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Name: West Nalyor Age: Unknown Race: Great Plains Golden Foxes Sex: Male W : ?? H: 6 foot Skin:  Tan/Whit... 2019 y/o  flag United States
Name: Drai   Age:200   Race: Half angel/half demon   Appearence: Refer to the main pic   Height: 6'0   Weight:175   Hair Color: Bl... 2019 y/o  flag United States
This is the tale of Rayne the Dragon Charmer. Rayne was raised by dragons, they found her abandoned in a small cave when she was j... 2019 y/o  flag United States
Not much is known about the history of the Raven, nor does she talk much about her past. She was born gypsy, her caravan destr... 2019 y/o  flag New Zealand
  Blackrose Character Sheet BETA     Character Name:  Bayne BlackRose Age: 327(?)   Race: Blood Demon   Subtype: Werewolf/Vampire... 2019 y/o  flag United States
  Blackrose Character Sheet BETA       Characer Name: Cain Romulus     Age: 501   Race: Human Subtype:Undead   Height:5’11 ... 2019 y/o  flag United States
So there isn't much to say. I mean I used to be around on this site.... But then I kind of poofed. So I am back again. For my cha... 2019 y/o  flag United States
Raven black hair, silky and smooth, cascades over her shoulders and down her back.  Her eyes of emerald green, able to switch to ... 2019 y/o  flag United States
Isabella was finally no longer human as she was turn into a vampire by her love Aiden she going to feel what it li... 2019 y/o  flag United States
Not much I known about the man known as Zero or if Zero is even his real name. He came to the valley with a box. Within the box wa...
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