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Found with almost no memories of his past, just an exceptionally unique sword and a crest bearing the emblem of his namesake, Wyvr... 2024 y/o  flag United States
Belar was the leader of an assassin clan. Till one day a rival clan attacked without warning killing all they found kids women and... 2024 y/o  flag United States
More or less a test to see how well the site works 2024 y/o  flag United States
Kaitlyn is a Shape shifter, whom wonders around the world, her family comes from Iceland, which when she was small her family was ... 2024 y/o  flag United States
Will post at a later time 2024 y/o  flag New Zealand
A portion of Baynes past that refuses to fade away with time. 2024 y/o  flag United States
Would you speak thus to a friend? Pick up from the very end? Start all over once again? Create a legend, give it life Be immortal,... 2024 y/o  flag United States
This is the tale of Rayne the Dragon Charmer. Rayne was raised by dragons, they found her abandoned in a small cave when she was j...
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