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Welcome to the Library, where those seeking knowledge and wisdom are free to roam. This area has been arranged for those that are new to Role Play to test themselves and be tested in return. To put it simply, this area is for the people new to Role Play, as well as for those that wish to teach others. You will have noticed that it is broken into three sections; By The Fire, Top Of The Stack and About the Shelves. Each section is a grade or level if you prefer, with access to the higher levels only given to those that clear the first stage.


Stage One : By The Fire.


Stage Two : Top Of The Stack.


Stage Three : About the Shelves.


To keep it very simple, anyone can practice their writing styles here. You will not be judged or made fun of. This area is only for the purposes of teaching people how to role play and how to improve on simple mistakes. The better you get, the closer to leaving the Library you become. Of course, we are not forcing you to stay here, this is merely a place safe for people to ask for help and receive it as they need it.


Occasionally, if we feel there is something that needs a lot of work, we will assign practice work, homework if you like, that you have to complete. This is all completely voluntary, but if you feel you need the help, this is the best place to look for it.


On that note, pull up a chair, grab a good book, and relax. The Library is open to all.