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I'll settle for a song, if you dont mind
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* It was fine misty night in the illustrious blackwulf tavern. The air hummed with conversation and the place was well lit into the small hours of the early  morning. Barmaids made thier rounds while nimbly avoiding chairs, patrons, and the unwanted attentions of drunkards. The sound drinks being tosses back and steins hammered down. Truely a lively. So the minutes passed and none would remark on the appearance of another man among many. Indeed, the person who entered the establishment could hardly be heard. His world weary sigh drowned out by proclaimations such as "More ale!" and the like. His boots scuffed across the hardwood floor as he made an inconspicious beeline toward and empty table. Where upon reaching his destination, he sat down heavily in the chair. The cowled figured then unceremoniously dropped his head upon the surface and groaned.*


" .... saints finally...I've made it back." *Came a tired groan. He pushed his cowl up. Revealing lanky brown locks much in disarray. He pulled it all the way back to reveal a worn pale face and vacant eyes. The man, one desmond, was in no condition it seemed to make the journey back up to the manor where he'd been long absent. Having departed on the task arranged by the mysterious gantz. Of said mission, which took far longer than he has anticipated. Furthermore, it has revealed nothing. The most he could say of the whole enterprise was that he was hounded by wild wolves. He smiled decipricating at his own thin attempt at humor. He beckoned at a waitress until he got her attention.*


" Ale please thank you."

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* He took a moment to reflect on his venture. Gazing at the stained wooden surface with his chin propped on his hands. Distinguished voices fell way to a general drone as all the conversations intermingled.*



*He was walking along a dirt road through the woods with with amia at his side. They were both chatting amiably. Claudia was walking ahead of them. Soon the came upon a clearing, it was pretty small. Containing the crumbling, ivy choked remnants of what was probably a nice mansion. Well, at one time anyways. He turned to say something to claudia. He couldnt recall excatly. A few moments conversation exchanged between the whole party. Then they all proceeded up to the door. Heading inside..*



*His ale had arrived. The barmaid set it before him a charming, polite smile. He nodded his thanks to her and slipped a few coins into her hand. She sauntered away to serve someone else even before he was lifting the tankard to his lips. He tipped his head back and drank it all. This was normally a fairly quick way for most mortal men to wind up passed out on the floor. As it stood, vampires have high alchol tolerance. He could recall in his more youthful days, for an practically immortal undead creature, winning staggering sums on drinking games in taverns across the world. Leaving his besotted opponents perplexed that such a skinny fellow could out drink them by a standard of at least 3 mugs.*




* Inside the home was thick cobwebs and small brown spiders dangling from strands in nearly every corner. Soot and ash covered what little remained of furniture. Apparently a fire had broken out. Not suprising. Theres very little holding a tide of men at bay inside. The fire was probably strategic on asha's part to prevent them from circling her. He recalls mention this to the pair. Amia nodded her agreement, but claudia appeared to be intent on the search. He shrugged. The spent the next several hours combing through the wreckage. They searched every concievable, and in some cases, unconcievable, nook and cranny.*


*He set the empty mug down* " Mmm, not bad." *Thoughtful murmer. Now he turned his attention back to the room. His eyes picking out a few city watch gambling at dice. Most of them sounded distraught, all but the gleeful winner. Roaring with laughter at his opponents misfortunes. He also spotted this evenings entertainment. Another bard not unlike himself. He was attempting to recite " The maid and the two knights". A tale roughly about a maiden who falls for two knights from seperate rival houses. Its a tragic piece meant to wring tears from stone hearted folk. So his maestro always said. As he listen, he admited that he felt a flicker of pity for the maidens plight, but he didnt truely feel moved to tears. Of course, it just be weariness.*

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Her black cloaked form entered the tavern, her visage securely hidden beneath a large draping hood. She moved with a silent grace into the establishment. Her energy drifted outward from her and a silence fell on the establishment. Drifting into the room ahead of her, as she made her way to her destination. The only noise that remained was that of the bard as her cloaked form arrived at the table that he occupied. Above the silence his voice suddenly fell silent and his eyes drifted towards the cloaked figure. Her tall form, gracefully eased out the chair and she lowered her body into the seat, without being invited. Once she settled herself into the seat, she reached up with long slender hands and lowered the hood from her raven black hair. The face that met him was one he had not seen in sometime. Her sapphire blue eyes studied him with just the hint of mischief in their depths. A slight parting of her wine colored lips as her tongue slid across them sensually.


Her fingers finished adjusting the lowered hood before moving to the intricate clasp at her throat. Unhooking it she slid the cape from her shoulders and let it drape over the back of her chair. No longer being confined, her long raven locks seemed to spread out around her bare shoulders. She wore a corset that barely covered her full breast, giving the illusion that they could pop out if she dared to take a breath. The lacing left open, to well below her breast bone, showing off her naturally bronzed, flawless skin. The corset cinched in towards her small waist, the rest hidden beneath the table that separated them. Slowly she lowered her long slender hands to rest upon the table, all the time her sapphire blue eyes never left his face.


Whispers from the occupants of the tavern could be heard, but went ignored by the beauty that set across from him. A serving wench, hesitantly approached. The noise slowly began to return to normal an the bard continued his performance. But there was definitely a curiosity in the air at the ladies unusual appearance. She motioned towards his empty tankard of ale and with a flutter of her hand, she declined anything for herself. The serving wench hurried off, outwardly relieved. Softly she spoke, her alluring voice, barely a whisper. “You did not find what you went in search of.” she stated as if she already knew of his quest and its outcome.


Before he could answer, a brazen young man, deep in his cups and encouraged by his friends, approached her. Reaching out he grabbed her upper arm, pulling her from her seat and up against his chest. His level of drunkenness was obvious in his slurred speech. “Looky what I caught boys.” he shouted back towards his friends. They obviously were not from the valley and he had no idea who he held against him. Slowly she turned those sapphire blue eyes and stared deeply into his dark brown gaze. A slow seductive smile teased across her lips and she leaned into him. Her free hand raised and slid along his chest, over his shoulder, coming to rest behind his neck. The trail of her hand along his skin was like a flame as he lost himself in her darkening gaze. Her lips moved closer and she placed a feather soft kiss upon his lips, her tiny fangs pierced his bottom lip and she moved back, his lip still captured by her fangs. A drop of blood began to drip down his chin and she released his lip, her tongue darted out and she captured the drop of blood. Slowly he released her, in a dazed state he just stared at her. Now she held him captive, licking his blood from her bottom lip she stepped back and returned to her seat. Slowly he turned and walked back to his friends. His expression dazed, he looked around, not sure where he was. His buddies patted him on the back and cheered his boldness.


Her gaze returned to his, her eyes almost black, slowly faded back to sapphire. That same look of mischief was even brighter now and she gave him a welcoming smile. Her hand slid across the table to tease across the top of his. “Welcome home luv, I've missed you.”

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*He looked up at her approach. Her aura, her beauty, was still as dark and alluring as it ever was. He knew as soon as she entered. It was like a bracing icy wind that gave way to a warmth that he sorely missed. His eyes became more alert. She came and sat down in front of him at the only other unoccupied chair. He hesitated for a moment. What was there to say? It was clear from her own words that she guessed that he'd not found it. Not that he was overly disappointed. It just seemed a waste, tis all. He sighed*


"Indeed not." *He murmered. He was about to explain the deary journey in detail when a patron approached raven. The man looked like he'd of been better off not sitting, not standing. The smell of booze on his breath. He had declared loudly to his friends, who happened to be sitting a few paces away, that he had caught her. He snorted into his tankard. His smile hidden behind the rim. Foolishness isnt uncommon in a tavern. He watched with interest as she ran her hand over the sod's chest. Fingers splayed slightly. Leaning in toward him as if time stood still. All very poignant and frought with supressed tension. Then, not suprisingly, she bit him. Lips mind you, it was subtly done. But he caught the unmistakeable whiff of it in the air as the dazed man stood there while his companions cheered him on. Too a vampire, it was strong than any other scent in the room. It only took a few drops, but his eyes were more focused. He watched her seat herself again. Placing her hand upon his.*


"Ah lovely.." *He smiled warmly* " I've missed you so. I see you still know how to make an appearance." *Shakes head, squeezing her hand affectionately. He let it linger for a moment before dropping it away. The brief moment brought much in the way to restore his spirits. It had been so long since they both sat down*


" You've the right of it i'm afraid. There wasn't a single indication of where the spear was. After spending hours searching. We couldn't between the three of us even gather a mere hint of a clue." *He sighed.* " What's worse. The guide was so distraught by the whole affair that she up and left in the middle of camp. I havent seen or heard from her since. Amia went on ahead as well..." *Drops head to the table.* " Saints only know why. Leaving me to slog back into town. "



*He lifted his head from the surface. Propping his chin upon his hands* "So what's kept you busy lately lovely?" *Chuckles* "Surely better things than the less than exciting adventures I've been having, yes?"

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She studied him as he spoke. She noticed a hopelessness about him she had not noticed before. She knew her presence had lifted his spirits, but still it was not enough. She listened to him explain about his journey. His search for something that was never meant to be found. When he sighed she placed her hand upon his comfortingly. She listened about the guides abandonment and Amia going off on her own. She watched as he dropped his head to the table. She heard the despair in his voice. She placed her hand upon his head, her long slender fingers caressed his unruly locks. She looked down at him sadly. It was obvious the adventure had taken it's toll on his spirits.


She watched as he lifted his head, propping his chin upon his hands. His question, followed by a soft chuckle. Her eyes met his, followed by a slight shrug of her bare shoulders. “What has kept me busy?” she repeated the question. She raised one hand to her chin and considered his question. A sadness filled her sapphire blue eyes, but only for a moment, then it was gone. Rarely did the gypsy show her true emotions. A smile turned the corners of her lips and she laughed lightly. “Nothing, Desmond.” she replied, as if realizing for the first time, that she had taken to spending most of her time sequestered in her chambers. Socializing rarely, preferring the solitude of her own company to that of others. The once outgoing gypsy, who loved life, loved to dance and spent most of her time in the presence of numerous admires, had become withdrawn. The quiet solitude of the manor, turning her into a recluse of sorts. She had grown weary of life itself. Had she lived to long? She wondered. She took a deep breath, forcing her thoughts back to the bard sitting across from her. “Will you be returning to the manor luv?” she asked, hopefully. “I fear the place has grown quiet in your absence. Your love of adventure has been sorely missed.”

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*He noted the sadness in her eyes. How she seemed withdrawn and reflective about the question. So, had she too was finding difficulty passing the time. A luxury and a curse all in once. Humans measure thier lifespans in a few short centuries. If they're lucky. He wondered if her care free spirit had been worn away. It was a disheartening thought. One he'd remedy if he possessed that power to do so.*


"Naturally." *He responded. Still smiling. " I just forgot how long of a walk it was. My horse met with an unfortunate end." *He paused. He'd miss her. She'd been a dependable steed. Known her for a companion for a number of years. He'd purchased her at a town roughly five or so years ago. Now, she was food for wolves. He'd managed to lose each companion on his journey. All to no purpose. He dropped his hands and turned to listen to the performance. It was nearly over. A small number of people listened politely at the conculsion. Otherwise the other patrons seemed in engaged in private affairs.*


" You seem different lovely. A far cry from the whimisical gyspy that invited a stanger to her house." *Turns his eyes toward her. Wry smile* " Still beautiful yes..but a piece or so is missing." *Reaches out to stroke her cheek affectionately* " If you wish for adventure, then you'll need to look elsewhere. Nothing came of mine." *He dropped his hand then* " I could always start a torrid affair with the myraid ladies of blackwulf." *Quips, eyes filled with mischief* " I could seek another job and hope it goes better. Compose a new masterful ballad that brings the world to tears. Yet.."

*Pauses, touched by sadness* " What good is it all lovely? Its empty and time will ultimately wear it away. How one can call this a gift escapes me sometimes."


*He settled back in his chair. He bit his lip as his thoughts rolled around in his head. Lost..thats how he felt truely. His budding romance with amia had faded to the point of almost inconsquence. She simply was not there. A pang of emptiness. He had tried to fill it as best he could. Unfortunately, wine and music werent strong enough. Blood was warm and sweet. But never did the sensation linger long enough. He had actually fed recently. Right before he entered. Two to three times daily now where once he fed only a few days. It was apparent that he was losing himself in the moment.*

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Her attention devoted to him but still she noticed all that transpired around them. Old habits were hard to break. “I am sorry to hear about the demise of your steed. The stables of BlackRose house many horses luv, take your pick.” she stated, that problem easy to solve. She watched him as he dropped his hands and turned his attention to the performance. The bard wasn't bad, but held little interest for her; so she took this time to study him more closely. He too had changed, there was a sadness about him, a loneliness that mirrored her own perhaps.


Lost in her own thoughts as she studied him she was surprised at his next statement. She tilted her head as she took in what he said. “Different?” she repeated. “I suppose so.” she answered absently. As he reached out to stoke her cheek she nuzzled into his caress. She seemed to come back to herself as his hand dropped away and he continued as the Desmond she was use to. This seem to wake her from her forlorn state and she laughed. The sound musical and alluring, turning quite a few heads in their directions. The men looked at her with longing, the women with jealousy. “The ladies of Blackwulf do seem a bit neglected of late.” she chuckled. “I have had my fill of adventure Desmond, yet I am not sure that my current position as the Lady of the Manor suits me.” she frowned a bit.


She watched his pause and she felt his sadness. This time it was her that reached out to gently caress his cheek, sapphire blue eyes looking deeply into his. Many had said that her gaze seemed to seek out ones soul. Her words were soft and soulful. “It is what it is luv, a gift, a curse, but none the less it is our lot. It is better to accept and make the best of it, then to spend eternity regretting it. Don't you agree?” she asked the last with a raised brow, as if daring him to do anything but. It was then that she let her hand slide slowly from his cheek to rest atop the table before her.


She watched him as he settled back in his chair. She watched the thoughts play upon his features in silence. As if reading his thoughts she unconsciously licked her lips. She could still taste the coppery sweet taste of that tiny drop of blood she had coaxed from the much too bold patron upon her arrival. Her gaze drifted towards him, feeling her eyes upon him, his gaze met hers. There was no doubt in his mind now as to what she was and the thought caused him to tremble both in fear and excitement. She gave him a most seductive smile. Perhaps she would sample a bit more of that sweet nectar that lingered on her pallet when she took her leave.

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*He smiled. She seemed more herself during this peaceful interlude. The conversation slowly circulating through them like much needed warmth. Restoring themselves. It was crippling, lonely sometimes. Things flit in and out of the lives of all. Her beauty was warm and real. She would be a continous presence because thier shared gift. This at least, he was thankful for. *


"I do agree on that point. That it is done and what cannot be changed.." *Stretches a bit.* " One might as well enjoy." *He looked around at the attention she was attracting. An amused smile touching the corners of his lips. Well, he wasn't the only one entranced by her it seemed. Well, by the men mostly. Most of the female population, scant few that they, were busy boring holes into the back of raven with comtemptible glances. *


"You know, despite being a lady, I doubt you've changed that much dear. The end of result of journeying usually sees an adventurer dead by most cases. The reward for survivors? Titles and troubles." *Winks. He crosses his arms and listens to the bard again. He was singing another ballad. He tilted his head slightly as a thought occurs. Strokes his chin thoughtfully* " You know...I think i'd like to sing." * Takes ahold of her hand. He leans forward and murmers into her ear.* " And..I think you should dance accompanyment lovely. I think we'll enjoy it truely. What say you?"


* He winked. He takes her hand lightly in his. Squeezing gently.*

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She was glad that she was able to lighten his mood, lightening her own in the process. As he stretched she could not help but admire the man before her, and she did nothing to hide her admiration. She had always found him intriguing, not her usual type, yet there was something about him. Something that touched a part of her that had been long buried.


She laughed at his reference to her becoming a lady, his wit and the playful wink. She watched him as he crossed his arms and listened to the bard. She could almost see his mind working as he tilts his head and then strokes his chin. She could not help but laugh as he made his declaration. Caught up in his sudden joyful mood, as he takes hold of her hand and leans forward to murmur in her ear. His words brought a slight lift to her dark brow and she leaned back to study him.


The corners of her mouth teasing into a seductive smile. Mischief caused her sapphire blue eyes to sparkle as he winked and squeezed her hand. “I say, that I am not sure you understand what you are asking luv.” she laughed lightly as she let the idea take form. She gave a slight nod of her head in agreement. “As you wish Desmond.”

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*Grins.* " Even if I didn't know, I'd still ask. Most people love to dance given the chance Anyways, right?" * He was spread his hands. As if inviting a counter, but really expecting none. " But I like suprises as much as the next fellow. So, its win win in my eyes." *Still grinning, he got to his feet. Murmers in her ear* " Lets see if i cant spare our entertainment some relief shall we? I'd settle for a song or two. He can have a ale the poor soul. He isnt that good." *Muses, quips* " Course, I'm sort of jaded aren't I? I've only had about 120 so years of practice. Tis a bit unfair to most."


*He swaggers roughish and confident. Not in the least bit fazed by the hearty ale he'd consumed earlier. He could of tossed em back by the dozens to little or no effect. Perks of a unqiue metabolism. He clapped the bard conspiratorially on the shoulder. Murmering in his ear. A few moments pass in discussion as desmond gestures to toward raven. Casually explaining his bizzare whim. The bardic creed allows for a certain amount of leeway for interruption of performances. When an additional performer entertains the notion of singing, storytelling, or harping. It was courtesy to ask the leave of the one who was under contract already. Generally a performer makes inquiries toward the house, in this case the tavern keeper. He was well established around town though. He hadn't neglected establishing a line of credentials in town. So, all he needed was spell the actual performer. The man accepted readily enough. He was already paid half up front. He also probably booked for the next two or three days if he was traveling. Even longer if he resided in town.*


*But now desmond was in his element. Backlit by the fireplace, the change of singer garned the notice of a few patrons as the waited patiently to see the performance. Otherwise the atmosphere hardly changed at all. He cast one more smile in raven's direction. Earning a few suspicious glances from the men who were oogling her earlier. He fore went his usual introduction. Let his song speak for him. Tonights a night for music.*


"Hale and heart, the hearty soul! Venture forth where tales are told!" *He proclaimed. His voice booming and light. Projecting over the din.* "Gather around ye brave few! If adventuring what ye love to do!" *The roundelay began. His presence swelled and his joy was palable in his song.* " I met a woman in the town of delass. Noble of spirit, top of her class. Rode like the wind, carried cutlass. Nobody dared stop her when she passed!* People started clapping as the simple tune infected the people." Fought like demon bourne straight out of hell, where her blade passed! many men fell. Monsters of yore also dropped at her feet. But her mischievous smile was still just as sweet."

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*Tankards thumped the tables. It was clear that the rousing tune was well recieved. He was gathering speed as more people turned from thier conversations to stomp booted heels in time. It was over him. It was heart pounding moment that almost reminded him of being alive again. It was almost as potent as feeding. Almost. Nothing could replace the bloodlust. But this was a rush that was cleaner, pure. It was something he'd swore his eternity too. If everything else changed, he'd keep this feeling.*


" Hale and heart, the hearty soul! Venture forth where tales are told! Gather round ye brave few! if adventuring what ye love to do!" * He heard the room echo the chorus. Now he knew he had em hooked. He crossed the room. Taking his song toward thier table. His eyes bright and merry* "I met a woman in the dark of the night! Mysterious and beautiful, she was quiet a sight. She held out her hand when i was lost, went with her home didnt recokin the cost!" * He stood by her side now. * " She was a gypsy! that was plain to see! From the moment she grabbed me, i ceased to be. She raised her skirt as she started to dance! Blew me away didnt stand a chance!" * Drunken cheers, laughter and goodwill radiated out. Even the upstaged bard was nodding his head. Hoisting his flagon. Indeed many people were.*


" Hale and heart, the hearty soul! Venture forth where tales are told! Gather round ye brave few! if adventring what ye love to do! Men and women of many fates! Wind up at the pearly gates! But if i asked all the souls, if thier lives were worth thier tolls! I know the ones that would cry aye! Tis the ones who had rousing tales before they die!" *Many an "Aye" was roared at this. He smiled and simply held out his hand to raven. Inviting. Letting the tempo carry while he caught his breath*

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Once again she laughed at his response and his cheerful grin. She watched him as he stood, only to lean down and murmur in her ear. His words brought more laughter from her, and more eyes in their direction. She seductively reached up and caressed his cheek. “No one can entertain as you can luv.” she whispered in a most alluring fashion.


Sapphire blue eyes followed him as he swaggered to the stage. She watched him as he spoke to the bard. She smiled as the other man left the stage. When he turned his attention in her direction, she laughed at his playful smile. She settled in to listen to him weave his magic. His voice was loud and clear, his words drifted through the establishment and she listened, enjoying the sound of his voice. She watched as the patrons began to clap. The tale he told was entertaining, and tankards began to thump the tables. She could not help but tap her own foot in time with the tune he sang.


Raven watched him as he wove his tale. This was what he was born for. She could see the joy on his face, she understood that joy. Now they were singing along. She watched him as he left the stage, working his way towards her. She raised a dark brow as his story unfolded. Knowing that he spoke of her. The others ceased to exist as he stood beside her, she let his words and the tempo in. She took the offered hand and rose to her feet. She leaned in and kissed him on the cheek, then leaned her body against him and whispered seductively in his ear. “Now you shall meet the gypsy.” Just as quickly, she moved out of his reach. Reaching down she lifted her skirts and tucked the bottoms at her waist, baring shapely ankles. Her long black hair danced around her as she began to moved, twisting and turning, her arms teased above her head. She danced around him, her movements graceful, mesmerizing. Her long skirts swirled around her. She was lost in the music, lost in the dance, the dance of the gypsies. Gypsies that had left this world long ago, their art lost. She began to move around the room, dancing around others, inviting, promising, only to move just out of their reach.

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*He'd only heard of her background of course. Many a travler had heard tales of gyspies. Just as with many other things, it was hard to distiguish truth from false. Often even encouraged at the behest of those whom the rumors circulate. But, he was really only interested in one particular thing. That she loved to dance. He'd always habored a secret desire to see her shed her inhibitions. He wanted to see her dance. Time and circumstances had not allowed him to bring about his wish. Tonight though, he saw something wonderful. Dance as a living breathing art form.*


* You hear about masters of thier respective craft spent perfecting something. Natural passion as if one were born to something. Apart of it from the very moment they are brought forth in this world. This was both. As was his love of music, he saw reflected in her eyes her truth enjoyment of tempo. How she controled every twist and step her body undertook. She swirled around him as if she wove her very body into the music. *


" Hale and heart, the hearty soul! Venture forth where tales are told! Gather ye round ye brave few! If adeventuring is what you do! Hoist your flagons to those around! When it comes to friendship, Love this town! Voice of song and simple measure! In blackwulf, i'll take my pleasure. Dancing with a spirit bright! Carry joy into the night! Dance my friends! Sing and drink! Tip they back till you cant think. May the days of venturing never end, as long thiere lies another bend!*

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*Needless to say, they brought the house down. Not literally, mind you. Though he could do that. But the crowd loves a good show. Tankards were circulating faster than the poor tavern servers could drop down. He felt a slight pang of sympathy for the poor girls. He couldn't stop himself though. He was grinning like a madman and his eyes never left raven. It was beautiful. The sight of her there among the many others, cutting loose. Her skirt swirling around her shapely legs. Time slowed down and in his mind, he could see the smile play along her lips. Such was his fascination at the moment. That he hardly noticed them slip inside. People were circulating inside all the time. So what was one or two more patrons? Except, if desmond had spared but a moment to glance. He'd of recognized both of them. The first, the woman who guided him along his trip, cluadia. Followed closely by the mysterious priortior of the velvet room, and subsquently her boss, gantz. *


" Hm?" *Gantz looked over the crowd toward the bard and gyspy* " He looks fairly well for a man who failed miserably at his task."


*Claudia glanced over at him, shaking her hair loose from the hood of her cloak* " You don't look all that concerned." *She had done her job and taken him to the mansion. Even going so far to try to seduce him, both for her own amusement and her masters ends. She had little luck as well, but she never really shook the feeling that gantz was just keeping her busy. Sending her out on these minial journeys with no real intention of turning up results. The details seemed ambigious at the best of times. She watched the performance as well. Her smile was detached.*


* Meanwhile gantz was taking a seat at a place recently vacated by a group of men who had abandoned it in favor of getting closer to the fireplace. Better to hear and see the performance. He gestured for her to join him. They both sat in silence for awhile. Before gantz cleared his throat. Leaning forward to be heard over the din*


" So, lets see here if i understand this correctly. You both set out about oh a week or so ago yes? Aside from the unexpected company, which you really should of anticipated. All three of you marched straight there, searched for hours on end. You did this for a few days off and on. And..." *Here he pauses, eyes flicker. Flat and unclearly irratated* " You all turn up nothing?" *He raised his eyebrow in doubt.* " Maybe them, i'd expect it. You dear, on the other hand, posses certain gifts they arent entirely aware of. I would at least expected you to find a lead, a hint...well, really any damned thing."


*Claudia sighed.* " Well, what would you like me to say? Its just an empty house. Its old, musty and contains little of value. If you were expecting some great hidden chamber buried beneath the floorboards, then i'm sorry.  You're out of luck. Between desmond and his friend scouring every inch under the sun and my scrying arts, there just simply wasn't anything to find." *She turned her hands upward in a helpless shrugs* " I don't know what sort of information you gathered, but if the spear were that easy to find. We wouldn't have had to search for it all over the bloody continent for the better part of 30 years." *She blew out an exasperated breath*


" We'll just have to try somewhere else hun." *She laid a hand over his, smiling* "You didnt really expect something like that to buried out in some isolated little backwoods manse did you?"

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*Gantz was looking at desmond, considering. Reflective. He was shrewd enough of a man to realize that maybe his greatest weapon in this was his connection to something he really hadn't intended to do. Its not like he was one to sire other kindred. He'd sooner kill another of his kind than look at them. Anyone who was useful, more or less, was kept around. He trainned cluadia and all his "staff" for that purpose. Carefully picked up here and there along his travels. Claudia was a hemomancer. A Blood mage. She was banished from her clan after botching some particular job. He wasn't really concerned with the details. But having an underling with that particular talent was too good a chance to bypass. He used his particularly effective abilty to put her completely under his control.*


*Speaking of control, he considered his gift in retrospective to his accidental progeny. It was sort of similar. His commandia could completely subvert the will of a subject he looked directly at. Regardless of how the felt about it, they had no choice but to obey. As long as he was present in this world, claudia was his. He stroked his chin. Now desmond, he thought, his gift seems similar. Aside from having to sing, something he found annoying, he could also command or was maybe simply suggestion? Glorified hynotism? But unlike his ability, it didnt seem simply limited to effecting people. It could also interact with the environment. Least, thats what his spy had reported. A certain incident at the manor house, which seemed like a nice place to investigate, had revealed a bit more of desmond. He was beginning to think that perhaps he could continue to use him. He was connected to many people in town.*


*His eyes flickered to cluadia, his tone deadpan* " So you say. It doesn't matter. I still believe its around here if not in the mansion itself. But perhaps i expected too much of you." *Her eyes narrowed dangerously. He ignored her as was his typical habit. * " But maybe all isnt lost, if our resources cant find it. Perhaps our new found friend's will." *He even smiled then. A slight one.* " But you'll have to keep him on track."

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She let her self get lost in the music, the only sound the song. Her body moved and swayed in rhythm, her heart beat in tune. This was what she was born to be, but fate saw a different course for the gypsy who wove magic with her dance. Gone was the bloodlust, gone was the wars and the constant power struggles. Gone was the cares and worries of keeping the valley safe. For the length of his song she let herself be what she was born to be. A simple gypsy, born a lifetime ago, in a colorful wagon. Surrounded by people she loved, surrounded by family.


No longer was she in the tavern, no longer was she in the valley of Blackwulf. She danced beneath the stars, around a blazing fire. She could hear the music she grew up with. She could feel her people around her, laughing, singing and dancing. Her eyes met Desmond's, they sparkled a silvery blue. A glimpse of the girl she once was, a fleeting glimpse of innocence long lost.


It was then she felt him enter the tavern and his glance in their direction. She did not look towards him, but kept her eyes on Desmond. She did not know him, but she had felt his presence in the valley before. She felt a connection of some sort between him and Desmond. He had yet to sense his presence, or perhaps he was not meant to. She danced closer and teased her body around his, weaving her spell as he continued his song. This stranger set her senses on alert, something about him filled her with apprehension. She teased the back of her hand along Desmond's cheek, one long sleek leg brushed provocatively against his. As she circled him, her breast brushed against his back and her warm breath teased his ear. Her words were so faint that she knew only he would hear. “I sense danger here.” was all she breathed, then she danced away from him. Her gaze fell on the couple, who had taken a table now. Deep in conversation, yet still she felt the mans presence. How had one such as he, slipped into the valley unnoticed, she wondered.

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*Gantz smiled softly* " Guess I've been noticed." *He murmered softly. Claudia stopped talking and now her attention shifted to lady raven. Together the watched her make her way towards desmond. Brushing against his backside as if it were all a natural inclusive part of her dance. It was very subtle, he noted. Desmond stilled for a moment in the aftermath of a lingering note. His voice dying away as his eyes fell on them. Applause echoed throughout the room. They both were clapping politely. Joining in the throng of well wishers.*


* He got to his feet and made his way toward them. Calling out* " Desmond! Desmond there you are. I've been looking for you." *He walked up and clapped his hand on the bard's shoulder. For all the world like greeting a trusted friend.* " That was  marvelous by the way. I was hoping to run into you actually. Well, I was more hoping you'd stop back by my establishment when you returned." * He grinned. Then turned his gaze upon raven. Frank and appraising* " Ah, but perhaps i shouldnt be suprised. I'd not think of something so trivial in such company either. You are..?" *He paused, awaiting an introduction*


*Desmond was a bit taken aback at gantz arrival. Raven's warning early did little to put him at ease. The fact that she had sensed him when he had not. He could curse himself for being so foolish. He covered it well though. Clearing his throat* " This would be lady raven of blackrose manor. Raven..this is gantz the priortior of the velvet room. He was the one who tasked me to venture out this past week."


*He looked at the pair a moment. Then noticed that cluadia was lingering back. Away from them all. He darted a glance at her. Gantz followed his gaze* " Ah yes, Im sorry about cluadia. She seems a bit dispirited. I'd heard you'd both had very little luck. Truely unfortunate. But come! We need not stand here. Join us at our table. We'll buy you a drink. I'd like to hear your side of the story if i may."


* He cast a disarming smile in raven's direction* " Of course, i'd love to get to know you as well. Desmond didn't mention he had such exquiste taste in friends."

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She felt their eyes follow her as she whispered to Desmond. The song finished, the crowd pleased with the performance she moved closer to Desmond. Something inside her told her he was in danger, but what she sensed from him was different. She watched in silence as the man made his way towards them, calling out to Desmond. He greeted him like an old friend. Raven studied him closer as they conversed, her silver blue eyes deepening to sapphire. She studied the woman who lingered behind. She moved next to Desmond and slipped her arm into the crook of his, some would say possessively. It was then that the man turned his gaze upon her, the way he looked her over she was use to. She gave him the same arrogant, assessing gaze. More like one would access a horse she was considering buying. Those eyes darkened a little more and she pressed her body against Desmond as he inquired as to who she was. Deep Sapphire eyes met his, her gaze penetrating, piercing, she searched openly, as he spoke.


Desmond cleared his throat and made his introduction, she held out one long slender hand in greeting, her eyes never leaving his. “Gantz” she repeated his name. When he took her hand he would feel a slight tingling of her power, she chose not to hide it. But what she was, now that was something that she would leave him wondering about. He would sense vampire of course, but he would also sense so much more. A hint of wildness, gypsy magic, with an underlying of the beast that lurked just beneath the surface, waiting quietly to be unleashed. She gave him a most welcoming, slightly seductive smile, she wanted to peak his interest. She wanted to know more.


The conversation turned to the female who had accompanied him, Raven paid her little mind, her attention remained on Gantz, her hand still rested on Desmond's arm. At his invitation she left the decision up to Desmond. Smiling at Gantz's obvious attempt at charm, she awaited Desmond's decision. Would they join them, would he include her or seek his council with them alone. There was definitely more going on here then a mere adventure.

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*Gantz reached out his hand and demurely clasped her owm.Lifting it slightly, intending to place a kiss upon her wrist. He paused thought, when he felt the tingling of power raven didn't bother to mask. That she was kindred was blantantly obvious, her skin cool and the subtle lack of pulse as his lips gently brushed her skin while her swept low. There was also that unfamilar element. Magic? Perhaps she dabbles in the occult as well. But he recognized the beast inside as well. Now, his smile became somewhat geninue. Oh my..shes quiet  dangerous. Also, shes rather fond of dear desmond. How quaint. He raised his head and lightly dropped her wrist. His eyes held hers for a moment with all the calm assurance of one who is in complete control of his sitituation.*


*Meanwhile desmond watched the exchange with a comtemplative expression. No doubt that cluadia had reported thier utter failure as soon as she slipped into town. Gantz though didn't seem in the least bit bothered that it didnt pan out. Furthermore, he had sought out to hear his side of things. He wondered what to make of it. He smiled softly. He felt a tug at his arm. Finding raven at his side. Smiles reassuringly*


" Well..I'd be happy to go over anything you might wish to hear. Though im afraid the story will still wind up much the same." *He nodded in assent*


*So as they venture together back toward the table. Winding through the crowd. Desmond pulled out raven's chair, followed by his own. Gantz taking a seat directly opposite his side. Leaving cluadia to face raven. She smiled politely, pulling back her cowl. Oddly though, she kept her greeting demure. It didn't posses nearly as much spirit as she had when greeting him at the velvet room. The tavern circulated back into hushed conversation after the intermission. Soon, the former entertainer took his place. His vocal quality had improved considerably. He must of been in dire need of refreshment.*


" So.." *Began gantz, propping his chin in his hands. Looking at desmond with fathomless blue grey eyes.* " Why not tell me what you actually found when you arrived at the mansion?"


*Desmond thought for a moment. Hmm..not concerned much with the journey. Straight to the relevant details eh? Fair enough. He cleared his throat.* " We found a summer home, in a clearing. It wouldnt be out of place in the country side close to a port city. It hadn't been occupied for decades. Ivy covered most of the outer walls. Blocking the windows. The color had been leeched out of making it fairly difficult to spot had it not been cleared.*


*Gantz nodded absently. Wether this was all old information or if he was merely encouraging desmond to continue was left to speculation* "And the interior?"


" The interior of the home is two floors. Suprisngly enough, the architecture hadn't crumbled with passing of age. We could explore both the bottom and second floors. Not that there was much too see. A dining room, there were piles of kindling I assumed at one point were furniture. It appears to have either rotted completely or, more likely, smashed. Giving what we presumed took place there. The fireplace was dusty and bare. The kitchen adjoins it. There was nothing noteworthy there either cept a stove where the occupants used to cook things."



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*Desmond paused and stretched a bit. Rolling his shoulders. His eyes flicker closed as he continues his narrative* " The second floor contained a suite of three rooms. They seemed to have faired better than downstairs. There was actually intact items within them. Bedframes, wardrobe, a footchest for each. They were empty however. Moving them proved little use as well. Put everything back to the way it was afterward. We found no sign of anything unusual." *Nods as if that were all he really need to say.* " We all did however think it strange that if a famous battle did occur within the premises, it seemed oddly..." *Searches for a word, frowning in thought* " Tidy? There wasn't a single speck of blood anywhere. No scorch marks from flames. Nothing. It just seemed old and abandoned." *He finished, puzzled*


*Gantz digested the information in silence. It was much like what cluadia had told. Even down to her impression that the site didn't look as if it had seen battle at all. She had cast magic to seek out answers while the others sought more mundane clues. There were no sigils, wards, spells that seemed to fog the mind or cause confusion. No hidden switches, doors, or markers. Yet, gantz had it from very reliable sources that it was indeed the home of the infamous warrior. So, the question was...was he missing something? He turned to raven. Smiling*


" So what think you m'lady? It is indeed a mystery. I dont suppose you've heard of the famous warrior duchess veldhera? Or more commonly known as Asha of the whistling spear. You see, i spoke to desmond of my interest in finding her lost artifact after spending the night at our lovely establishment. I must admit, i may have took advantage of his interest just a tad * He chuckled jokingly* " You see, the weapon is supposedly possesed of very unsual properties. " *He stroked his chin, as if this were an afterthought* " Perhaps, you could help desmond. Myself as well of course, but the more information i can gain the sooner we can rescue this long lost treasure" * Let her think im some inane treasure seeker, if it'll gain me what i seek. He kept his thoughts carefully shielded though. Best not to take chances afterall.* " I'd be more than happy to discuss payment if you'd but pass along any information you may find*



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*Desmond looked at raven. Considering. Well, if anyone knew the locale better. It would be her now wouldnt it? After all, these lands were hers. More or less. Her keep overlooked the land for miles. Her library was older, far older, than any of the score of public libraries available in blackwulf. He had checked after all of them. She would be a welcome addition to the search. Despite gantz intentions, he knew he wanted to solve this mystery. He had mused over every possible scenario on the way back home. The mansion was There wasnt any definative reason as to why that should be. But the lingering impression he felt was that the anicent mansion just wasnt right didnt leave him.*


" Well lovely? What do you say? Shall we see if we can't unravel this together?" *He let the question hang between them. His eyes filled trust. He opened his mind to her though. There is no danger he represents that we cant handle lovely. I know he might not be as sincere as he leads us to believe.  But...i feel as if theres something he will lead me to discover. Something important that i cant put into words quiet yet. He looked at gantz then. It was still strange. That nagging sensation he first felt when he met him. It hadn't let him. It just sorta faded to a low, non insistent buzz when he wasnt present. Since he was here now, it reasserted itself with full force.*


*Claudia was peering at the table top, she hadn't bothered to say anything the entire time. It was like she was asbored in gazing at it. Gantz frowned, nudged her lightly* "Claudia..what are you doing? Arent you at least going to introduce yourself to raven? I swear're mopping about this entirely too much"


*She glanced at gantz. It seemed an mixture of subbed due vemon and weary resignation. She smiled at raven* " Yes..forgive me. My name is cluadia. Its a pleasure to meet you.." *She murmered. Her smile was completely insincere. Desmond was having trouble imagining that something this trival could be bothering her. But he didnt bring it up either. Simply one more thing to consider*

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She stayed close, his decision made, she let him lead her to a table. She released his arm as they reached the table. Desmond pulled out her chair and she gracefully lowered herself, smoothing her skirts as she set. Sapphire blue eyes studied the woman know as Claudia openly, as she took the seat opposite her. She returned the polite smile, then returned her attention to Gantz as he asked for the details of Desmond's recent journey. She actually knew little of this adventure that had lured Desmond from the safety of the manor. She turned her attention to Desmond as he began his tale. She found Gantz's questions as well as his interest odd.


When he had concluded his tale, he turned to her and smiled. Outwardly Raven returned his smile, but as she played Desmond's words over in her mind they left her unsettled. She knew this place, having been there once, so very, very long ago. It was her first encounter with the valley. Gantz drew her out of her memories when he directed his next question to her. She gave no clue in her appearance of the memories that had been dancing in her well traveled mind, but turned her attention to him. Offering him a charming smile.


Before she could reply, Desmond joined in. She turned to him and studied him, looking deeply into his eyes. Why did he chase after Gantz's folly, what did he wish to gain? Why did Gantz really seek the spear? All of these things were dancing through her mind when Desmond's thoughts entered. This only peeked her curiosity more. It was then she spoke, her eyes at first remained on Desmond. “Some mysteries are better left a mystery.” Then she turned her full attention to Gantz. Her eyes had darkened to a midnight blue as they met his. The smile on her face did not reach that dark gaze. Her words were low but held a definite warning. “You insult me sir, it is obvious that you do not know who I am.” She continued, her voice lowered to almost a hiss. “I could buy you Gantz and all the treasures you possess.” Placing her elbow on the table, her hand coming to rest beneath her chin. She leaned towards him in a most seductive pose. Her words came out as almost a purrr. “Tell me Gantz, why do you really seek Asha's spear?” She spoke the name as if she was talking of an old friend, instead of someone who had met her doom decades ago.


The forced greeting from Claudia seemed as out of place to her as it seemed to be to Desmond but she made no mention of it. She only smiled, acknowledging the girls greeting with a polite though disinterested one of her own. The more she was in the company of these two, the more her senses told her to not trust them. But because of Desmond she remained civil. Besides, you can catch more vermin with sweetness then without, seemed to linger through her mind.

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*Gantz sat back studying. If he'd show any outward apperance of his inner thoughts. No doubt he wouldnt be smiling and appear to show polite interest. The wheels in his mind were turning. It was clear however from raven's pause that she had recalled something in that brief interlude before answering. So..she does know something. But, her suspicious nature will clearly prevent me from gaining this information directly. He thought.*


" My apologizes dear lady, I never meant to give offense. Merely, I suggested that there be a time where we might seek to better acquaint ourselves." *He turned his palms outward in a sign of peaceful intent. As if he offered nothing to hide.* " As for why i seek the spear, Its no great mystery at all. There are so many rumors about it that an adventurer would seek it on it's own merit would it not? Should such a treasure be lost to the ages?" * He shrewdly raised his eyebrow* " I think not. So many things are lost to time already."


*He pauses for a moment as if considering. He made an offhanded gesture toward cluadia* " I have a thriving business that keeps me busy, but little side jobs such as these allow me to meet interesting people. Such as my dear friend here. Desmond may have voluntarily sought out the spear for the pure thrill of such things. But i can see that to enlist your help, i may have to devulge something of the personal reasons I have."


* Gantz sighed, dropping his head. If it was unclear as to wether he appeared truely concerned or if he was a masterful actor. He continued. His voice low* " I need the spear to slay a monster." *He murmered, eyes searching hers* " The most common thread about the spear is that it can gather the departed energy of anyone passing beyond the mortal realm. So, i wish to use this unsual weapon to kill it"

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*Desmond considered the story for a moment. It was true that he gave little consideration why gantz would seek out the spear. He figured it was of a personal nature and really none of his concern. He also thought it likely that he merely was one of several dozen random folks that collect exotic weapondry. He really hadnt cared, but for something to occupy his time. But to actually learn gantz would utilze the weapon..and for such an altruistic seeming reason. It was a bit of a suprise.*


" Huh, I didn't peg you for the monster slaying type gantz." *He murmered. Now his own curiousity was piqued. He'd take this opportunity to sate his curiousity. There had to be more to this story than that.*


" What makes you think this weapon will be a state that it can be used? For that matter, what type of monster is awful enough to warrant venturing after an ancient relic on little more than rumors?" *The more he thought about it, the more questions turned up. He called for drinks while the waitress was passing around. People were being to file out of the doors as the hour grew late.*



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" Yes,'re right of course. Normally, I'd rather not have anything to do with monsters if i could help it. I'm doing this for my own selfish means of course. There is a woman I met in my travels. She, like you, I and raven, are vampires." *He said bluntly, eyes flickering* " The woman is actually the one who is plagued by the monster. Apparently, she cant deal with it herself. Now, back in those days i was more of a wanderer. I hadn't established the velvet room and I traveled alone. Also, I was immortal. So, what else had I to do? I made a contract. I would seek out information about how to get rid of it and she would fund my journey."

*He grew reflective* " She not only funded my journey, but the money i invested eventually established my business. Its thanks to her that I have a sucessful merchantile service. Its why the velvet room exists at all. Its why I owe her an answer to her problem." *He turned his eyes toward raven. Comtemplative* " So..there we are. I would like to accomplish my task and clear my debt by any means possible. "

*He cleared his throat.* " You've been suspicious of me since I've came here." *He held up his hand to forestall any protest on desmond's or raven's side.* " Fair enough. My motives haven't been clear from the onset. I'll grant you that. I've also gathered information at great personal, sometimes unsavory, cost. But here is what you need know, I only wish to gain this item and depart as swiftly as possible." *He stated frankly* " I don't wish to remain here any longer than possible. Once i have the spear, I wont plague you or desmond. You can both go about your lives as if I never existed."

*He folded his hands, considering...then he added in a low voice* " I won't force you to do anything, but..I know i have desmond's help regardless of yours m'lady"

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The longer she sat, the longer she listened, indeed the longer she stayed in the company of Gantz and his companion, the more suspicious she became. She listened to his words, making the occasional remark or gesture, but it was obvious she was not interested in his lies. She did her best to curtain her growing distaste. She would give him one thing, he was a good actor. When he finally divulged his latest reason for needing the spear she almost burst out in laughter. She had no idea where Gantz had been getting his relic information but someone had been feeding him some entertaining tales. She turned that deep blue gaze towards Desmond and smiled politely. She knew he was just now giving thought to what Gantz was about.


She listened, she watched, the drinks were delivered and she sipped hers with little interest. Once again Gantz directed his plea in her direction. She had already determined that he spoke much, but said little. She needed time alone with Desmond, time to seek out what he knew of Gantz. Though she wasn't sure if he would be of much use. Gantz didn't seem the type to play all his cards at once. When he accused her of being suspicious she gave him a most innocent smile. So he saw deeper then what she cared to show him. His last statement caused her to look at Desmond. She could not help but wonder what made him so sure that he still held Desmond's interest. She had said little during the whole conversation, but she had gathered much. She turned to Desmond and laid her hand on his arm before meeting Gantz's gaze. “If you don't mind I'd like to think on what it is you propose.” Turning to Desmond she smiled. “I think it is time I return to the manor. Will you be joining me Desmond?” she asked.

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*He listened to gantz attentively because these reasons werent brought to light before. Desmond suspected that gantz was withholding vital information from the onset. He undertook this mostly from the perspective that it couldnt hurt to search. That and the nagging feeling that he was missing some important part of the whole picture. Gantz seemed more familar than was warranted. Problem was a vampire's memory was far, far too extensive. Even if he had met him by chance before, desmond simply couldnt recall when clearly. The story he told had the ring of a carefully crafted truth. It wasn't quiet a lie in the context he put it. He tapped his fingers idly along the tabletop. Thinking. The best thing would be to talk it over with raven in the privacy of the manor. Her invitation gave him a polite excuse to postpone the matter for a little while. He pushed himself back. Helping raven to her feet with his hand extended. Ever the proper gentleman*


" Yes, thats a marvelous point. Its been so exhuasting sir. I'm afraid that before any such further excursions. I'd like to rest my weary bones at home. You will of course understand, yes?" * He half bowed in cluadia's direction* " Lady cluadia, sir gantz. I bid thee farwell. I shall write, when and if, we have more answers."


* So saying, he turned and lightly hooked his arm through hers. Escorting raven, with a wink, through the doorway and into the night. The din of the tavern fell away and they were plunged into darkness. The star specked sky stretching before them in companible silence. They wove thier way through the streets at leisure. He relaxed a little and allowed himself a bit of ease now. His eyes were thoughtful. It was just too strange, really. Then he finally gave voice to his thoughts*


" So, i realize that you don't like him." *Murmers* " His motives are also suspect. But, theres something odd about him.." *pauses as he searches* " I feel as if i go along with this little venture, I might discover something important. Pox on the actual treasure and all. That was just an excuse. " *Continues to wander towards the manor.* " How much of this do you figure to be an elaborate setup?" *He tossed it out there with a lighthearted tone, but the question in and of itself was quiet serious*