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Would you speak thus to a friend?

Pick up from the very end?

Start all over once again?

Create a legend, give it life

Be immortal, no end in sight






In the small rural town, known to few but still quiet cozy, of sele was born a man. This is where the tale began.

Desmond grew up with friends and a warm hearted family to support him. He spent his days tending the inn ran by his parents. Care free, light of heart...everyone came to hear him tell stories and sing. For desmond had poetry in his speech and sweet song poured gracefully from his lips. Indeed the inn of sele became quiet famous for its generous hospitality and the aspirations of the amateur bard. It was clear to all who came that the young man would go far. Especially if he were to continue his trainning formally in one of the cities. Why even the college in la crux would be remiss if they did not take him.


But before the dream could come, there came a stranger. A traveler unlike the others though it wouldnt be discovered till much too late. The night's revelry grew to new heights in wake of desmonds acceptance to college. Carrying on into the early morning hours...none noticed the silence who follow soon there after. A slaughter of immense proportions


He awoke to blood shed and ruin. Soaked through to his simple cotton shirt. The dazed man stumbled about the inn. Encountering the bodies of men and women he grew up with all his life. Thier lifeblood split haphazardly across the common room floor. Even crista morrow..whom he had entertained certain romantic feelings. His parents were staring lifeless into the rafters. It was simply..horribly wrong.




So desmond, filled with sorrow and rage, fled from sele village. Where he all but vanished from the eyes of the world. It was during these lonely years that desmond slowly pieced together what had occured on that fateful night. Why was he alive and no one else? Who or what excatly was the man who stopped by?


So he under took his jour discover the answers. Some of which were simple...vampire. Thats what he was now. Even if he werent sure of the signs..he'd heard rumors enough of them to put a name to what he slowly realized was now his own fate. The sight of blood drove him crazy. He could no longer feel the bright warm of the sun...or bathe in fragrant waters.ney to

But so much more remains..