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Per page: 2020 y/o  flag United States
Isabella was finally no longer human as she was turn into a vampire by her love Aiden she going to feel what it li... 2020 y/o  flag United States
Not much is known about the history of the Raven, nor does she talk much about her past. She was born gypsy, her caravan destr... 2020 y/o  flag United States
  Blackrose Character Sheet BETA       Characer Name: Cain Romulus     Age: 501   Race: Human Subtype:Undead   Height:5’11 ... 2020 y/o  flag United States
Character Name: Evalaine Caprielli Race: Evalaine was a human mage, her lineage extends well into the Northren Council. Subty...  flag United States
Came from  lengthy line back to white wolf clan my human height is 4'10 and average and her hair is light brown and  body shape,  ...
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