. Go on luv."  Tessa shakes her head, "MEN!" She looks back at him then storms out of the tavern and heads back to the manor.

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Loreli continues focusing upon Aiden. Trying to keep her mind straight through her hunger and pain, she begins to speak. "Aiden what are we going ta name the babe?" Smiling bravely for him. Ye are being so quiet with me. I need ta hear your voice, please. She weakly adjusts herself in the bed with his help. The pains thankfully subsided for a time, giving her time to rest a bit.

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Tess moves back to the room, pausing at the door, listening. It seemed Loreli had not gotten any further with the birth then when she left. Peeking in, she watched the two, pretty much sitting quietly. Tessa leans against the wall wondering how much longer this can go on for. . Just listening to the conversation of the lack of one. She told him  she would need a healer, yet there was none to be found, she told him that she didn't have much longer unless some action was taken. Frowning slightly, she shakes her head.  She hoped her sire was not going to behave the same as this man. Her anger kept creeping up at the lack of action here, but she obeyed Connor, for now.

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"I know your frightened my fae, so am I. I stay strong and calm for you" he tells her and helps her set up some now that she seems pain free for a few moments. He hears Tessa come back into the room and speaks to her without looking at her "I know ok the last person you wanted to see or hear from again but could you get some fresh cloth and some blood from the kitchen for Loreli for her so please" it was there in his voice so calm and steady a slight undertone of worry. When he saw sure she had left the room he places a hand on Loreli's cheek then all at once he sits up straight and a smile come to his face "You cleaver little fae" he mutters to himself. He then leans down and rests his head against hers "You gave me the clue right from the start. Loreli I wish for you and the baby live happy healthy lives" he says then kisses her forehead then looks down still smiling at her.
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Tessa, now stood in the room arms folded, watching. She was not about to let anything happen to Loreley again. Stubborn in death she even was. Then as the man finally spoke and was addressing her, stepped back a bit. Quickly she nodded. "Yes, I will go right off." A bit shocked at what transpired, she hurried to the kitchen and grabbed every towel she could get her hands upon, and poured some blood into a pitcher, and hurriedly rushes back to them.


As she enters the room, she sees the fea smiling and her mate looking down at her lovingly. She had also heard the worry in his voice. She then moved to the bed and placed the rags down, grabbed a cup from the nightstand and filled it with blood. Then she looked at Aiden and handed him the cup to give to Loreli. She nods to him slightly worry still seen in her eyes. Then she gets the water bowl and takes it to the bathing chamber and gets fresh cool water, placing it next to the bed. Then she again takes a step back. Quietly, "Do you need anything more?"

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Loreli smiles, relieved to Aiden as he expressed his wish. As son as the last word came out of his mouth, the weak girl screamed out as the pains hit her one after another. This haunting sound never heard before, carried throughout the Manor. The happiness seen in her eyes a moment ago, turned to fear and pain. Her eyes darted to the princess, as she watches her doing Aiden's bidding. Then she looked deep into Aiden's eyes. As the wave crested she shut her eyes tight, water pouring from her skin, and gripped at the sheets. A small spot of red could now be seen, spreading swiftly upon the thin sheet that covered her.

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Tessa, looks to the sheet moment, then quickly yanks it off of the fae. Her eyes widen when she sees all the blood on her gown and the sheet below. Confused a moment, she just stares. She quickly reaches for the pitcher of blood and brings it to her own lips as the smell had turned her hunger. Swallowing it down, she replaces the pitcher, then looks at Aiden. "You took to long to say it! You took your time!" Not really accusing him, just extremely confused by the situation. She quickly grabs the dagger, as thoughts of the matter flow quickly through her mind.

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Loreli's pains continued steady at this time. She watches as The princess grabs for the dagger, and her eyes widen in even for fear as she looks helplessly to Aiden. Unable to speak at this time, she grabs at the bed and  tries to sit up, her knees bent as she starts to try to bare down. yet only move blood is released. She lays back exhausted for a moment, tears streaming down her face. No movement now from the child is felt, and the lack of feeding begins deliriums in her mind. Images beyond the two before her now begin to be focused upon and she begins whispering as if speaking to someone or something. The fever growing.

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"Your doing well my fae, just a little longer you can do it" he tells her as he still drys the sweat from her head and face. He then see Tessa pick up the dagger and doesn't even look back at her "I know your scared and don't know what's going on right now but if you don't drop that you will suffer the pain of death a second time"
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Tessa, through a forced smile for Loreli, responds very calmly, even the tone of her voice was very pleasant, "Have you a better idea, because if you have delivered a fea child before and after all that you are seeing and the urgency that seems placed before us, please let me know. Because quite frankly I have never even seen a mortal child  birthed before. But from what I have heard about it, there was never the mention of so much bl.." she catches herself, "this," she motions to the sheets. "So I am open to all suggestions. But If this child is not out within the next few moments, I fear there will be nothing left for us to do."


Tess rubs her head a moment, and collects her thoughts. "Alright, I suppose if all," again she motions to the bed, "can be released, then possibly other things can also. She watches as the fea seems to be drifting to some other consciousness. "LORELI!" she almost commands as she once did in life. Then still holding the dagger tightly, Tess brings her left hand hard against her right near Loreli's face. "Loreli come back here to your Aiden! He will be upset if you pay him no mind!" She glances at Aiden, "You had better tell her to get back here now before she does leave you for good," her voice filled with urgency. Then she notices the girl's eyes blink and look at the shining dagger she has in her hand.







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Loreli flinched as she heard the clap in her face and the Princess calling her name. Her eyes fell upon the shimmery blade now and as she was given a few more moments of rest. She heard Aiden encouraging her, but her eyes stayed focused upon the shiny object, she started to breath slowly and deeply, grateful for the familiar comfort.

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Tessa notices Loreli focusing on the blade, just as she had done with numerous other shiny things on their journey. "Quietly and calmly she speaks, I don't think I should place the blade down. I am nnot going against your wishes, I just think it is helping her, settle her mind. Loreli, I must check you again like we did earlier. Alright, just look at the blade." Tessa holds it in front of her eyes and with her other hand she proceeds to try to figure out what is going on. Then removes her hand. Suddenly she  throws the dagger behind her breaking Loreli's concentration upon it. Tessa steps back a bit, as the small waif of a girl looks deeply into the eyes of her mate, then begins to cry out for Aiden as the pains again begin.

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Loreli clenches her teeth at the pain as she begins to try to push. Tessa positions herself behind the bed behind Loreli's head, as the fea begins to push down. Her eyes upon Aiden as she cries out for him. Tessa tries to calm the girl. "Shhh Loreli, everything will be over soon, as a tear falls from her eye."

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Suddenly, the room became dark, and the other Loreli focused upon stepped forward. "Luv, you will not be able to have the babe here. The child will not allow it. This place is not safe for you or them, and the man you loved for so long is false. He holds no love for you. It is time for you to come home, where your children will be free to roam and play without constant worries, and where you will be loved for all that you are.


Loreli watches sadly but knows it is time to leave this troublesome place. She looks at Aiden one more time, knowing full well she will not remember him or any of this once she leaves. All the hope she had in him and most others of this place had been betrayed. Finally, she looks to the other and smiles and nods. A thick fog fills the room , when it lifts Aiden is alone.


Far away, on a sandy beach, Loreli sits upon her horse as she watches Connor, playing in the surf with her twins, one boy named for his father, Connor, and a tiny girl, Briar. Tessa watches them from the darkness of a Pirate Ship, occasionally glances back to her kingdom, where she has adjusted to her new life of darkness.


Loreli giggles happily, never one thought of the past entering her mind. <Exit The end>



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Unknown to either of them they had played right into Aidens plan. He knew she wouldn't be able to have the children her. He was not able to help her or the kids. He also knew that she was in a hurry to live out the life in the sea. He knew she would try something to get away and he let it happen. He looks around and smiles knowing she had no clue of his plans. He let them leave thinking they were safe. Not but a week later in the mid noon day he appears in the children's room looking down at them with a smile. He picks them both up bouncing them softly he turns walking into the shadows as they come alive and swallow his figure and the kids. Reappearing in his chambers he sets the kids down on the bed and lays next to them softly humming to them till they fall asleep "Soon you two will grow into fine young Blackrose's and then this nightmare will be over for good" he rolls onto his back and looks up at the roof with a smile. Their mother may have left their father alone but one thing should have been made very clear before, you don't take from a BlackRose and not feel the wrath of what you have done. The days would soon be filled with a busy father trying to keep up with two small BlackRose's. (exit)
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This Play Is Closed.