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Raven black hair, silky and smooth, cascades over her shoulders and down her back.  Her eyes of emerald green, able to switch to darker green, glow softly in the night.  The moon shines its light upon her pale face, her crimson lips form a sad smile.  She walks the night alone, seen only as a shadow of the forest with her long black cloak and hood, shadowing her face.  Her pants are black hide and her shirt is white, with loose sleeves.  Clad in leather bound gloves, made for horseback riding, she can weild her family's long sword or grab at her hip the lasso she won at a bet some time ago.  Her boots are thick, though her steps are soft in sound.  Her gait is strong as she walks toward her next destination.  Her heart is heavy for the past, the voices in her mind never seem to leave.  None have asked her of her past, many have assumed she was who she was not, and never have thought of her future.
Hidden are the scars of a night so long ago, where she lost her past, her present . .and her future.