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Not much I known about the man known as Zero or if Zero is even his real name. He came to the valley with a box. Within the box wa... 2023 y/o  flag United States
Ashen skin, cerulean blue eyes that whirl white when provoked, excited, or at will even.  White hair that changes to ebony in the ... 2023 y/o  flag United States
Kyle was born into a family of assassins. He has lived the life of an assassin he entire life and is well suited for the life of t...  flag United States
Came from  lengthy line back to white wolf clan my human height is 4'10 and average and her hair is light brown and  body shape,  ... 2023 y/o  flag United States
Akira was the only son of the head of a knight family that protected vampire nobility. On his 16th birthday the family was attacke... 2023 y/o  flag United States
Silk is the name, I am a bard of great renown, (or infamy in certain quarters) Rogue, scoundrel, general devient, Spy and assassin... 2023 y/o  flag United States
Hey, I am alverad Race: lycan/vampire Height: 5’3” Weight: not telling Eye color: purple Hair color: purple weapons: claws a... 2023 y/o  flag United States
Draco is the last of the Sarazin dragons, and that is the reason he stays in his human form, he has long blond hair blue eyes, and... 2023 y/o  flag United States
Character Name: Evalaine Caprielli Race: Evalaine was a human mage, her lineage extends well into the Northren Council. Subty... 2023 y/o  flag United States
Shae is a half demon half dragonkin. Meaning he has spots of scales that adorn his skin in places. He also has small horns that pr...
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